Rizzoli & Isles Review: Men in Tights or Mennonites?

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Rizzoli & Isles returned for its winter run, and watching "Class Action Satisfaction" was like spending time with family. Sometimes you just want to hug them... and other times, not so much.

I couldn't wait to find out who the father of Lydia's baby was and I'm so grateful it was Tommy. Poppa Rizzoli turned out to be such an unreliable sleaze that I hope he's gone for good, although I doubt the rest of the family will get that lucky.

Is Jane's Mother Involved

The legal dilemma over Lydia's actions was intriguing. Although she dropped her baby on a doorstep, she left him on his family's doorstep; therefore it wasn't legally considered abandonment. And I really couldn't be angry with Lydia. She's confused and scared and her domineering mother is a lousy influence. Still, she was smart enough to recognize that the Rizzoli's would take care of her son.

They even did one better. They gushed and cuddled and rocked and cooed and basically just loved him to pieces. It was certainly enough to make you overlook the whole dropping the child off the sofa incident.

And wasn't it wonderful to see kick ass cop Jane Rizzoli in loving mother mode? One day her own kids will be very lucky to have her.

But Angela turned out to be the smartest person in the room. With talk of child support and custody battles being batted about, Angela extended an olive branch in the form of a dinner invitation and a fresh start. Because whether or not they completely trust Lydia, and no matter what they may think of her mother, TJ makes them all family.

Back at the precinct, the murder case had plenty of twists and turns. As if talk of scraping the mold off of the cream cheese weren't enough, when they found the jar of rat poison on the cafe's food prep counter I wanted to never eat out again. And Phil spitting up blood didn't exactly sell me on the turkey bacon.

Jane trying to deduce motives for murder while keeping track of the suspects coffee orders was a hoot, as she said in this Rizzoli & Isles quote

 I'll guess that wasn't sugar that double tall was pouring into five pump minty's FroCap. | permalink

No, it wasn't, and I suppose five extra pumps of chocolate could cover the taste of anything, even rat poison.

One of my favorite moments was when Korsak ran into his first wife - and didn't recognize her! Of course it had been 40 years. They were married three weeks when he was shipped out to Vietnam and she broke it off via a Dear John letter. Ouch! But after all this time Korsak had let it go. He's a good guy.

Frankie's lip reading skills ended up breaking the case even if he wasn't completely accurate. Murdered by men in tights? Mennonites? Make that a tainted vaccine that spread bacterial meningitis. 

Larry the lawyer was hysterical. How much stuff could he stuff into the back of that Cadillac?It was so nice of him to catalogue all of the evidence they'd need to convict. Of course ,there should really be a law against having such an obnoxious looking vehicle in the first place.

Rizzoli & Isles is back for the winter and despite the slushy, cold mess outside my window, this family leaves me warm and toasty. Welcome back.


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While agree with other comments that the characters are entertaining, the writing and plotting really needs to tighten up. Let me cite to things. Jane and Maura are having coffee, having just woken up from a sleep deprived night. The call comes in about the death in the cafe and in their haste they run out of the house to " change in the car". Change into what? They grabbed no clothes or anything else. Should they have at least said that they have go bags in the car which we can use. Furthermore. Howmdomall those people get into police headquarters unescorted and unannounced to have breakfast in the cafe? This guy passes out with blood coming out of his nose and mouth and no one screams. They havto summon SGt. Korsak who was standing just a few feet away, how could he be unaware of a body lying so close. Also in the background while they had a guy still reading his newspaper at a table next to the body.
This show could be far more logical in its writing and plotting while maintaining its fun loving spirit and identity


I really missed Rizzoli and Isles, and I was so glad to see them back on my screen. I agree with the reviewer, too, in that it was just so warm and fuzzy to see all our favorite characters again, back in action...and I KNEW that Jane would be a good, gushy kind of momma, because she comes off as a tough gal, but women like that are all mush inside, and are usually the best parents. I laughed so hard when Korsak didn't recognize his first wife...hilarious. But I was glad that the lawyer did it, because he came off as a sleazebucket right from the get-go. And I agree that Lydia's mother is just a low-class trashy person who bullies her daughter and I hope that she realizes how great the Rizzoli family is to have cared so much for her grandchild and for her daughter when she kicked her daughter out!


I do not like Lydia's mother and the vibes she brings to the party. I do hope they write Lydia and the mother out of the series. The way everyone, particularly Jane, cooed over TJ, it would be very cute to bring that in as comic relief.


Glad to have Rizzoli and Isles back. Like this show a lot and is generally a fun show to watch with the very diverse and screwy Rizzoli family and the more straight laced Isles. This show was a good season opener and am looking forward to watching their short but enjoyable season.


I did enjoy the funny and fast dialog flying last night. Loved the scene where they had to shower together and the way R&I debated whether the guy with them was interested in girls.


Love love this show ,it good, funny and one my fav.


I have missed the family, gosh the funny lines and twisted cases, too awesome


Not a fan of this show the first season, but last season it grew on me, and then this first ep of season 3 hit the spot....it was good, funny, and had enough "aw" moments to make it entertaining. Love the cast (Dr Isles still hits a nerve, but she's coming around) and their storylines. Loved the bio-hazard wash down and Rizzoli's intimidation of showering together! Great review....looking forward to the rest of the season!

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