Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peek: Arizona is Not Impressed

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Arizona is not impressed by Bailey's reason for calling her at home in this new clip from Grey's Anatomy.

Miranda's subtly persistent in her efforts to reengage the downtrodden Dr. Robbins, however, finding excuse after excuse to get her involved in the work she does so well. Finally, it looks like Arizona capitulates.

Just to get her off the phone, even. Whatever the reason, this could serve as a significant breakthrough.

As the plane crash survivors continue with their lawsuit, Bailey is busy with her own mission. By tricking Arizona into helping her with a pediatric case, she hopes to also turn things around for the surgeon herself.

Follow the link for the first three sneak peeks from "Second Opinion," then watch the fourth below:

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Finally McKayla Maroney and gymnastics are getting some recognition:-D Love ya Arizona anyway;)


Love Arizona, and think it is understandable that it is going to take a while until she is her old self again. Glad Bailey and Callie are helping.


I'm super curious why Arizona's meanness and blame born of overwhelming loss and grief is described as abuse while Callie's mean words born of pain and frustration such as "you stink" and the actual physical abuse of grabbing, shaking, shoving, manhandling her physically weaker wife is glossed over. Because Callie cries a lot? Is that why we give her more sympathy?


@Irene I wonder if you feel the same about Derek. He too is blaming Callie but let me guess you can understand were he's coming from. It's not like Arizona didn't loose her best friend, her leg and has to deal with life long physical challenges, oh wait. And I find it ironic that you find it ok that Callie is still grieving Mark but it has been to long for Arizona to grieve the loss of her leg?


@Irene Callie loves Arizona and realizes that losing a leg is not an easy situation. This is why she is not in a nursing home. Despite getting frustrated, Callie understands that it will take time to grieve the loss of her leg. The fact that you claim that she has been grieving longer than any 'normal person' shows that you are not receptive to human nature. When someone loses something special to them, they will never fully get over it, and it will take anywhere from months to years to grieve the loss. Amputees often spend years grieving. Arizona has reacted like any normal person would. It is frustrating to watch on the screen, but this is the real anger that an amputee experiences. It will be wonderful to see her up and about and working as a peds surgeon again.


Little miss "There is always an alternative" is just like me. I am great at giving advice. I just can't take my own. Now she is alive but blames Callie for the loss of her leg while Callie has to deal with the loss of Mark, the responsibility of the baby all on her own and how she doesn't just put Arizona in a nursing home is beyond me but it is obvious that Arizona preferred to blame everyone for her misery but herself. Her grieving process took a lot longer than people in real life. It's time for her to either get it together and decide she loves Callie and will keep the marriage going and start acting like a partner or cut her losses


Indeed, it's such a waste to have our smart badass peds surgeon at home doing nothing ! Bailey rocks as always, I'm sure she'll manage to convince Arizona to come back to work.


@pabsty my exact thought :D


I hope Arizona comes back to the hospital SOON. I like seeing her in the OR insted of sitting at home all day doing nothing.


Love that face!

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