NCIS Spoilers: Tiva to Open Up Like Never Before?

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This summer, NCIS' brain trust promised to "take things further" with Tony and Ziva in Season 10.

As always, that could mean any number of things. Ambiguity is one of the show's calling cards.

That said, executive producer Gary Glasberg offered this insight to TV Guide: “As we get into November sweeps, expect to see Tony and Ziva opening up to each other more, sharing some guarded memories that they both cherish."

"Tony will have some decisions to make as the season progresses," the show-runner adds of Michael Weatherly's character, hinting, "decisions that could leave him at a real emotional crossroads.”

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Elsewhere, Glasberg weighed in on Alex Kingston guest starring as a key character (and a redhead no less) who will catch Gibbs' eye. Miranda Pennebaker will serve as his conduit to D.C.'s underworld.

"She is someone with a bit of a shady past who knows a lot about the underground sale of things," he says - the selling of a teenage girl in this particular case. "Gibbs turns to her for information."

"They clearly have a bit of a sordid past. It's never really determined how far their past went, but there's flirtation in the air. This is the first time that they are really working together on something."

Will it be the last? Sound off on these dueling NCIS teasers in the comments below ...

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To finish what I was posting, his team and the others are the spokes in the wheel. The case is the tire's rim.


@Bells It's going to happen because: 1) this is the sort of thing that DPB planted the seeds for back even before Ziva arrived on the scene; 2) was one of the reasons (not the only reason)for why the character was created and why Cote won the role; 3) what this subplot has been building to for a while now. I disagree with you about if affecting the dynamics of the show, but it is possible that TPTB thought you might be right, hence they waited until as close to the end of the series as they could before doing it. As we are probably a season or two away from the end, they felt now was the time to do it, while interest and the ratings were still high. As for the show not doing "love stories", it has had "love stories" of one sort or another as subplots ever since they introduced Shannon and Kelly in "Hiatus". Tony and Ziva have become the chief subplot now, but the dynamics of the show remain intact: Gibbs is the star of the show, the center of the wheel. His team and the others are the spokes and the case is the rim. That will never change, no matter what.


@Bells. Yes, I read what Harmon said. What else can he say? What else is he supposed to say? Announce that it's all coming to an end in a season or two? A year or two before "Cheers" went off the air, Ted Danson was talking about how it could go for quite a few more years. It didn't. The writing began to start showing some strains, and NBC told Danson that while they hoped he would agree to do a 12th season, they would not be able to use the whole cast in every episode because it was too expensive to so. "Then what's the point?" Danson is reported as asking. In early December of 1992, he announced that he would no longer be willing to continue doing "Cheers" and it went off the air in May of 1993. These are the sorts of things that are going to be facing Harmon and company before long.


I'm with SAM. NCIS doesn't have long left on the air. Dragging on too long would be Death to the show - especially after Tiva happens for REAL, this time. That's why there's a NEW NCIS coming now, to replace it. NCIS LA & this new one will take over. Tony & Ziva WILL happen, because it is destined for their characters. Anyone who refuses to see that hasn't been watching the show NOR all the spoilers lately. I don't think Gary or Weatherly could have made it any clearer for the Audience. The show IS ending sooner than later, and to prove that, Tiva is being hyped up in a MAJOR way...which is why I'm certain CBS is exploring more NCIS spinoffs.


Sam...In a recent interview, Mark Harmon said that this show was going to be around for as long as they can make it so. I use to watch Bones too but lost interest when they hooked up two couples, then a baby, then another. It mostly became about that instead of decent crime stories. NCIS doesn't hit the 20 million mark most weeks in the ratings for love stories.


I don't think it will ever happen. If it does it will end the shows dynamics as we know it. Once you start up a lovey-dovey relationship there is no turning back. Tiva can't have just 1 kiss, or a 1 night stand because fans would want more and more. The show then would turn its storylines to 'them' and NCIS is a crime show. This is why they do better than other shows, because they keep the lovey-dovey stuff to a minimum. I think more likely they will just sort out their feelings for each other, talk over past hurts and events and eventually clear the air, and become better friends with no emotional baggage about each other. Well, I hope so anyway.


Geeze janet - do you ever actually comment on the show? Seems like you just attempt to insult posters who don't feel the same way that you do and congratulate those who do. Pathetic.


@bugbuyer Well, like MH says in the TV Guide interview, all things end, including TV shows. He seems to think that the show has more years left to it. I'm not so sure about that.


@nat hi nat yes you are so right.they can change there names but never there style of writing.and we all know tiva will happen.


@yawn for gods sake go to sleep this site doesnt need you.

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