Parks and Recreation Review: Leslie vs. April

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It's rare to see Leslie and April on opposing sides of an argument, but tonight's Parks and Recreation really showed us just how entertaining it is to watch these two go toe-to-toe in the aptly-titled "Leslie vs. April."

Vice President Biden Visits

Granted, I don't entirely buy that Leslie would think April's idea to use Lot 48 as a dog park is a terrible idea. In fact, I think Leslie would love this. She'd be thrilled just to see Lot 48 being used as anything besides a pit. So this plot idea was a bit contrived, but it was worthwhile to see April and Leslie sling insults at each other left and right. And to see them make up across the conference table.

I will basically buy anything April Ludgate is selling, including her passionate plea about a dog park and the apology and embarrassed smile she eventually gave Leslie. It's thrilling to see her character grow and put forth such effort for an important cause that doesn't start and end with herself or her husband, Andy. 

But, lest we forget, this episode started with one of television's biggest cameos. It was hyped for Joe Biden's appearance and he didn't disappoint. He didn't break character as Leslie pawed him and stuttered through her introduction and he certainly seemed to have fun with his brief appearance. Props to our VP for making it look easy. Acting, that is.

I enjoyed seeing Chris question his staff about his missing computer and realizing that police work isn't as glamorous as he envisions. It's completely in character for Chris to assume that policing is exactly the way it's portrayed in movies and television, and having to learn that it's not what he thinks it is: "I can never tell if people are lying to me. I hope that doesn't come up in my police work."

As for Tom, I love that Ben is supportive of his business and potentially willing to help him with it. This could be the beginning of something great for the two of them. Looks like Ben won't be needing a pity invite to "Treat Yo'self" this year.

I vote for April's dog park. I want to see Champion run. And maybe if that's fun enough to watch, A&E will make a show about it.

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Okay dish employees… we get it. Dish is great. Quit trying to promote this on every single review. It's getting a little irritating. It's the same thing everytime. So I like to believe you're the same person posting under different names each time. Give it a rest already. Anyways, Amy Poehler never fails. I'm new to this show. I watched all the previous seasons on Netflix right before this season started and fell in love. It's definitely the funniest and best written comedy on tv. How has she not won an Emmy for this role yet? And really, the whole cast is amazing. Everyone is always hilarious, with the exception of rashida jones, though I still love her!


Actually it was mentioned in this episode that Leslie wanted to use the lot for her own park or for another purpose. Which is why she tried to relocate April, she was all for the dog park idea, but not for the location of it. As Leslie stated, "You see the thing is April that lot is mine... I've been doing slow painstaking work so... I don't want to whip out the legalees on you now but 'I Got Dibs'". Leslie was too excited to hear about April's park. So it was completely in character for Leslie to be in support of April and to also be competitive when April 'crossed her turf'. It was fun having Ben's old accountant employer reappear. He was really funny the last time we saw him and he seems to be quite the comedian who takes anything Ben says as hilarious. I wonder why Ben didn't take the job again? Was it because of his somewhat depressing office? Who knows. Very funny episode.


Leslie/April was contrived but it wasn't a poor episode.


My family & I were laughing so hard during the scene Leslie meet her celebrity crush Joe Biden, that scene were hilarious and we love this episode.


You mean Andy questioning the staff about the missing computer not Chris.

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