Hawaii Five-0 Review: A Dramatic Variety

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"Ohuna:" The Secret

On Hawaii Five-0 this week, we got to see our favorite Hawaiian police unit flexing its skills in drama as well as action. 

McGarrett Reunion: It was an easy guess that Mary was a daddy’s girl, given the situation of her mom disappearing. That said, her sitting at her father’s grave talking to him about her fears and missing him was touching. It wasn't until Morty (Shelley Berman) told his story of losing his daughter that tears started to flow. 

I’m really glad that Mary and Doris have reunited (at least physically). Hopefully the crying session they had will help mend fences and heal wounds a little. On the flip side, Steve telling Doris to stand down was a fun and playful offset of Mary’s interaction.

Staging a Reunion

Slater Family: It honestly shocked me that the hacker Zach died while being tortured. That’s a pretty dark edge for Lenkov to skate along, but it worked for the context of the story. James was another interesting choice; I didn’t catch if they said he was Autistic, but they certainly seemed to indicate some form of social dysfunction.  

The masked gunmen taking the family hostage with Kono inside again had a bit of a darker feel to it. Given their attitudes, I was shocked that Kono was being as bold as she was. How did she not get a bullet in the head?

Unsung Hero: I liked that Zach turned out to have used his hacking skills for good instead of evil. It was a bittersweet ending to a pretty drama-filled episode. Of course, if you hadn’t had enough tears, Kono giving her badge to James at the end was the final nail in the crate of drama we enjoyed. 

For a decent dramatic offering, I’m giving it 3.5 tissues this week. How do you think the team did? Did Mary and Doris bring you to tears? How about Kono and James? 


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I can't stand Hawaii five-o especially when they film right in front of my apartment listening to there fake little guns go off allllllllllllllll day long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP JERKS


When are we going to find out that steve and wofat
are half brothers? Think about it


I just caught up on this episode and I loved it. Kono absolutely kicked butt so I hope all the "They're kicking Grace Park off the show" people will chill out for a while. I am not a Doris or Mary fan really but their interaction in this episode was touching.


Continued---arrgh need more character space...
Loved that Kono was kick-ass to the end when she re-appeared from the hospital shrugging off her injuries with "nah, just a scrape" and the hug from Chin. : ) Loved Steve telling Doris to "stand down" and I am still a fan of this story arc. All the Doris scenes are setting up for a future story...so just wait for it :) I was waiting for WoFat to appear every time Doris shows up even though I know full well that he is not schedule to appear yet. Loved the ending with Steve smiling at the reunion. Great action, suspense, drama and Ohana. Loving this season...Welcome back to the feelings of Season 1! Bravo to the writers and producers.


Welcome back H-50! This epi was so reminiscent of season 1 and why I became a fan. The core 4 was awesome together. Loved Kono as her usual sensitive, caring kick-ass self. Chin was wonderful to watch as he worked through the angst of Kono in danger again due to his direction. Loved that the team is so in tune to each other that a look or a pause can be sensed followed by Steve talking Chin down from the immobilizing guilt and back into action. Loved the ending action sequence when the get away armored truck was commandeered with Steve's seal skills put to awesome use (I know, suspend reality) but that's why I love this show! Got happy when Chin was able to shoot the bad guys and ecstatic when Kono can take care of herself fighting off her assailant and rolling out of the back of the truck "navy seal" ala Steve and upright to finally taking the bad guy down. I was up on my feet cheering Kono on..you go, girl! And kick-ass to the end when she shrugged off her injuries "nah, just a scrape". And the hug from Chin :) :) Loved when Steve told Doris to 'stand down' and still a fan of this story arc. All the family scenes are setting up for a future storyline..so just wait for it :) I keep waiting for WoFat to appear whenever Doris comes into the pic even though I know full well that he will not appear for awhile. Great action, suspense, drama and Ohana. Loved seeing MaryAnn again. Welcome back to the feel of season 1 :)


My favourite part was Kono kicking a**. Kept shouting Go Gracie, Go Gracie!


I thought the episode was very good. Very season 1!! I'm not a mom fame nor a Mary fan, for me Shelly Berman saved the day. The ending was ok, made better by seeing Steve's smile as a closing shot. Please, please put this ridiculous arc to bed once and for all. It's sucking the life from the show. Kono was fantastic as kickass, mom protector! Seeing Chin in overprotective mode with Kono made me melt.
SuperSeal BAMF Steve needs no explanation and Danny even got to drive his own car. Appearances by Duke and Charlie made the core4 complete. I love Cath, but she wasn't needed in this episode, hope to,see her soon! Looking forward to more stories of this caliber. Keep up,the good work. This is looking more like the show I fell in love with.

Mrs cleaver

@Steven - maybe Catherine was visting her parents off-island? Shopping with a friend? We don't see Max in every epi but that doesn't mean he won't be back, same for Cath, I'm sure. Better they use her sparingly and not jam her down our throats all the time, least in my opinion.
@Walter, thanks for always posting the ratings - yay!
And was no one else happy to see "Toast" from Season 1 again? "Live long and perspire?" LOL.
Reminded me alot of Season 1 which is always a good thing. Maryanne and Mom subplot - meh. Always good to see just the "Core four" together.


I DVR-ed this episode, so I came to it late.
Was it good? Nah.
Didn't rate the reviewer's 3.5.
FAR too much suspension of disbelief.
And that attempt at a "South African" accent is the absolute worst I have ever heard, except for Leonardo DiCaprio's in Blood Diamonds. South Africa is where I'm from, and that is not an easy accent to capture. But geez, at least TRY.
I'd give it a 2.


Great show this week. Filled with alot of good emotions.

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Looks like our kidnap case just became a murder case.

Chin Ho

Steve: Stand down mom, it's work
Doris: Did you just tell me to stand down?
Steve: Affirmative.