Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peeks: Split-Screen Action!

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Meredith and Cristina are the co-focal point of this week's Grey's Anatomy.

"Beautiful Doom" chronicles their seemingly parallel lives as the longtime best friends are continuing to cope with the aftermath of the plane crash and their growing responsibilities in different cities and hospitals.

Epitomizing the different style of the episode? Split-screen action!

One wonders how long Cristina will stick it out in snowy Minnesota.

For the time being, she's certainly invested in her hospital, and colleagues. In another clip from the episode (below), she continues to forge a bond with Dr. Thomas, despite some blowback over his operation.

Meanwhile, in Seattle, Mer struggles with work-life balance to the extreme. Good thing there's a trusty intern around when Callie brings Zola back from daycare and then has to bolt for a surgery of her own.

Take a look at more "Beautiful Doom" scenes and comment below:

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aww i don't want thomas to die just so cristina goes back to seattle


Does anyone else think Dr. Thomas is gonna die soon. I think Cristina is gonna come back to SGMWH. I was shocked she accectlly took the job at the Mayo clinic. When Cristina says shes gonna to something shes gonna do. I cant wait to see the episode I wish they get rid of April & Jaskson .


Looking forward to see Christina and Dr. Thomas working together - she likes cardio gods that can teach her something, and for a change she is not romantically involved with this doctor she is working with. Its new for Christina, after she's been involved with her med school teacher, Burk and Hunt...


Dr. Thomas dies or gets fired --> Cristina goes back to Seattle.


I'm excited to see what this episode will be like.. i miss cristna not being in Seattle but i really like where he story line is going with he new (old) friend.. im curious as to whats next!!


Could you fix the videos, I have to sit and watch ads and videos aren't even properly cut.


Oh! And I want Christina to come home. Enough with the snow. Stick with the rain ; ) love ya shonda. I love what you do with the show. I never know what will happen next.


I can't wait for the episode!!! I'm tired of the show having to be canceled that week because of other shows! I think that this one will be an emotional one. Which, afterall, is what we all know and love Greys Anatomy to be. : )


I can't wait for this episode!


Me like ! It looks both emotional and funny, which is GA specialy after all !
Can't wait to see Meredith finally dealing with Lexie's death.

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