Revenge Round Table: "Lineage"

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Sunday night's episode of Revenge featured many flashes back to 2006 as we learned more about some of the characters we love (and love to hate), plus some details concerning ongoing Season 2 storylines.

TV Fanatic staff members Steve Marsi, Kate Brooks, Christine Orlando and Leigh Raines break down all facets of "Lineage" and look ahead to the coming weeks in our weekly Round Table Q&A discussion.

Weigh in with your own responses to these Revenge topics below!


1. Whose storyline from 2006 was your favorite?

Kate: I loved learning about the past between Aiden and Emily. The twist of their fathers being connected, great add.

Leigh: Emily and Aiden for sure. I expressed in my review how sexy I find this pairing! I also find it interesting how their fathers were both targeted by the initiative.

Christine: Ashley as a down and out, almost escort. I kind of loved that.

Steve: Ems' without a doubt, but the NolCorp backstory and even Carl Porter's secret were cool to see too. Emily's flashbacks were the most entertaining on their own merit, but all served the overall narrative well.

Revenge RT - depreciated -

2. Scale of 1-10: How much of a monster was Victoria's mother Marian? 

Kate: How about a 12. The apple doesn't fall far from the crazy tree.

Leigh: 11. Seriously she was horrible. She made her daughter shoot somebody and took a pedophile's word above Victoria's. No wonder Victoria is so crazy and obsessed with money.

Christine: 9. She made her daughter an accessory to murder, pimped her out and then kicked her to the curb. Victoria's looking almost angelic in comparison.

Steve: 9. Christine's answer basically sums it up. The fact that Marian did all that made you almost cheer Victoria for staging that admittedly vindictive ruse.

3. Emily and Aiden's fathers both being involved in the plane crash... what are your theories?

Kate: I try not to make any "theories" or "speculation" for Revenge because I enjoy the element of surprise this show produces. Honestly, I have no idea.

Leigh: Still have no idea but I'm very intrigued.

Christine: I'm not sure but it obviously bonds them together and this was the first time I felt a connection to the Emily/Ayden storyline.

Steve: It was interesting how that detail was included almost as an aside, with Aiden's quest for payback against the Russians serving as the primary 2006 plot line. Aiden and Emily seemed to meet by chance at that club, but their joint connection to the Initiative's plot can't just be a coincidence, can it? I'm betting not.

4. What do you think will happen now that Daniel has contacted Romero?

Kate: Nolan will lose his business to cover for Emily. 

Leigh: I feel like Romero will definitely be tempted to help Daniel, but ultimately he probably still has love for Nolan and won't screw him over.

Christine: I just keep worrying about what happens to Nolan in all of this. All he's wanted to do was pay back David and protect Emily and I'm becoming more and more afraid it will come back to bite him.

Steve: We know Nolan's the man, and Nolan knows David's innocent, but from Romero's perspective, he unknowingly aided a terrorist AND his boyfriend deceived him. He could be a ticking time bomb.

5. Porter family history and storyline: Intriguing or get rid of it already?

Kate: I honestly don't care either way. It was intriguing that his father is covering up a murder and I want to see how it'll play out but if it doesn't I won't be disappointed.

Leigh: Semi-intriguing, but it took until the very end for me to take interest. Honestly too much time was wasted on that.

Christine: The Porters are the most boring part of any episode but my favorite part was they buy telling Porter senior he used his gun to kill the guy. That was great.

Steve: I think it's about to get more intriguing now that we realize why Kenny and his brother care so much about the Porters. Their own plot for Revenge could lead to major collateral damage.

6. Make a prediction for the Revenge winter finale.

Kate: Someone else will find that Emily is Amanda. Daniel will go running back to Emily once he finds out about Ashley. Jack won't be the one to die or at least I seriously hope. Other than that I have no speculation, I just can't wait to see how everything plays out. 

Leigh: Sex, mayhem, murder, blackmail. All the best that Revenge has to offer. 

Christine: Both Porter boys are actually on the boat and Jack and Declan find their end together on the ocean floor while Amanda takes over the bar. Wishful thinking?

Steve: Among the many possible "Revelations" I foresee: Conrad and Ashley have been hitting it; Romero blows the whistle on Nolan; Amanda's true identity is exposed to Jack; Emily looks gorgeous in a brightly-colored dress; The Initiative makes a play for Daniel's loyalty. Looking ahead to 2013, we know thanks to these Revenge spoilers that at least one person will bite the dust.

