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This episode was a snooze fest, literally. I fell asleep.


I didn't think it was too bad... It could have been worse. I hated the fact that when he introduced the practice, he didn't say it was founded by both him and his ex wife. I agree with Jarrod, Shonda could have asked both Anika and Audra to make an appearance even in cameo. It would have made the episode more interesting. At least Corrine got a mention. Naomi was left out of the episode completely. I hope next weeks episode is better and we get a resolution to the kidnapped child story.


@Caitlyn: Though I worry Shonda will damage the other character-centric shows, I'm going to stay positive. I doubt that any other character will get this kind of offer like Sam. Some good news for your Cooper-centric episode: "In the upcoming Cooper-centric episode, we find out the sex of the triplets! While we can't reveal the joyous news, we can say that Cooper is so excited, he actually shrieks." - Hopefully Shonda has realized that making Cooper/Charlotte fans happy is the only ultimate goal by series end. Did you see how big Charlotte has gotten? She's got to be at least 4 months!



Nuff said.

At least we have something (times two!) to look forward to next week.


I didn't enjoy this episode much either. I don't know if it's because I don't care much for Sam at all or whether the traditional PP episodes are better but either way this wasn't a good episode for me. The way it played out did seem like a soap. It might've been better if they let this story play out as an arc for some for the rest of the season since I don't really know what else could be left for him anyway.

Knowing that the next set of episodes before the finale will be character-centric, I'm a bit nervous. I know I wouldn't mind it when it's time for Charlotte and Cooper's respective episodes but I hope that every other episode still gives something about other characters. It just felt like everything was put on pause for everyone else and it would suck if we'd have to wait for a character's respective episode to know what's going on with them.


@ella yeah, that was kind of strange. but I don't think Shonda would go there with a guest star.

I knew this episode would not be good as soon as I heard it was the ''Sam episode'' but that it would turn out to be such soap crap? wtf?
I will never understand Sam, from day one I never liked him except when he was with Naomi. I really miss Naomi, but knowing Shonda she won't come back till the end.
And just copy paste the grey's episode with the reality thing is just lame.

The only positive thing about this episode was Sheldon, I really wanna know what's going on with him.


Did someone else get the strange vibe from the new doctor when he talked about Sarah, the missing girl in front of the camera?
Violet gave him a strange look, too. Is it possible that he is involved some how?


HORRIBLE episode..
Really Shonda, these characters are some of the most selfish people i never want to know.
Through the years, I have watched..like a train wreck..why because i love Shonda Rhimes, Love Greys anatomy..so i hoped..
and i was consistently disappointed at the most inane characters.
But tonight was the worse for me...
I am a child of a father not unlike Sam's story.
but I would give everything to save his life..
Sams speech of how he would be there without the guy is just a lie..
And his SELFISH attitude on not even saving his life..is the worst!
Really...I was so mad I had to sign up and comment..
Shonda..stop this junk..quick..pull the plug on these characters and let them go the way of all selfish self involved characters..left staring at themselves in the mirror!


The return of PP didn't exactly have me jumping for joy at all.
This episode was probably one of the worst episodes of PP I have ever seen in a while - and that's a lot based on the fact that it's been fantastic for the past year. Then again, I'm not really surprised seeing as this episode was based around Sam, one of the most boring characters that continues to remain on the show.
I don't think I really have anything else to add, seeing as the episode has literally left me speechless. Was it pact full of drama? Yes, it was, but it's just soap opera crap.
I do believe the episode could have been a lot better if Corrine and Naomi had made an appearance seeing as they were both important and integral characters to Sam. Hopefully Naomi does make an appearance sometime soon, because regardless of what happened between her and Fife, I'd love to see her rekindle her relationship with Sam by series end. That's REAL chemistry there.

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