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I’ve had my suspicions about Ryan ever since he mentioned taking an interest in Nick’s cases, but I wasn’t expecting this.

"The Hour of Death" once again played with Grimm’s always-present theme of not judging a book by its cover, bringing about some very interesting developments along the way.

Another Grimm

Development 1: Working up the Wesen Food Chain
Grimm has made it clear that being a real Grimm is something you’re born into. One of the reasons this struggle between Grimm and Wesen works is because Grimm and Wesen are steadfast in their ideologies: Grimm are always up to the task of dispatching with Wesen, and Wesen, as a society, are always passing down tales of the evil Grimm – as we saw in Monroe’s fairy tale book.

For Ryan to come along and deeply hate Wesen, and by extension himself, is a theme we aren’t really privy to in this world. Ryan holds the belief that all Wesen need to be killed, and, according to Monroe, it is a belief that died amongst the Grimm generations ago. 

So, what’s most interesting about all of this is Ryan essentially learned what it took to become a Grimm and slowly built himself up into becoming one. While we’ve all speculated about the abilities of a Grimm the only one we know of for sure is a Grimm can see a Wesen’s true form. Which brings me to the question of: Are Grimm descendants of Wesen? In fact, we can probably lump Grimms right in with the rest of the Wesen world, so can it be that far of a stretch to speculate that Grimms are Wesen?

Going one step further, Wesen can see other Wesen, and it’s not hard to see how Ryan suddenly found himself in this situation.

Development 2: The Triangle No One Wants
I like Renard. I like Juliette. That doesn’t mean I like them together. I’m sure if I researched long enough I could find this exact storyline on a soap: woman falls into coma, man drinks love potion and kisses her awake, woman and man are drawn together.

While I trust the story Grimm wants to tell…that doesn’t mean I’m so keen on some of the paths they take to get there. I understand that Juliette needs to be involved in the show in a more endearing way compared to the beginning of last season, and I like that Juliette is the person that has the potential to bring Renard crumbling down. But the quicker this awkwardness is over the better.

Development 3: Life at Home Isn’t What It’s Cracked Up To Be
This development fits in nicely with the previous one: Nick and Juliette are beginning to pull apart. Nick is sick of the couch, and Juliette is probably sick of having no real memories of Nick. All of that frustration is quickly leading to them trading glances and baited breath towards one another, and with Juliette quickly drifting towards Renard, Nick’s life at home is quickly proving Aunt Marie true.

If Nick begins losing everything he cares about will he begin to take his role as a Grimm as seriously as Ryan did? Using the understanding that being a Grimm has taken away those he loves the most: his parents, his family, his girlfriend; could Nick be heading towards a period of detachment and distrust?


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I love the show, but i am SO SICK of the "dumb girlfriend" storyline. why does juliette have to be written is as such as vapid character? She's smart and would make a much better show if she had an interesting a role as Adilan


but now his obsession with Juliette has him unhinged, nervous like a little boy with his crush, and unsure of himself and of how she feels for him in return. We get to see the Captain show his more human side. I hope that the 2013 promo was not some dream and that we get to see Julliard actually consummate their relationship. Realistically, Juliette can only resist for so long; Renard is hot as all hell.


i love the Renard and Juliette pairing. they have amazing chemistry. i watch their scenes over and over again because e of how good they are. Bitsie plays Juliette well. Juliette has lost her memory and can't remember the man who is madly in love with her, who keeps telling her about how in love they were, much less love him back. she sees that he's nice, but she's not attracted to him. she's instead inexplicably attracted to and drawn to Captain Renard. she can't explain it, she's confused by it, she feels guilty because he's Nick's boss and she keeps being told that she's supposed to be in love with Nick. Bitsie portrays Juliette's uncertainty, apprehension, and fears well! even if I'm the only one, I give kudos to her. Juliette and Renard's storyline is my favorite on the show right now. I love this show to pieces and would do so without the J+R storyline, but I'm really enjoying this ride. I especially love the effect Juliette is having on Renard. He's so cool and collected all the time, but now his obsession with Juliette has him unhinged, nervous like a little boy with his crush, and unsure of himself and of how she feels for him in return. We get to see the Captain show his more human side. I hope that the 2013 promo was not some dream and that we get to see Julliard actually consummate their relationship. Realistically, Juliette can only resist for so long; Renard is hot as all hell.


I actually think the Juliette character is coming alive. Unfortunately, the ACTRESS is NOT. She is sleeping through the role - and that didn't just start with the amnesia storyline. I don't want to see the character killed off, just re-cast with a real actress. Her scenes really stick out badly on a show where every other actor brings their A-game to every episode.


