Hawaii Five-0 Review: A Dramatic Variety

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"Ohuna:" The Secret

On Hawaii Five-0 this week, we got to see our favorite Hawaiian police unit flexing its skills in drama as well as action. 

McGarrett Reunion: It was an easy guess that Mary was a daddy’s girl, given the situation of her mom disappearing. That said, her sitting at her father’s grave talking to him about her fears and missing him was touching. It wasn't until Morty (Shelley Berman) told his story of losing his daughter that tears started to flow. 

I’m really glad that Mary and Doris have reunited (at least physically). Hopefully the crying session they had will help mend fences and heal wounds a little. On the flip side, Steve telling Doris to stand down was a fun and playful offset of Mary’s interaction.

Staging a Reunion

Slater Family: It honestly shocked me that the hacker Zach died while being tortured. That’s a pretty dark edge for Lenkov to skate along, but it worked for the context of the story. James was another interesting choice; I didn’t catch if they said he was Autistic, but they certainly seemed to indicate some form of social dysfunction.  

The masked gunmen taking the family hostage with Kono inside again had a bit of a darker feel to it. Given their attitudes, I was shocked that Kono was being as bold as she was. How did she not get a bullet in the head?

Unsung Hero: I liked that Zach turned out to have used his hacking skills for good instead of evil. It was a bittersweet ending to a pretty drama-filled episode. Of course, if you hadn’t had enough tears, Kono giving her badge to James at the end was the final nail in the crate of drama we enjoyed. 

For a decent dramatic offering, I’m giving it 3.5 tissues this week. How do you think the team did? Did Mary and Doris bring you to tears? How about Kono and James? 


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Grrrreat epi! A great procedural story with amazing BAMFY Kono and a bit of SuperSeal to top it off. And a very touching glimpse, finally, into the McGarrett family inter-dynamics. Loved Steve telling his mom to stand down. These two do speak the same language and poor Mary Ann is still the abandoned child in her own mind. Wonder how long her new gig will last.


After last week's heartfelt spotlight on Danno, I appreciated giving Kono room to crash through windows, connect with James, and kick butt! At the same time, the storyline with Mary, Morty, and Mom was heartfelt. It offered an alternative to Hawaii's gorgeous landscape and gritty crime. It showcased "ohana" - family. Of course this episode reminded us of Season One as Toast was Danno's "smoking and snacking" CI (from Danno's short stint on HPD before joining H50).


I was happy for more kono/Chin scenes also how cool was kono being bamf! I'm glad to see Fong/Max and there was NO Cath in here, good for me. I have to agree w/some people saying this is like s1, which I love and happy to see.


What happened to McGarrett's girlfriend? Did I miss something? She just disappeared. Some people might remember Shelley Berman as Larry David's father on Curb Your Enthusiasm.


I actually like this episode, it has all the action pack and my family luv it. This episode does remind me of s1 and glad we get to see Kono/Chin also Max and Charlie Fong too.


I thought this was a very average episode, maybe the bar has been set too high and we are just expecting a lot more this season. I don't know, it reminded me of a season 1 episode.


I liked this episode. I rate it much higher than 3.5. A few random observations: How many viewers know who Shelly Berman is? Probably not too many in the 18-49 demo group. The show continues its salute to iconic Hollywood heroes, First James Bond in the seasoner opener and now Indiana Jones with Steve being dragged behind the truck. The hacker's name is Zack Slater. Is this a reference to the old Mark-Paul Gosselaar/Mario Lopez show "Saved by the Bell"? The hacker bad guy Kong Liang was played by Russell Wong. He was the second lead in the 1997 failed pilot that had Gary Busey as the successor to Jack Lord as the head of 5-0.

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Chin Ho

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