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I’ve had my suspicions about Ryan ever since he mentioned taking an interest in Nick’s cases, but I wasn’t expecting this.

"The Hour of Death" once again played with Grimm’s always-present theme of not judging a book by its cover, bringing about some very interesting developments along the way.

Another Grimm

Development 1: Working up the Wesen Food Chain
Grimm has made it clear that being a real Grimm is something you’re born into. One of the reasons this struggle between Grimm and Wesen works is because Grimm and Wesen are steadfast in their ideologies: Grimm are always up to the task of dispatching with Wesen, and Wesen, as a society, are always passing down tales of the evil Grimm – as we saw in Monroe’s fairy tale book.

For Ryan to come along and deeply hate Wesen, and by extension himself, is a theme we aren’t really privy to in this world. Ryan holds the belief that all Wesen need to be killed, and, according to Monroe, it is a belief that died amongst the Grimm generations ago. 

So, what’s most interesting about all of this is Ryan essentially learned what it took to become a Grimm and slowly built himself up into becoming one. While we’ve all speculated about the abilities of a Grimm the only one we know of for sure is a Grimm can see a Wesen’s true form. Which brings me to the question of: Are Grimm descendants of Wesen? In fact, we can probably lump Grimms right in with the rest of the Wesen world, so can it be that far of a stretch to speculate that Grimms are Wesen?

Going one step further, Wesen can see other Wesen, and it’s not hard to see how Ryan suddenly found himself in this situation.

Development 2: The Triangle No One Wants
I like Renard. I like Juliette. That doesn’t mean I like them together. I’m sure if I researched long enough I could find this exact storyline on a soap: woman falls into coma, man drinks love potion and kisses her awake, woman and man are drawn together.

While I trust the story Grimm wants to tell…that doesn’t mean I’m so keen on some of the paths they take to get there. I understand that Juliette needs to be involved in the show in a more endearing way compared to the beginning of last season, and I like that Juliette is the person that has the potential to bring Renard crumbling down. But the quicker this awkwardness is over the better.

Development 3: Life at Home Isn’t What It’s Cracked Up To Be
This development fits in nicely with the previous one: Nick and Juliette are beginning to pull apart. Nick is sick of the couch, and Juliette is probably sick of having no real memories of Nick. All of that frustration is quickly leading to them trading glances and baited breath towards one another, and with Juliette quickly drifting towards Renard, Nick’s life at home is quickly proving Aunt Marie true.

If Nick begins losing everything he cares about will he begin to take his role as a Grimm as seriously as Ryan did? Using the understanding that being a Grimm has taken away those he loves the most: his parents, his family, his girlfriend; could Nick be heading towards a period of detachment and distrust?


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I like the Juliette and Renard storyline. I think they have more chemistry than Nick and Juliette -- that's not saying much since Nick and Juliette have zero. Renard's situation and the actor's performance make it more interesting than corny or soapy. But it's a little too slow paced, and it'd be better if Juliette seemed either more conflicted and drawn to Renard and/or distrustful of him. Renard is clearly affected. Not sure if Juliette really is or not. She didn't seem into the kiss at all. The best thing about this loss of memory storyline is that it's left Juliette trying to find herself and how she fits into Nick's life again. Which means that this COULD (and I hope does) result in a reinvention of the character or a removal of the character from the show. As a veterinarian, I'm not sure how she could fit into the show without her focus being an involvement with either Nick or Renard. Even if she found out about the Wessen, I'm not sure that would be enough to make her useful or interesting. For the actress' sake, I hope they can find a place for the character and develop her into someone I want to watch. Maybe they could find a way to do that by having her story tied to Renard and bring about a slight personality change as a result of the spell and memory loss. I'd like to see a more kick ass, less passive Juliette. If that doesn't happen, I hope the character is replaced with a strong female character. She's boring as Nick's girlfriend and makes Nick boring. Nick is much more appealing when I'm not left wondering what he sees in this completely dull woman.


I agree with KansasGuest. Please no/minimal triangle writers. Juliette's amnesia needs to be wrapped up soon.