I like Betsie Tulloch but I agree the Grimm writers are not looking at the story from her point of view, hence she is given no emotion to emote. She has no life outside of Nick, which is understandable since the series is about the Grimm world, but since the writers have ignored her, Juliette is not is coming across as a weakly drawn character. As a doctor she should have more curiousity about the cause of her coma, making an effort on her own to cure her amnesia without resorting to talking to "unprofessional" friends. Aren't any of them too who would have a scientific interest in speculating if her amnesia was drug induced, trauma caused or hysterical in nature? Why aren't they, and Juliette trying to find a reason for her coma/amnesia and a non-Grimm cure? Why are we all waiting for Nick to solve the problem which isn't even on his front burner any more? He seems more interested in getting her to sleep with him, but does he really want her memory to come back if it would mean she would pick up where she left off, upset about the Grimm claim? She has a right to be royally pissed at this guy. He is 1) keeping some kind of secret life from her 2)putting her life in jeopardy without giving her the information to warn/protect herself 3)he want sex without honesty. Can there be true love without trust? (Not if you watch Moulen Rouge) Juliette has a right to betray him with Renard considering the way Nick is treating her. Nick has only himself to blame. He's not being forthright with Juliette which would allow her know how to warn him of what she's going through. Yes, this relationship could be torn apart and not by Adeline but by Nick's secretativeness. Once Juliette's memory returns, and she remembers how he's acted post-coma, she has a right to stop loving Nick. I would really hate to see that happen. Have a true love interest is part of what makes Nick's character noble. I would really hate the show if the Juliette-Nick love story ended.


I love the show & it's one of my favorites. I agree with what others have said I like the triangle but this Juliette is lame. She needs to be more than a ghost walking through the show. Thanks for a good show.


I don't think Juliette is an all time great character--the writers seem unsure what she is for, and the portrayal could use some more emotional transparency--but I don't think she is not quite a non-entity. In the episode where the bird-woman was being held hostage for her golden whatever it is that birds throw up, she was actually engaged, supportive, and interesting. At the time, I was hoping it was going to evolve towards the show giving us a different side of the character. What bothers me is how lightly consequences seemed to fall in this episode. Despite the tremendous amount of evidence that Nick was involved, there was no suspension, no investigation, no long term professional price to be paid for doing the Grimm's job when it is in conflict with his police duty. On some other shows, that would have been the core tension. A also agree that Squintern (sorry, he was translated from Bones as an intern, what would you call him?) turning out to be the wanna-be Grimm seemed unfounded in the previous portrayal of the character. The psychology and pattern to make him turn against his own was never established, and Nick never noticed that he was a Wesen before. Really? No stress at all in working in a police department and near his idol to make him show his nature? I actually thought the older balding sergeant who kept asking questions was the guy--as he was a throw-away character of no value at all. The writers had hold of the tail of a good story, but the tiger seems to be getting away from them--they aren't developing it into something more interesting--and that is too bad.


...but when you do it right, it's great. I'm really hoping the writers can do it right, but given her character up to this point, I'm not that confident of it.


"I know Renard and Juliette are not going to end up together. The writers wouldn't dare, it would make Juliette too unsympathetic. Renard IS Nick's boss. AWKWARD!" SperoMeliora, you're probably right. Though I hope not. The best thing for Juliette's character would be to make her less sympathetic. Right now, she's likeable to the point of being unlikable. She's the vanilla ice cream of girlfriends. You don't absolutely love her but she's palatable enough that if she's there, you just shrug and accept it. You'd rather have something more adventurous, but the rest of the meal was good and she doesn't totally ruin it, so you'll go with it. The problem is that it's been awhile and the only thing available has been vanilla ice cream, and you're downright sick of it. You'd give anything to put a few nuts on top. Caramel and sea salt would be great. I think pairing Juliette with Renard has the chance of being like sea salt on ice cream. It sounds like a bad idea, but when you do it right, it's great. I'm really hoping the writers can do it right, but given her character up to this point, I'm not that confident of it.


(continued from below, because I got cut off) ...Even if she found out about the Wessen, I'm not sure that would be enough to make her useful or interesting. For the actress' sake, I hope they can find a place for the character and develop her into someone I want to watch. Maybe they could find a way to do that by having her story tied to Renard and bring about a slight personality change as a result of the spell and memory loss. I'd like to see a more kick ass, less passive Juliette. If that doesn't happen, I hope the character is replaced with a strong female character. She's boring as Nick's girlfriend and makes Nick boring. Nick is much more appealing when I'm not left wondering what he sees in this completely dull woman.

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