Hawaii Five-0 Review: A Dramatic Variety

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"Ohuna:" The Secret

On Hawaii Five-0 this week, we got to see our favorite Hawaiian police unit flexing its skills in drama as well as action. 

McGarrett Reunion: It was an easy guess that Mary was a daddy’s girl, given the situation of her mom disappearing. That said, her sitting at her father’s grave talking to him about her fears and missing him was touching. It wasn't until Morty (Shelley Berman) told his story of losing his daughter that tears started to flow. 

I’m really glad that Mary and Doris have reunited (at least physically). Hopefully the crying session they had will help mend fences and heal wounds a little. On the flip side, Steve telling Doris to stand down was a fun and playful offset of Mary’s interaction.

Staging a Reunion

Slater Family: It honestly shocked me that the hacker Zach died while being tortured. That’s a pretty dark edge for Lenkov to skate along, but it worked for the context of the story. James was another interesting choice; I didn’t catch if they said he was Autistic, but they certainly seemed to indicate some form of social dysfunction.  

The masked gunmen taking the family hostage with Kono inside again had a bit of a darker feel to it. Given their attitudes, I was shocked that Kono was being as bold as she was. How did she not get a bullet in the head?

Unsung Hero: I liked that Zach turned out to have used his hacking skills for good instead of evil. It was a bittersweet ending to a pretty drama-filled episode. Of course, if you hadn’t had enough tears, Kono giving her badge to James at the end was the final nail in the crate of drama we enjoyed. 

For a decent dramatic offering, I’m giving it 3.5 tissues this week. How do you think the team did? Did Mary and Doris bring you to tears? How about Kono and James? 


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A 3.5 star for this episode Jim REALLY!!! This one was so close to season one it was EPIC! I loved every min of it finally or SuperSeal Steve is back, loved how protected Steve was over his sister Mary. Kono was awesome from her interactions with the younger brother to kicking the bad guy butt. Chin showing how badass he can be and I loved seeing his pain when he realized that Kono was in danger. You could just see he was thinking that he couldn’t lose another loved one.Great to see they toned down Danny whinning and complaining and good for Danny for once he could drive his own car. Mary sitting by her father grave was a touching moment. This show ROCKS again love season 3.


Enjoyed the episode, and was amazed by the appearance of Shelley Berman - How well I remember his comedy routines...


The final ratings for Monday: H50 9.0 million, Revolution 7.0, Castle 10.4. H50 is ahead of Castle in the 18-49 demographic. Speaking of demographics first Ed Asner now Shelley Berman. Who is the next octagenerian guest star? My vote is Betty White as Danno's grandmother. Or maybe Regis Philbin as his grandfather.


Well, I loved this episode!! I think it was a solid 4.5 or 5. This was as close to Season 1 as we have been since two seasons ago amd I loved it!! KONO- what can I say? She is so underrated as a character but when they give her the spotlight and material, she just shines! I hope they take notice of that and (most) of the fans reactions to her. They should allpw her to shine more often. But, it wasnt just her... the whole team was amazing, like a well-oiled machine and it was pure pleasure to watch. More of this, show and the viewers will follow.


way to go team five-o!!kono&chin-ho a double thumbs up to a great duo!! congratulations to steve for breaking the news that moms alive'to little sister mary!! mary's been daddy's girl for so long! it was great how mary &doris finally made up!! zach the computer hackers little brother james a gifted child with a disability ,that zach knew james would never reveal,his big brothers secret formula for illegal gain!!! bravo to the entire cast!! a great big round of thunderous applause!!! eileenkimmey


3.5 what show were you watching???? This episode was phenominal!!! It had everything I was laughing, crying, sitting on the edge of my seat. The bromance will never get old and I love when they have guest stars joining in. Steve the Seal is badass and when Kono is in the zone she kicks ass. When Chin was worried that he could lose Kno as well as Malia it was heartbreaking. This show just keeps getting better.


Definitley the best episode in a long time. Steve is so much better in Navy SEAL mode than when he's around Danny. Less Danny and less cheesy bromance makes a much better show. Hope they keep this up.


Ho hum. Loved Kono and Chin and the action but hate Steve's mom and sister. Give me the crimes and keep the soap opera drama.


Good news on the ratings. H50 had 8.8 million viewers-highest of the season. Revolution continues to tank - 7.0 million lowest of the season. I still think the show is definite for one maybe two more seasons then off to TNT in 2014 for syndication.


And I like it very much especially when an Asian woman kicks the butt of an apartheid boer South African white male.

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Looks like our kidnap case just became a murder case.

Chin Ho

Steve: Stand down mom, it's work
Doris: Did you just tell me to stand down?
Steve: Affirmative.