I completely agree with kansasguest. the show needs a kickass female counter part of Nick- it'll be interesting to see their dynamic.
Juliette's character has gone frm boring to mind numbing fr me. she is stiff and has no chemistry, also she doesn't interest me- nothing abt her makes me sit up and be interested.
I also hate how monroe's charactr is being thrown under the bus to mke hank's character seem to be more part of the grimm side of nick's character. It startd out ok, seeing hank making sense of it, but now its just boring! nick and hank have no chemistry! I loved nick and monroe's bromance! hank puts me to sleep!
in my opinion Hank and juliette's characters are kinda dragging the show down fr me. Either gt them out of the picture or mke them mre interesting.


FROM BELOW...That gives me the opportunity to say this. Dear TPTB,
If you want to add a recurring character, be it intern or another Grimm, please consider a kick-ass FEMALE character who is not the age of Nick's mom. It's time to introduce someone who is neither witchy (like Adalind & her mom) or sweet & docile (like Juliette & Rosalee). But, instead a capable, intelligent, quick-witted professional who can hold her own & bring something to the party. I liked Detective Valentina. Since she's on leave from the New Mexico PD & she doesn't have anything to do for a whole year, you should think about it. Remember how much more interesting BUFFY & ANGEL became when Faith & Darla were introduced, challenging the morals of the shows heroes? Take a risk. Try it. Think long-term. Thank you!


ery interesting episode. Glad that Ryan wasn't a permanent cast addition, although the character himself was intriguing & had potential. It felt like his purpose was not planned very well. Would this have developed better if the audience had seen him in his home environment w/an alcoholic over several episodes, come to sympathize with him because he really wants to be a detective, & then been shocked that he was actually stalking Nick? It could have been written with the possibility that he was a Grimm before discovering he was a wesen. Talk about self-loathing. What the *&%^ was he? Looked like some sort of vampire worm creature. His whole introduction & storyline just felt so rushed. Recurring characters can be woven much better than this intern so there is an actual emotional payoff instead of the feeling of "see ya!" To compare, refer to the Jonathan character in BUFFY. But, since he's a murderer, I don't think we'll be seeing Ryan again...CONTINUED ABOVE


i whole heartedly agree about the triangle that no one wants but the only difference is that i really really really do not like Juliette! i was banking on her dying at the end of season 1 but guess not all dreams can come true.


I have long suspected Grimm are actually Wesen and I wonder if we will eventually meet a non Burkhardt (through marriage I know but I never caught Marie's last name) who might tell Nick more information that isn't colored.


i honestly do not think that it is possible for anyone to have chemistry with Juliette. She is just so wooden. In the beginning I actually thought she was a part of the Wessen world because of her frozen expressions. I couldn't watch the coffee house scene. It was incredibly humiliating, I was squirming throughout. The whole thing was almost redeemed when she remembered the hospital kiss. Hopefully, it will move the plot forward. Still love the show, but the awkwardness is killing me especially since I know Renard and Juliette are not going to end up together. The writers wouldn't dare, it would make Juliette too unsympathetic. Renard IS Nick's boss. AWKWARD!


As per the reviewer and the other posters for this episode, agreed about 'development 2'. Unfortunately, Renard and Juliette are not projecting fantastic chemistry together and it is being drawn out too long, not in a fascinating, bated breath kind of way either. It baffles me why Nick didn't continue to investigate Juliette's attack further after the cursed cat died, I can't be the only one who thinks that's out-of-character? Grimm grabbed me from the pilot episode, however the few episodes are starting to worry me, Miggymigs has a point...please please right the wrongs, I don't want to see Grimm leave on an average note!


This love triangle is sooooo forced. They need to do something with the Juliette character. Either kill her off or have her resolve things. Her and Captain Renard have ZERO chemistry. I literally rolled my eyes during the dinning scene with the Renard character. She goes from one week being drawn to Nick to the next week this?!?!?! PUHLEASE! Makes me feel a freshman in college wrote this episode. I literally watched most of the episode using the fast forward button by way of the DVR. Grimm is going down the crapper really fast. I am not surprised. Heck it is on NBC! MEH!

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