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Hopefully, your head is not all tied up in knots after the amount of twists and turns in this week's Person of Interest.

One of my biggest compliments of this show (and there are many) is the drama's ability to actively combine the case of the week with the larger seasonal story in a way that feels natural. It works in allowing casual or first-time viewers to get a sense of what the show is all about, while the long-time watchers see the characters grow and the multiple story arcs progress bit by bit.

And there's always something for everyone, whether it's trying to solve the mystery along with Reese and Finch; great humorous moments; bullets-blazing action scenes; a touch of potential romance; or individuals with dimensionality and personality.

"Bury the Lede" did a good job on touching pretty much all those bases, and although it wasn't my favorite, the negatives of the hour seemed more minor compared to how the show performed overall.

Don't Become the Story

Reese and Finch spent most of their time tracking the pretty and determined journalist Maxine, but the real focus was all about the mysterious boss of HR.

So, while the story bounced from politician scandals to mob boss' sons to anonymous callers, the identity of the boss could have been pretty much anybody. And it turns out Fusco, who used to be on the corrupt cop pay roll, didn't have a clue.

Of course, bringing back the dirty officer Simmons seemed only natural, but I found it very odd and interesting that rather than have Reese take him out, Fusco went along with his plans. Is that something that could cost Fusco down the road?

Who knows, but Fusco has been playing on the good side for a while and it really seemed as if he was just trying to clean the slate for good. Except, like Simmons said, once you're in, you're in.

Clearly the same case is for Maxine, whose passion for publishing the juicy news stories got her in hot water. And maybe I missed something, but how did she manage to get her article published in the first place?

I know she said she had sources, but none of them really confirmed that the mob boss' son was the actual HR boss. It just seemed like for a professional to jump to conclusions because it sounded good rather than rely on cold hard facts was a stretch for me.

I am glad the reveal of the HR boss didn't turn out to be just the politician, but was the moment dramatic enough for everyone? I appreciate that Finch saw beyond the simplicity and that we did actually see who it was, but I wasn't left in utter shock.

Hopefully, we'll get to see more of the HR boss and learn if he can be as much of a formidable foe as the ones that have already appeared on the series.

But some of the best moments of the night weren't about the corruption or the enigmatic players in the political game. Instead, the comedy really helped sell the hour.

Finch was on fire with an endearing awkwardness, from getting Bear the squeaky toy... nagging Reese for not reading up on his internet dating profile... and even the shock and awe of seeing the massive collection of guns in Reese's closet.

Even the moment when he told Reese that he'd been texting Maxine and Reese asked what he just said was hilarious.

The dinner date was full of its own laughs that really got me perked back up during the episode, and it couldn't have gone more differently than Reese probably thought.

I loved that Reese tried to play it cool and Finch kept telling him he was doing it all wrong. And it was fantastic that Maxine talked about superheroes and Reese finally decided it was a good idea to put on the glasses Finch got him.

Anyone think of Clark Kent with a Batman voice?

Of course, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Paige Turco's return as the sexy and smart Zoe Morgan. She had a small amount of screen time but she nailed that fun flirty attitude when she's with Reese. Those two together are perfect.

It's not often that the smaller moments shine more for me than the bigger story, but I just had more fun with the likes of Reese trying out dating or Finch on doggy duty. But that's the great thing about Person of Interest: it stays fresh, it tries out new things and it still finds a variety of ways to make the hour enjoyable.

What did you think of the episode? How would you fare on a date with Reese? Did you guess who the HR boss would be?


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Drama, Comedic, Dark.
It covers all the bases perfectly.


Love the chemistry with Paige and Jim on screen! They just ooze sexual tension
Great episode with lots of info. that they could have dragged out, but glad;y didn't.


Doing great. Please don't let anyone else onto their secret.


klimville, the head of the newspaper was an asian man. The head of hr is theafrican american campain manager. I'm not sure how you got them confused


HR Boss is the head of the newspaper (wasn't he)....he was in a scene earlier when she was in trouble for running the errorenous 'blog' piece that got the mob boss' son killed. Who else would have their thumb on the pulse of the city? I love John's awarkness on a date and surprise when Zoe appeared with her innuendoes! I think, though, he was enjoying this protection detail...too much. It looked like he was crushed when she ended it on the 3rd "date." But, I too, thinks she figured it out and decided, rightfully, not to expose him. Finch always amuses me...he is so cuddly. And Reese...'nuff said! Cater and Finch work well together, and nice cover, removing their payoffs from the ledger, Finch...hopefully he doesn't get a false sense of being out from under HRs radar! Great episode, as always...great review!


HR Boss is the head of the newspaper....he was in a scene earlier when she was in trouble for running the errorenous 'blog' piece that got the mob bosses son killed.


@joe and @fortyseven the HR boss was the campaign manager for the candidate that was arrested as the head of HR. He and Maxine spoke a couple of times during the episode. The one thing that bugged me in the show was that Reese kept on wearing is suit all show. If Maxine is looking for 'a man in a suit' and you are worried about being found out, why not change clothes? He was even wearing the suit while making breakfast!


I loved this episode. I figured out who head of HR was early on by guessing who was the least likely. Reese was so awkward on his "date", he was really out of practice. Loved the scene with Zoe when she patted Mr Reese's tush as she left the restaurant. Squeky toy was so funny, anyone who has ever given their dog one of those knows exactly how Mr Finch felt! The look i=on his face when he realized the closet was ful of guns was priceless. I really liked this episode tonight. We are starting to srr Mr Reese slowly start to escape from his PTSD.


Another good episode. I don't know who the HR boss is but Maxine talked to him right?


@Sue Ann : I, too found Finch funny in this episode. Especially with the dog, he's funnier every week in his interactions. Thanks everyone for the answers!

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