Revenge Review: A Journey With No End

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Holidays tend to bring out memories and family tension in the most normal of families. So, heading into this special installment, one could only imagine what the holiday would conjure up for our favorite villain, Victoria Grayson.

In "Lineage" we learned that the duplicitous apple certainly does not fall far from the scheming tree.

Yes, the introduction of Victoria's awful mother Marian was just one of the many highlights from the latest flashback-heavy episode. Let's take a trip to 2006, shall we?

Ems at the Bar

2006 was a time of new beginnings. Ashley had just arrived in New York and struggling to make her rent, almost resorting to a career as an escort. Daniel was a freshman at Harvard, dreaming of becoming a poet. Jack had finally gotten himself the boat, the Amanda. In a drawn out/semi-useless storyline, we found out that Kenny was invested in taking over the Stowaway because Papa Porter was involved in his father's death. But these characters were merely secondary to to everything else that was going on.

As mentioned above, we enjoyed a few Victoria flashbacks for the first time. Real, painful, childhood Victoria flashbacks, not just sexy sessions with David Clarke. Been there, seen that! I think this exchange between Victoria and her mother Marian, guest star Adrienne Barbeau, summed it up best:

Marian: Vindictive bitch!
Victoria: I learned from the best.

Simple and to the point. Satan's spawn has to come from somewhere, villains aren't just born out of thin air. I sometimes find moments of weakness where I feel bad for Victoria before she snaps back into her usual sociopathic mode. Tonight was one of those times.

How horrible to have a mother who tells you they wished they'd aborted you? She made a 15-year-old Victoria lie for her, shoot somebody and subsequently endure a court-mandated six months in a psychiatric institute. If that wasn't enough, when Victoria finally returned home and Marian's pedophile paramour made a move on young Vicky, Marian threw her out on the streets.

The Ice Queen kept her demeanor while she told her mother's newest suitor all about their past over Thanksgiving dinner. Little did we realize, the entire thing was a set up for Victoria to exact revenge on and humiliate her mother. At the end, an unusually supportive Conrad asked Victoria if she felt okay after her visit to the dark side. Had the darkness finally been lifted? Victoria said to ask her in the morning. Six years later we can confirm that Victoria is not done with the dark side. There's no such thing in breaking the cycle when you're involved in the game of revenge.

Aiden and Emily Pic

Meanwhile, west of the Hamptons in Manhattan, Emily and Aiden were trying to lift themselves from a different darkness. Emily was on her first Takeda mission where she met Ashley and saved her from a life of prostitution, though one could argue that sleeping your way up the social ladder is not all that different in principle. Emily also met the sexy Aiden. Before Aiden was enrolled in the Takeda school of revenge, he was trying to avenge his sister's abduction into sex trafficking. 

The twist here is that Aiden and Emily's families were both involved in the plane crash. Aiden's father was a baggage handler at Heathrow, a possible way for the bomb to have gotten on the same plane that David Clarke was notoriously blamed for taking down. What a small world, eh? Or is it more than that?

Can I just say that from the first second these two met I was sold on their chemistry? Holy hell, I'm so team Emily and Aiden, it seems like it's impossible there was ever another option. People claim Jack is boring, but I think Emily finds appeal in him because he reminds her of childhood innocence, the time when her life wasn't about exacting justice on terrible people.

I get it, but Emily is not that innocent girl anymore. Too much has happened. Besides, screw that when she can have Aiden! I loved when he called her by her real name in bed. He knows who she really is.

Lest you think I forgot about our favorite sidekick, Nolan's new beginning was taking Nolcorp public. Unfortunately this coincided with his breaking up with his boyfriend and CFO, Marco Romero. Nolan confided in Romero about his payout to David Clarke's daughter, making Romero a present day ally to Daniel Grayson.

One thing I'm still confused about is why Aiden is aiding Daniel in taking down Nolcorp. Nolan is Emily's friend, confidante, and sometimes helper. Why would Aiden want to hurt him? Is it the only way to help Emily advance her ultimate goal? After all, double infinity is really just a symbol for "a journey with no end."

What did you all think of the special Thanksgiving Revenge? Are you surprised that Victoria's mother was a monster? Did you enjoy how Emily and Aiden met? Were you interested in the Porter storyline at all? Hit the comments and don't forget to tune in to next week's Winter Finale!


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I hate Daniel. I really wish he did die that faithful day on the beach. He is a true A-Hole and definitely needs to be brought down about twelve pegs. Seriously. A real C@nt! I also hate Aiden because he doesn't care about anyone else. He did what he did so he can bring down The Initiative. He does not care about what Emily wants to happen. He has his own agenda and he does not care at all about Nolan. He tried to kill him! I really hope that by seasons end he dies, I just hate him too.


Great episode. Didn't really care for the porter story it was kind of boring. Victoria's was interesting and good and made me understand why she's like that. Emily and aidens story was my favorite. I'm glad there together now there good together because he actually knows her. Can't wait till the winter finale.


I felt so bad for victoria and her horrible past leading her to become the woman she is now.
soo the porters have bad blood with kenny/father
emily and aiden well,, for now i cant fight it. it happened.
great episode but didnt really care for porters thing


There is no character greater than Victoria Grayson. Oh how I love this woman. Even in her most evil moments, I find myself smiling at the sheer genius of it. Maybe its just the brilliant Madeline Stowe that makes it not seem so bad.


My understanding is that Aiden wants Daniel in control so that the Initiative doesn't have the big pockets to draw from because of their hold over Conrad and if you weaken them financially they might expose themselves. Nolan knows he is risking his company but I suspect Aiden and Takeda have a plan to protect him if not have him ultimately in charge. The big concern now is that the former Cfo knows the unadulerated truth of where that share went to and Nolan and Amanda will be under scrutiny as to who got the $ & where it is now.


Well it at least answered the question of where Victoria got the idea of locking Amanda up was a good idea...and how I have a suspicion Victoria will be oddly proud of Emily when she finds out the truth (which might be as soon as Mason's first unpleasant prison experience). Did anyone else have to replay 2006 Emily and Aiden conversations because Aiden was mumbling? I am still not following the connection between Dmitri and the plane crash, like basically why were Emily & Takeda there? I know looking for what happened to Colleen but what does she have to do with the Initiative? Or was Aiden's pondering that getting the 2 of them together was part of his plan true? (and I would maybe guess their separation was because they were too close...and I would guess Emily could be derailed from her plans if there was a chance to save a living person like Aiden's sister). And can I just say that I was so happy they really got together and that Aiden was more interested in the symbols on the box than the contents?

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Revenge Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

You fought for me when no one else would.

Aiden [to Emily]

Aiden: Double infinitiy.
Emily: A journey with no end.