Nikita Review: Who Is Owen?

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It's only been a few months since the inmates took over the asylum, but even with the good guys running Division, "Consequences" brought to light just how little they've been able to achieve, even when they're the ones with all the resources at their fingertips.

Owen laid it out perfectly to Nikita: How many agents have you brought in? Of the three you found, Nikita, how many have you brought in alive? Nikita felt very protective of Owen and did everything she could to ensure his safety as they picked him up, but nothing could prepare her for what he discovered while he was in a Russian prison. When he was in Amanda's clutches, she somehow erased his life prior to Division.

Appearance by Owen

Even knowing that Nikita, Michael, Alex and Birkhoff are now part of senior management, it doesn't change his feelings about being there. If you think about it, all he has are bad memories, and whatever good ones he managed to make with Nikita through her friendship. Being in a place of such darkness must be crushing. 

But who the Hell is Owen? A broken soldier named Sam? Did Amanda Christen him Owen when she shot him full of whatever it was she did back in the day? Ari stabbed him leaving us to wonder what Amanda knows, how she knows it and why he has the headaches - and I want to punch his lights out! I'm really worried about him. He was the first agent they saved, and he doesn't even know who he is.  

Please tell me Amanda hasn't planted a device in Owen's head that she can use to track him. Birkhoff figured out Amanda did some sort of lobotomy on him, but learning his name is just too juicy to pass up. There will have to be more where that came from. 

There were further hints about what happened between Birkhoff and Sonya, and whatever it was, it almost appears it was too good instead of something that went wrong. The hints were that they could barely stay away from each other at work, so I'm guessing they got hot and heavy while we weren't looking and parted ways because their lust was getting in the way of their jobs. C'mon, guys! If Nikita and Michael can do it, so can you! Working together is a good start, and it looks like they'll be exposing someone in Division working for Amanda.

Ann certainly has it bad for Amanda. She's like a puppy begging to be fed, but her treat of choice is murder. She just wants to be in the field killing. I'm sure she'll come in handy, but Amanda likes to mix it up with intelligent people. How long until Ann feels the wrath of being an ignorant lapdog to the cunning Amanda?

What's up with Alex? Sean told her he loves her. Yes, he asked her to leave Division first, but when he told her he loved her it was for real. Things haven't gone great for her since childhood, and real love has been fleeting, but to ignore it, start popping painkillers and go on a mission to ignore it was just odd. At least she found the 'crypto thingy,' as she put it. Come to think of it, Amanda didn't have that for very long.

I wonder if Sean will become more involved with Division to stay close to Alex. He said he would leave but there's no way that's happening. With as much as they've been through together already, I expect they'll only grow closer and he'll figure out her fears and try to maintain proximity. 

The hour went so fast, and we have a wait until Nikita returns in its new time slot at the end of November to see what happens next.


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How did Amanda know when Nikita will be at the cemetery to retrieve the crytographer? How did Amanda recruited a professional like Anne? Who is Owen and what does Amanda want with him?


I hope Sonya isn't the mole :( I was thinking that it is actually Owen, unbeknownst to him. He may have something implanted, as was stated by another poster. There's some chemistry between him and Nikita--she seems to have feelings for him, and she gets that little wistful look on her face, when she looks at him, 'cause she knows how he feels about her, and that she won't be returning those feelings. Re: Amanda's hair. My husband said, '..that wig makes her look like a prostitute' LOL I thought the flashbacks of her in that intense cobalt dress had her looking terrific, though!


Sonia is so going to be Amanda's mole. Could it have been anymore obvious?
As for Alex, really? We're going back to drugs? This should be interesting.
Amanda setting her sights on Michael? Geez. Nikita will have her head now.


So how did Sean know about the incident at Division if he wasn't even in there, ver suspicious, loved the epiosde best one so far and can't wait to see more AMANDA!!


please don't make sonia be amanda's mole. that would break Birkhoff's heart. and mine. ;(


Of course Sonia is Amandas mole....Why else would she of stuck around to see what Birkhoff was up to.


An OK episode.


I Loved this episode but there is one thing i don't get Alex was an addict so she choose not to drink at the begining but wasn't nikita an addict as well so why does she drink and Alex doesn't.
Owens lost memories is a great storyline and i cannot wait to see the twists in that storyline.


Does anyone else suspect Sonia as being Amanda's plant within Division?


wish we could edit... correction "I like realism"

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