Hawaii Five-0 Review: Borrowed Time

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"I Ka Wa Mamua:In A Time Past

It seems like it’s been forever since we've a solid Danny-centered episode. So I was thrilled when this hour open in 2001 in New Jersey, as I knew we were going to see pre-Hawaii Danny in his element. 

And we weren't disappointed. 

Right off the bat, part of that element was the always lovely Sydney Tamiia Poitier playing his partner Officer Tillwell. I had a pretty strong suspicion that she wasn't going to survive the encounter during the opening; then you add in the acting talents of Terrance Howard as the criminal they are up against and things grew grim very quickly.  

Danny's Toughest Case

From there, we returned to modern day. When Five-0 started looking into the bombs and terrorist cell, I couldn’t figure out why Danny was so emotional about it. Then again, it’s Danny; we’ve seen him go on rant about fishing. 

I’m sure I wasn’t alone in my anticipation of the conclusion of Danny’s story. Of course, none of us was surprised how things turned out after Danny’s ominous comment from our Hawaii Five-0 quotes section:

Danny: Borrowed Time [sigh]
Steve: What's that?
Danny: I have to remember that all of this, the last 10 years with my daughter is all borrowed time.

Sure enough, when Danny finished telling the story, his former partner had been shot and killed during events in the warehouse. But there were two things that did surprise me. 

  1. Poitier’s character first name was named Grace: There is no way it's an accident that Danny’s then unborn daughter is now named Grace. Honestly, I can’t imagine how often Danny thinks about his former partner when he looks at Grace or says her name. I can only hope he has a lot more happy memories to offset her death.

  2. Her death took place on September 11, 2001: For Danny, that dark day in our history has two events attached to it. It’s no wonder he was so emotional about the terrorist, he’s attached the anger and pain of his partner’s death to it. Well played, Mr. Lenkov, you did an awesome job of weaving in just enough of a visual element that we all could make the connection.

If figuring out those two things wasn't enough of a tug at the heart strings, watching Danny and Grace at the father/daughter dance was very cute. I was glad that Danno’s 100% guarantee turned out to be true. As he said, there are only a few of these moments. 

The only thing that distracted from the emotional roller-coaster that Danny took us on was when the last suspect, Anshiri took off and running from Steven and Danny. For being trapped on an island, suspects in Hawaii Five-0 seem to run from the police an awful lot. In fact, it’s often enough that I’m finally introducing the unofficial H50 drinking game I've previously said we need. 

H5O Foot Chase Drinking Game Rules: 

Start the episode with a drink of your choice.

  • For each vehicle (car, motorcycle, etc.) that a Five-O member leaps over - take a drink
    (If they hood-slide in the process, take another drink)
  • Each bystander that is knocked down, take a drink
  • For each cart (flower, food, etc) knocked over, take a drink
  • If a Five-O member tackles the suspect to end the chase take a drink
  • If Steve says “Book Em’ Danno” – finish the drink.

Overall I’m giving the episode 4.2 smiling daughters for a great glimpse into Danny’s past and a well done nod to 9/11.

What do you think? Do you want to see more of Danny’s past? Should we add more to the Foot Chase Drinking Game? 


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Terrific episode. One of the best. Is Catherine really in the Navy? Lounging at the pool-the Hilton no less. Driving a Vette? Great duty if you can get it. No real change in the ratings. 7.7 million viewers compared to 10.7 for Castle and 7.1 for Revolution.


Wow, two episodes tying in 9/11 in one night, Bones and 5-0. It was a better episode than we've seen lately, Danno not whinning for a change was great. I really do like Cann as an actor. The way his character was being a smart ass when interrogated by the outlaws was super, but I knew his partner would be killed. Then to reveal it was 9/11 that saved his life. Oh, shooting the guy who shot his partner, though he well have been dead already, was a nice touch. Yet the father daughter dance was so great, brought back memories from years ago with one of my girl.


I love that shows like this one nowadays don't have a problem showing two men loving and caring about each other as friends and having the kind of relationship where they can hug each other and express their feelings.That scene was great.
The glimpse into Danny's past was fantastic.Especially learning how Grace got her name,and the tie-in to 9/11.Terrance Howard was really intense and scary,wasn't he? Love him.
I love seeing Danny as the doting daddy,and was so glad he made the dance.I would've hated him missing something yet again.
Quick question:Was that the real DOD at the dedication?


I've got this uneasy feeling that they're going to phase out Grace park and replace her with Michele Borth. Kono has less and less screen time which is pretty sad as what she could bring to the show is mostly ignored. If there is no Kono, the show is doomed...


I think my favorite character nowadays is Danny. I really like Scott Caan and frankly am kind of sick if Alex O and what he brings to his character. I would love to see more of Chin and Kono too.


I enjoyed last night's show, especially the spotlight on the US Army at Fort Shafter for Veterans Day. Danno's backstory to 9/11 was heartfelt. I don't dislike Catherine, but it is not clear what is her role. The team could have requested the intel through official channels at Pacific Command. Perhpas that should be Catherine's role - liaison to PACOM. Also, she would not be lounging at the Hilton, even on her day off. The Hale Koa (House of the Warrior) is a military resort next to the Hilton - she would have been there, sucking down cheaper Blue Hawaiians. Then again, the Hilton sponsors the show.


As far as lame / no thinking required commercial network programming is concerned ....it was watchable ....having lived in HNL, I watch mainly for the overhead shots of the island ...


I loved this show..and love Danny!


This was great ep. Danny's story lines are great. I loved the fact that he named his daughter after his partner. The father-daughter dance was sweet. I love the Steve-Danny connection. The old series didn't do much of that. This is a great remake a classic series. Well done!


I initially didn't think I was going to like the episode. It reminded me too much of the Season 1 ep where Chin had the bomb around his neck and couldn't move, and then they did a 'flashback' to the hours leading up to the moment with the bomb - it seemed like a complete copy cat. Plus, any time a show has a Kardashian make a guest appearance, I'm tempted to turn the channel! But the second half of the episode was great. Glad to see Danny finally get a good story line, the 9/11 tie-in was intense, and the ending was sweet. I'm still not getting the addition of Catherine - she didn't offer any information the team couldn't have found without her, as they have done in many other episodes. Glad to see Mom is finally coming back next week!

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Danny: So the question is, did he work alone or with someone?
Steve: No, terrorist don't work alone, they work in cells. That way if one guy goes down, his buddy comes in and finishes the job.
Danny: You just said the T word.
Steve: Does this look like the end of something to you? Because to me this is just the beginning.

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Chin Ho: Right behind ya.
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