Revolution Review: No Turning Back Now

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The biggest takeaway from "Kashmir" is summed up in one word: stall.

Stall as long as possible as Revolution approaches its fall finale next week.

That’s not a bad thing, as plenty of smaller moments were explored here, but the journey to get inside Monroe’s compound was also riddled with quite a few plot conveniences.

MIles Struggles

For the most part, this was an enjoyable episode, as each character struggled with his/her fears when the oxygen-deprived tunnels begin sapping them of their sanity. Miles, for all of his brute force and tenacity, was also longing for his best friend to return, and it was rather interesting that in the back of his mind he’s willing to even fathom the thought of turning in his family to do so; Miles’ thoughts are completely contradictory to one of the most prevalent themes in the show and what is shown of his character, yet feel almost innate to his character as well.

Aaron and Charlie’s hallucinations stuck closer to their characters, as Aaron is still struggling with the fear of never being good enough for his wife, never living up to his stereotypical role in their relationship, and, most of all, learning why he is going on this journey.

Aaron reminds me of The Lion Who Couldn’t Roar, one of my favorite books as a child. Aaron is much like Theodore, and it’s not until he meets his companions, much like Hew the lamb, is he able to find his roar when they need him the most. We’ve been witness to some of Aaron’s stronger moments, and while he still hasn’t quite found his roar, he's making strides to use the skills he does have to help the group.

Charlie’s hallucination is simple: she just wants to see her father again, and - while this place she’s at is so much nicer and better than her current predicament - she knows she needs to go back and finish what she’s started for her dad.

However, as I mentioned earlier, “Kashmir” wasn’t without flaws. There were so many write-offs in believability just to tell these stories that it was almost laughable. First, the mines just happened to stop at some arbitrarily defined point, and Charlie just happened to have stepped on one of the final ones. And, coincidentally, the subsequent run from the mines sealed off the entrance to the tunnels.

Not the biggest problem in the world, it just means the group can’t turn back now. The symbolism is a little heavy handed, but it’s certainly not terrible.

No, that honor belongs to the tunnels losing oxygen. Really? A gigantic system of tunnels is going to lose oxygen that quickly? The math doesn’t add up. Eight people and some torches do not consume that much oxygen so quickly, especially when the guy we all knew was a spy lead them directly to the exit blowing plenty of fresh air in.

I don’t want to leave this review on a sour note, however, as there is one character that is continually exceeding my expectations: Rachel. Her amplifier actually being a gigantic bomb is something I didn’t see coming. I always assumed that the “amplifier” was always an amplifier, but that she would hold whatever knowledge necessary to truly operate it.

Rachel is still as cunning as always, and is continually one step ahead of Monroe even as Tom is able to get a read on her lies. Stabbing the one guy who knows how to do what she does is hardcore, and she’s able to buy herself extra time. My only wonder is if that time is truly necessary. Rachel’s victim also has a pendant, and by my count, Monroe now has two in his possession. Even if Rachel doesn’t amplify, two pendants seem like more than enough to commit mass murder.

With only one episode left this year, and before Revolution takes a very, very long hiatus, what are you looking forward to next week?


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Rachel was working with Aaron's pendant. Dr. Jaffe's pendant was probably turned over when Monroe forced the doctor's hand and threatened to kill his daughter. We didn't see that part. But, now the audience knows that Monroe has two pendants. From the map in the previous episode though, it's obvious that the others are scattered around the continent. Who knows what other territories are planning? Does anyone other than me see that Miles and Monroe have fabulous chemistry? I'm not a shipper, or even a slashy shipper for that matter. Just not my thing. But, the word "bromance" doesn't begin to describe what these two have going on. My, my...


Get real!! The show is fantastic better than Falling Skies. Keep it going and Myles is wonderful. Love the fighting and that he has realized he has a family and cares. LOVE THE SHOW!!!!!!!


Wow...the ending...Rachel is too cool. I mean I saw it coming the second 'Bas' told her he didn't need her anymore coz he had Dr. Jaffe or whatever his name was but it was still a very cool ending.


I guess the promoing of "with the music of Led Zeppelin" should have been the tip-off that this episode had very little to offer. It was boring and contrived... dream sequences for all! That will kill a lot of time! The only interesting development was at the very end where Mom showed her stones and offed her fellow scientist. And Charlie... someone tell me why this show needs her. She adds absolutely nothing and was she really an actress before this show? I can almost hear the director off camera: "OK give us your worried look! No, the one where one eyebrow is higher than the other! Or rather, the one where you pout slightly! Yes that's it!" All she does is stand around with an irritating look on her face. She is just baggage on their mission and to me, the most distracting part of the show.


I loved everything about this episode except the cheesy excuse of oxygen deprivation. I'm one of those guys who loves dream/hallucination sequences and Revolution's were awesome. Miles and Charlie's interactions were charmingly adorable and real.


Yes, they also have Aaron's pendant. I don't know whether to believe Rachel that the pendants are "wireless batteries". Even if they were, they are also something else.... When the "amplifier" turned out to be a bomb, I hoped that meant that everything she had said in the beginning was a lie. The science doesn't track, even bad sci-fi isn't usually this bad. Why does the pendant seem to work all the time in Philadelphia but only sporadically elsewhere? (Duh, because of "The Philadelphia Project"!, no). Would it have been that hard to come up with another reason that everyone was hallucinating, other than oxygen deprivation? Have the rebels feed them some "mushroom soup" or have them get ergot poisoning or ... anything but what they did! This show has a great cast and interesting characters (and how cool was it that Miles hallucinated Led Zepplin!) that it makes all of the plot holes and inconsistencies that more disappointing.


I really liked this episode... but maybe that's because I loved the ending with Rachel.
One of the things I liked the most was Miles' hallucination because I am still waiting for more Monroe/Miles backstory so the insight into Miles' mind was interesting.
But yeah there are still flaws... And I can't really stop watching because I absolutely adore the premise. I really want to know what they are going to make of it in the end and I'll see where I stand at the end of the season.


They also have the pendant from Aaron - right?


I was yelling at the TV when they started having hallucinations. This show has an interesting premise and good promise, but it's written by 12-year-old boys who cut science class. I've somehow gotten past the whole notion that electricity=power, and that the writers somehow don't realize you don't need electricity to make guns, bombs and even human-powered helicopters, but this past episode reminded me of a filler episode of the 3rd season of a 1980s action show. By the end of the show, NOTHING happened. It was the exact same four characters, now just a little bit closer. I love how everybody but the main characters died. We were laughing at that too. Just like other recent promising shows Flash Forward, the Event, Human Target and the Cape, Revolution has fallen victim to laughable writing that strays from the show's interesting core theme. And just like those shows, the long hiatus will be its death blow.


Have not been a huge fan, but have been watching, more or less. Have not liked the Racheal plot at all, but 'Now you need me!' was pretty darned epic.

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Miles: How's your head?
Charlie: Well, if he aimed half an inch to the right I think it'd be pretty bad.

Nora: You have any idea what's on the other side of that door?
Miles: Probably walking straight into a militia ambush.
Aaron: Well, that'll be par for the course at least.