Hawaii Five-0 Review: Cat and Mouse

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"Wahine'inoloa:" Evil Woman

Move over Wo Fat, there is a new criminal genius in town - and she's hot. Olivia Victor is smart, sexy and very deadly. 

While I don’t like seeing Steve made to look dumb, I was okay with it in the cat and mouse game Olivia and him played here, even when Steve ended up the mouse more than the cat. I mean, come on Steve, when the woman who has a restraining order against you invites you for drinks, you should know she is up to something.

Investigation the Therapist

Vanessa Marcil has come a long way since playing Sam Marquez on Vegas. I really hope that Olivia figures out how to get out of jail and beat the charges so she is able to come back to play with Five-0 again; she was a refreshing change of criminal. 

I especially liked the twist that the private investigator was blackmailing Olivia’s clients, I didn't see that one coming. Though I’m surprised she didn't grab the laptop if she took the time to drive t to his stakeout and shoot him. Maybe someone else shot him for her and wasn't as smart as she is. 

In the other half of the episode, we had the hot mess that was Agent Channing and Catherine trying to stop a Colombian assassin that was believed to be dead from finding Doris McGarrett. I’m not even sure where to start with how many ways this went wrong, so I’m just going to list them:

Agent Channing at Catherine’s House: If he was suspended, how was he carrying a gun? And if he found out enough about Catherine to know where she lives, why didn't he go to her commanding officer? I’m pretty sure he would know that the military frowns on officers committing crimes, especially something that could be seen as a breach of national security.  

Oh, and let's not forget that if showing up at her house with a gun while suspended wasn't ridiculous enough; Channing felt she was the best qualified person to help with a "quiet mission" and that she agreed after she had to fight him for the gun. My WTF Meter shot to 11.  

Catherine Rollins super spy: I have to ask, what Navy officer (that is not a SEAL) has hacking equipment to break into a hotel room and/or a digital room safe? While we are at it, in what frakking universe does a Navy communications officer carry a side-arm off duty and not work during the day to run around with a Witness Protection agent playing cops and robbers?  

Mr. Lenkov, if you want to make Catherine an agent, a private investigator, a spy or some other cloak and dagger character, go for it. Michelle Borth looks great kicking in doors and hacking into safes, but for goodness’ sake, please have her leave military as her "day job." She’s broken so many laws that she would have been court marshaled several times by now. 

Doris McGarrett and Mangosta: While I like the idea in principle that Doris turned the tables on Mangosta, it showed a very dark side of a fairly new character to have her torturing the guy when Channing and Catherine walked in.

So what did you think of the episode? I’m giving it 3.8 leftover Thanksgiving turkeys for the introduction of a great new villain facing off against Steve, but one of the most ridiculous Catherine (or Doris) stories to date. 


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I don't normally like to give the show a grade, but today it gets 2 grades. I give the crime of the week a 5 and the Doris/Catherine a 2. I watch to see the team and usually all the other stuff doesn't really matter to me, but this week I thought it was to long. I would have given it higher grade had it been shorter. Don't like Doris, I'm ok with Catherine, for me it's all about the team.
I don't watch for reality, I watch to be entertained and this show seldom fails. If I wanted reality I'd watch reality shows, oh wait they aren't real either, oh well. My reality is school and life, not H50.


I have been saying the same thing about cat peter your losing it give us a break were not studpit stop fixing things that ant broken leave the show alone after the lori scram you would think you learn leave it alone


continued...I found myself thinking along similar lines, wondering how Steve is going to deal with his sociopathic mother and now a girlfriend who agrees to hide things from him. Scary! I loved the fact that Steve was certain of the madam psycotherapist's guilt right from the get-go, and he never swerved from that opinion, despite his coworkers thinking he was crazy. He had the courage of his convictions and his gut, and was willing to put in the time necessary to nail her butt to the wall. Vanessa Marcil does look careworn and older, but if she is 44, she should be showing her age about now, particularly if she lives in a sunny climate like Los Angeles or Hawaii. We should allow for women especially to look their age and appear normal on TV, since in real life, women are not all pencil-thin and perfect.


I have to say, though I know it is a bit cheesy (okay, maybe more than a bit) that ever since I watched the original Hawaii Five-O with my family in the 70s (and we all thought that the theme song was so GROOVY!)that the best part of the show for me was when McGarrett would say "Book em, Danno" and the bad guy did the perp walk. Now whenever I hear Alex O say to Scott Caan, "Book em, Danno" I get this dejavu thrill of knowing the bad guy, or gal, is going down, thanks to our heroes. That, and the hunky men (Daniel Dae Kim, Scott Caan and Alex O'Loughlin) make this reboot of H5O totally worthwhile for me.
Now as to this ep, I have to agree with Elisa on this: "That's going to be McG's dilemma. Can he live with THIS mother? Can she really be family to him? And is she going to end up dragging Cath down with her, and ruin that relationship for McG too?" I found myself thinking along similar lines, wondering how Steve is going to deal with his sociopathic mother and now a girlfriend who agrees to hide things from him. Scary! I loved the fact that Steve was certain of the madam psycotherapist's guilt right from the get-go, and he never swerved from that opinion, despite his coworkers thinking he was crazy.


I have been saying the same thing on fb but nobody will listen cat is


Please write Doris out of the show. Her role is nothing but a superficial side piece and a distraction to the show.


I liked a lot about this episode. The plot twists and motive with the psychologist were a complete surprise. I also liked the cat-and-mouse interplay with her and Steve.
I didn't like the other story with Catherine and Doris, however. For Peter Lenkov,(or whoever),to compare Steve with Doris as "the apple did not fall far from the tree", does a disservice to Steve IMO. As questionable as some of McGarrett's tactics were in Season 1, they were nothing like the torture Doris inflicted in last nights' episode. She is vicious! I agree too, that there is no way that Catherine can keep this incident from Steve.
I'm sorry, but the whole Doris involvement is a mess,IMO. I don't know whether it's because of the actress, or how they've written her character. I think she should be written out of the show by bringing Joe White back, develop a romantic relationship between the two, and move back to Japan.
And writers, please stop with gruesome dead bodies and body parts.


the november 26th eepisode of hawaii five-o was great!!cat and mouse and steve was right on the money all along!1 as for the doris/catherine storyline that was great the fact that doris has some serious issues that shes keeping from steve is going to blow -up in her face sooner or later!! catherine should have said give me some time to think it over and i will give you my answer!! p.s. congratulations to ALEX O'LOUGHLIN who is aproud daddy!1 so now you have 2 sons tied for first place for being aDOUBLE CHIP OFF THE OLD BLOCK!!KUDOS TOMOMAND DAD AND BIG BROTHER!!! eileen kimmey


I don't see why the writers/producers feel the need to make every female character a gun totting, spy chasing, bad@ss. Come on...Lori, Doris, and now Catherine! And if Doris is such a super spy why did she even need Catherine's help with Mangosta, why get her son's girlfriend involved in all that. Again it seems like another forced story for Catherine. I like the way they handled her character before because it showed a different side of Steve and gave his character a reprieve from the crime, tough guy, super seal stuff.


Good news on the ratings. H50 won the night with a season high of 10.1 million viewers. Castle had the night off though. With Revolution going hiatus, hopefully ratings will continue to climb. Did anyone catch what they did with Mangosta at the end? And cut Mom a little slack. At least she didn't apply the battery cables to a more sensitive area of his anatomy.

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Olivia: You have some issues huh?
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