Grey's Anatomy Promos: Guess Who's Back!

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On next week's Grey's Anatomy, a familiar face returns and immediately begins kicking a$$ and taking names.

Or assigning names, to be more specific. Impressionable young interns, meet Dr. Cristina Yang. Bow down!

While Cristina tries to find normalcy in her "new" environs, the doctors continue with their lawsuit and are forced to face realities re: their injuries, and Bailey tricks Arizona into helping her with a pediatric case.

Follow the link for our official Grey's Anatomy review of last night's unorthodox Meredith-Cristina episode, then check out ABC's first promo for "Second Opinion" below and share your comments with us!

For a second, more intense preview of next week, watch the Canadian promo and prepare for a Derek-Callie screaming match. Sounds like there's going to be some big-time tension between the two:

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Even if she failed her boards, I don't think April is a resident, she's higher.
The only resident we used to see was Lexie, but there was also this other guy - Steve, was it ? He was still around in season 7. There might be other residents that are just not shown on screen I guess, but I sill think it's strange that now that Alex/Mer/Cri are attending, they only have interns scrubbing in with them, there should introduce some new residents (on the background only). That'd make it more realistic.


April is still a resident.


I'm sure Cristina will remember who was making comments about her when she was the silent patient at SGH. Hope they live to regret their idle comments with Cris being herself again


Sookie00 I agree are they still any residents at the hospital?


@Goldie I think that Bailey is sorta back now... when you hear her speech to Meredith in the last episode about crying babies and responsabilities etc... It seems she's gonna have that kind of talk with Arizona in next episode, and I'm sure the interns will fear her again in the future.


I don't feel sorry for those interns they need a kick in the ass after what they said about her I mean come on calling her an end table she was in shock oh this is going to be good


I agree with Jarrod. The new interns thought that Meredith was mean. Wait until they experience Cristina! It's going to be hilarious! I just wish they'd bring back The Nazi. I'm glad Bailey is happy but they're turning her into a caricature of herself. She gets no respect at all now. It's been funny, but it needs to be over. Meredith is happy and she's tougher now. It can still work.


What is a bit strange is that when Mer/Cri/Alex became residents (at least 4th and 5th year), we couldn't see any intern at all. Now that they are attendings, we can see only interns but no resident at all...


It's interesting to see how they are with interns as attendings/surgical fellows versus how they were with interns when they were residents.


So great to have Cristina back, and yeah they are gonne be tough with their interns, but that's how it's supposed to be ! I am convinced they will be both great teachers. Now that Cristina is back in Seattle, there's just Arizona still missing but soon they'll be back to where they belong.