Hawaii Five-0 Review: Cat and Mouse

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"Wahine'inoloa:" Evil Woman

Move over Wo Fat, there is a new criminal genius in town - and she's hot. Olivia Victor is smart, sexy and very deadly. 

While I don’t like seeing Steve made to look dumb, I was okay with it in the cat and mouse game Olivia and him played here, even when Steve ended up the mouse more than the cat. I mean, come on Steve, when the woman who has a restraining order against you invites you for drinks, you should know she is up to something.

Investigation the Therapist

Vanessa Marcil has come a long way since playing Sam Marquez on Vegas. I really hope that Olivia figures out how to get out of jail and beat the charges so she is able to come back to play with Five-0 again; she was a refreshing change of criminal. 

I especially liked the twist that the private investigator was blackmailing Olivia’s clients, I didn't see that one coming. Though I’m surprised she didn't grab the laptop if she took the time to drive t to his stakeout and shoot him. Maybe someone else shot him for her and wasn't as smart as she is. 

In the other half of the episode, we had the hot mess that was Agent Channing and Catherine trying to stop a Colombian assassin that was believed to be dead from finding Doris McGarrett. I’m not even sure where to start with how many ways this went wrong, so I’m just going to list them:

Agent Channing at Catherine’s House: If he was suspended, how was he carrying a gun? And if he found out enough about Catherine to know where she lives, why didn't he go to her commanding officer? I’m pretty sure he would know that the military frowns on officers committing crimes, especially something that could be seen as a breach of national security.  

Oh, and let's not forget that if showing up at her house with a gun while suspended wasn't ridiculous enough; Channing felt she was the best qualified person to help with a "quiet mission" and that she agreed after she had to fight him for the gun. My WTF Meter shot to 11.  

Catherine Rollins super spy: I have to ask, what Navy officer (that is not a SEAL) has hacking equipment to break into a hotel room and/or a digital room safe? While we are at it, in what frakking universe does a Navy communications officer carry a side-arm off duty and not work during the day to run around with a Witness Protection agent playing cops and robbers?  

Mr. Lenkov, if you want to make Catherine an agent, a private investigator, a spy or some other cloak and dagger character, go for it. Michelle Borth looks great kicking in doors and hacking into safes, but for goodness’ sake, please have her leave military as her "day job." She’s broken so many laws that she would have been court marshaled several times by now. 

Doris McGarrett and Mangosta: While I like the idea in principle that Doris turned the tables on Mangosta, it showed a very dark side of a fairly new character to have her torturing the guy when Channing and Catherine walked in.

So what did you think of the episode? I’m giving it 3.8 leftover Thanksgiving turkeys for the introduction of a great new villain facing off against Steve, but one of the most ridiculous Catherine (or Doris) stories to date. 


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Hi Jim, You make some good points about McG being transported to a scene or Kono being a robot. That would not be true to the show, and would probably get a different crowd watching and would not last long. My complaint is that every single episode someone, not just you, but someone points out some probability with reality. Its done on all the shows, but they seem to be pointed out on H50 more then any other show and yet its not any more than another other show. Some of what is pointed out, actually could happen. I can only speak for myself, but I don't just sit there and say its only a TV show so its fine. If I am entertained, why would I care so much that it probably would not happen in real life.


Love this episode. Great to see Steve back in character instead of the wuss he's portrayed when he's around Danny. cath is great but I wish she'd tell Steve enough with the favours, but this is probably due to the bromance. Steve can't have a proper relationship as it would upset the McDanno fans. Still the usual complaints about any new characters. I think the audience are quite happy with the change of pace and the new characters, thus the increase in ratings. Plots and writing has improved a lot over the last few episodes. I hope this keeps up.


All the sentimental types out there need to lighten up on Doris. She's a former CIA assassin, not a cookie baker. So of course she shocks the bad guy to find out if he knows who else out there may be trying to kill her. Steve would do the same thing if nobody was watching. That's what makes her an interesting character, instead of some sap who spends all day making dinner and folding Steve's laundry. I think she's an intriguing addition to the show.


I have never watched Hawaii Five-O but I am a huge fan of Vanessa Marcil. She was fantastic and I loved her sexy, smart and badass Olivia!!


yes i believe steve did introduce cath to his mom as an intelligence officer, but jim is also right...in her initial appearances on the show she was a communications offer working on an aircraft carrier. that's one of my only complaints about this show - they definitely play it loose with the character continuity in order to make their story lines work. and even though they have now decided she is an intel officer, they have also established that she is on leave (hence why she is always around!), so how does she still have instant access to all of her resources, weapons, gadgets, etc...? highly doubtful that someone on leave could just have someone put on a no-fly list without any other information. wouldn't that need to come from higher up?? steve could've just called his contacts at the FBI or DOD to handle that. i know, i know...it's just tv, but i do think the writing could be tighter.


It would've been better had Kono and Olivia "interacted". The cat fight coming from that little run in could have made television history...


Thanks jschoi, I will go back and check that out... I'm a little more willing to allow for weapons and weird work hours if they are playing her up more as Intel..


In ep 1 this season Steve introduced Catherine to Doris as a Navel Intelligence Officer.


I am trying to figure out what handbag vanessa marcil was carrying on hawaii five o it was stunning any info?? Please let me know I appreciate it she was great!! I thought Steve was attracted to her at first!!


Absolutely agree with Jim. Each TV show has its own norms or little universe where the norms of science, law, medicine,etc may differ a little or a lot from the real world. So maybe in H50 land there is Q Branch at Pearl Harbor which hands out James Bondian toys to naval officers. The key is for people to realize that just because you see it on TV doesn't make it real.

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Olivia: You have some issues huh?
Steve: Maybe, but murder is not one of them.

So he was shot, burned, and hit by a car? Wow, this guy's having a great day.