Returning to NCIS: Fornell! Diane!

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Leroy Jethro Gibbs' ex-wife, Diane, and her other ex-husband, FBI Agent Tobias Fornell, will both make appearances when the top-rated CBS procedural returns from a one-week hiatus December 11.

In the episode, Gibbs teams up with Fornell on a joint NCIS/FBI investigation after Fornell becomes the target of a shooting, but they face an unexpected twist in the case when Diane gets involved.

Meanwhile, rumors run wild among the group after Diane stays overnight ... at McGee’s.

Should be entertaining to say the least. The upcoming episode's title, "Devil's Trifecta," is a takeoff on last season's "Devil's Triangle," which first introduced us to Melinda McGraw's character Diane.

Gibbs' Ex-Wife Diane

Fornell spoke with Gibbs on the phone, but did not appear, on last night's NCIS episode (see link for TV Fanatic's review). Joe Spano's recurring character appeared on the Season 10 premiere in September.

Excited to see both Tobias and Diane back in two weeks?

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I think the best chemistry between Gibbs and any woman is his ex Diane Fornell. I think she should be a recurring character.


I was one of many complaining about the guest star-heavy format NCIS had turned to over the past couple of seasons. But, I stopped considering Fornell/Joe Spano (and Mike Franks/Must Watson) as "guests" many years ago. They are/were "family". Some of the best episodes ever were with Gibbs and Fornell. Loved the ones where they were shopping, cooking and doing laundry for each other - like an old married couple. They always have each other's backs. Great chemistry. Fornell is welcome on my TV any time! (I really miss Mike Franks). PS - I think NCIS heard us as Season 10 is shaping up as one of the best in a long time and seems to have gone back to basics and is pretty much sticking with its superb core cast.


I think Mcgee sister episode is what trun a lot of people off at least it did for me


McGee usually gets one episode where he gets to "grow a pair", but I doubt this will be the episode. It sounds like he's replacing Tony as the humiliation sacrifice in this one. McGee will have his yearly "grows a pair" episode when his father comes is my guess.


I bet this won't be much of a McGee episode. Likely he won't get as much screen time as Gibbs, Fornell, and Diane. Also any McGee centric episode never really makes him look strong. Every one tends to make like looke weak and/or inept. Can never have a McGee centric espisode to make him look strong those have to be saved I guess for Gibbs, Tony, and Ziva. McGee is pretty much nothing but the comic relief on the show despite what Tony fans say that what's Tony is.


@Bells When NCIS first came on the air it was about Gibbs and Tony and everyone has same amount of screen time then when Ziva came on Tony screen time has been cut more and more just look at season 7 and 9 around this time he was hardly on the show.


I love Tobias, he and Gibbs are good together. NCIS is isn't about just Tony. He gets his screen time over all the episodes the same as everyone else. I would like to find out about the other wife of Gibbs too. Looking forward to the "Trifecta" episode as i enjoyed the "Triangle" one.


Well I guess if anyone is not a Tony fan, they will be happy about Devil's Trifeca. If Tim is the butt of the joke, that will take away 3 or 4 minutes of Tony's usual screen time. There is no "tiva" teaser either, so there's another 2 to 3 minutes of Tony time eliminated. Another Tony light episode then. He only seems to get screen time if his B or C plot revolves around Ziva.


Will Fornel and Diane Dauther be in it as well do we know I hope so she what must be 13 by now


Still have another wife to bring into the picture. Come on NCIS, we got Diane, we got Stephanie, we've seen Shannon...

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