Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: The Two Blair Waldorfs

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Blair certainly made a fashion splash this week, for better or worse. In this sneak peek from next Monday's Gossip Girl, the younger Waldorf hears about it from Eleanor regarding the disaster that was Cotillion.

As Eleanor sees it, there are two Blairs, and one of them has got to go:

In "Where the Vile Things Are," B braces herself for her mom's imminent arrival, as teased at the end of "Monstrous Ball," but is unprepared for the demands - and tone - Eleanor brings with her to NYC.

Will Blair's dark, scheming, sexually deviant side win out? Or will the intelligent, upstanding, business savvy woman within her triumph, as her mom demands if she is to be the CEO of a major corporation?

Can the two sides of Blair really be separated? Food for thought.

As we were reminded again this week, her future with Chuck may depend on her success with Waldorf Designs. Share your thoughts on the above clip and predictions for Monday's episode with us below.

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So when nothing seems to work, the writers decide to stole storylines from 'Revenge'?! Thats sound...posible. Coming from those lazy arsses nothing can't surprise me anymore! ugh. Never should bring back Bart to life! Or add Sage&Steven! And is Ivy still there?!I know they wish keep viewers but they didnt think in a remote possibility that they're could be viewers of Revenge as well?! I cant understand.


@b, you're right as regards a series Revenge. I watched season 1, and what might be similar about to GG is the death of Bart! Emily's father was wrongly placed in jail, as you said, and those who was put him in jail killed him there, and then Emily moves to retaliate, that's the point! Emily is the main character in the Revenge, as Chuck is one of the main in GG! It is likely that Bart would be killed, as we've seen pictures falling him off the building, and then Chuck go to find out who killed his father! The killer tries to kill Chuck when Chuck approached the killer, a plane crash, but Nate will warn him in time and together leave the plane before take-off! I think this is the point of all, because the only similarity between the two series is the fate of Chuck and Emily, tied to their fathers!


do nate still in the regular??
serena go back to dan gossip girl's story is goin suck


@B - ahhh ok I see. Makes sense now with the pic of Bart falling off the roof. And chuck possibly being arrested .


*framed and arrested


In flashbacks we see Emily's father David Clarke being franed andarrested for an act of terrorism (blowing up a plane), Lydia falling from the roof of a building, Frank being killed with a tire iron to the back of the head, Daniel shooting his unhinged formed friend and roommate Tyler then being hit from behind by Takeda who then finishes Tyler off and frames Daniel


@ B - I also saw that! But i don't watch Revenge. Anyone know what that might mean? What tragedy happened on its season 1?


Just read that not only will there be a plane crash during the series finale but a tragedy similar to something that happened on Revenge during the first half of season one will happen to one of the core five


Eleanor and Dan. The only two people who've always wanted to see the best in Blair.

@ tina

Clearly some of you have never actually watched the show if you think Eleanor AND Dan were the only people that wanted to see the best in Blair. Chuck told Blair she was powerful, beautiful, smart, and didn't need anyone to tell her she was special. She's special enough on her own. He has always had faith in Blair Waldorf that she'd succeed and become the powerful woman she ended up being. Better than that Chuck NEVER expected or wanted Blair to change ("It's stupid of you to expect her to be anything but who she is"). In contrast, Dan saw the worst in Blair until she showed her weakest, neediest, most vulnerable side. Then suddenly he "loved" her and kept saying "I thought she'd changed." Chuck fell in love with Blair at her strongest, most powerful, most free and sexy and never EVER wanted her to change.


I don't understand the hate for Dan when he's always emphasised that she is/ can be "strong, independent, outspoken, beautiful, capable of anything". That is obviously an attempt to bring out the best side of Blair and for her to finally grow up and move on from her petty, pathetic, high school behaviour. It's been six seasons, and despite all the tribulations and problems Blair has faced, she still is the insecure, scheming girl from season 1. Hopefully she'll be able to mature soon, but given the terrible writing on the show, I highly doubt that.