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1. Most interesting = Emily and Aiden's story of how they first met--and how both their fathers are victims of the initiative's terrorist plot! It was also fun to see Ashley during a period of her life when struggling to pay rent. It made me feel compassion for her and understand her character better, in terms of why she only looks out for herself. The Nolcorp thing was also certainly doesn't seem to bode well for Nolan!
2. On a scale of 1-10, Marian's evilness was an infinity x's infinity!!!
3. Connection of Em's and Aiden's fathers both being victims to the initiative = obviously intriguing! However nothing is a coincidence, including this. Can't wait to learn more!
4. Prediction pf Nolcorp's fate = It would be unfair of me to say, since I've already seen the episode.
5. Porter history and storyline = definitely intriguing! So many people complain that the Porter Bros are boring, but I disagree! And the writers are obviously trying to prove they aren't boring, either. I'm SOOOO looking forward to discovering who's dead on the Amanda!
6. Prediction of winter finale = Again, it wouldn't be fair of me to speculate....


1. Emily and Aiden - 100%! It was really great to see how their relationship formed...whihc made the bed scene even sweeter! 2. A 2565653! That woman is simply The. Worst. Mom. EVER! 3. I don't know and I don't what to think into it too much anyway...Revenge is the only show which still manages to surprise me, so I will let it, cos I know it knows how to deliver! 4. I think Daniel just started digging his own grave and his family's..gosh he is almost like Nate Archibald - does not even realize he is being played! 5. Compared to everything else very boring..but non the less still a part of the show and we'll just have to deal with it 6. OMG is what I predict most of us will be saying by the end of it!


I swear it better be Jack!! He is so boring plus it will make Emily committed to her revenge that much more.

Beverly brooks

I just hope that Nolan does not lose his company. Maybe as one of the reviewers said Romero will remember the love that he and Nolan had and not help destroy Nolcorp. I feel Aiden is still covering something up that will destroy him. I think Jack will find out the truth about Emily/Amanda


I really like Aiden and feel like I sort of understand him and he is going to screw up, but, we will still like him. Heck, I am not entirely sure if it isn't just because he is a guy who is actually just taller than Emily. I have a theory about the connection of (well, I am calling it the Mathis and Clarke families because that was the fake last name Emily used for Aiden to her mother)..there is only the being screwed (and I haven't settled on the whole whether Takeda is behind uniting Emily and Aiden)..I think the Initiative, back when it was still planning on framing Conrad, needed someone to get the bomb on the plane, Aiden's father or sister had some sort of drug or alcohol or money issue, Collen was 'kidnapped' or detained in order to get Aiden's father to comply. He did, Colleen was never returned (I am guessing when Aiden left Emily that time, he found out she was either part of the whole thing or chose to stay), Aiden's father wracked with guilt and rage destroyed his family, Aiden entered the military and became obsessed with finding his sister with some idea it could restore his family. Now, he is trying to make up with Emily because she is the only good thing to come out of the whole mess and he is more Initiative focused than she is and that might be the thing that separates them because getting revenge for just David Clarke is only on the Graysons. For everything else, which is on the Initiative and Grayson Global is the way in.


1. I don't particularly like Aiden. His agenda differs greatly from the Emily and he will only do what he wants to make sure he gets revenge for his father and sister. I liked Daniel, Victoria and Conrad's story.
2. 10. Villians are not born, they are made. And now we see how Victoria was made.
3. I think its pure co incidence. The Initiative did not help the cover up and framing of David until after the plane crash so it doesn't make sense they were targetted. Aiden's father was a means to and end before the crash and David was the scapegoat for the Grayson who were going to be framed in any case.
4. A metaphorical explosion is most likely to occur. Romero will either become a victim or the saving grace for Nolan and Nolcorp. I don't care what happens I just want Daniel to loose. He cannot beat Nolan.
5.Carl and Declan annoy me, I wish it was just Jack. He's okay.
6. The winter finale must hang on a cliff hanger. Maybe Kara comes back and kills Aiden for killing WHM. Can't wait!


It has to be Jack so Emily/ Amanda can get her revenge

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