Scandal Review: Spy Games

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How is a person supposed to sleep after watching Scandal?!? This is one show where I rarely see what's coming before the secrets are revealed... and that constant guessing makes for an exciting, often restless Thursday night.

"Spies Like Us" had me riveted from start to finish, and not just because we got to know more about Huck's past. Harrison was also thrust to the forefront of tonight's story, assuming the role of Olivia's confidante within Pope and Associates.

Olivia Worries Over a Secret

One of the first things we learned is something that diehard Fitz/Olivia fans are going to hate: Olivia's seeing Edison again.

But y'all, he made her laugh. When he walked her to the door and he explained all the reasons they should be seeing one another, she actually laughed. The Olivia Pope we've come to know, especially Scandal Season 2 Olivia, doesn't laugh. She rarely smiles. And Edison makes her laugh and smile.

I'm not saying that Fitz can't make her laugh and smile, but he can't make her laugh and smile right now. So for the time being, I'm enjoying this relationship. I like seeing Olivia happy, or something like happy. So I'll take this.

I also like seeing Harrison take charge. And tonight? Harrison was a total bad ass.

There he was in a room of spies with guns trained on one another and he successfully talked them all into lowering their weapons. The guns didn't stay lowered and were soon pointed on him, true, but he was cool and collected as he backed out of that room and never let anyone see him sweat.

For that alone, Harrison earned the big office.

He also took up the mantle of Olivia's right hand associate in Stephen's absence. Abby's profession from last season that she'd follow Olivia "over a cliff" paled in comparison to Harrison's impassioned plea to Olivia to stop seeing him as a job and to start seeing him for what he is: a soldier in her army. (To read his speech, and more, check out the Scandal quotes page.)

While Harrison may believe that the ends justify the means, he did seem reluctant in having to break Abby and David apart tonight. I can see his reluctance causing issues in the future which could be interesting if Olivia continues to keep her people out of the loop on the Cytron/Hollis Doyle issue.

And speaking of soldiers, the spies from Huck's old program coming together gave us new insight into Huck's life. He wants something normal and has no idea what that is. But even though normal is what he wants, he's still a soldier trained to carry out his mission. If his mission is to become a ghost, then he'll become a ghost, no matter who he has to leave behind.

I felt bad for Huck, but also happy that Becky is apparently good for him. She might actually help him stay sober, though I still have my suspicions about whether or not she's a plant to keep an eye on him. It was also uncomfortable to watch him encounter Charlie, Amanda Tanner's killer, and to watch Charlie put the proverbial screws to Huck just as Huck had put the actual screws to Charlie.

After tonight, I also really want to know more of Huck and Olivia's story. Their relationship seems to predate that of Olivia and any of the other associates, and she seems more attached to him than to any of the others.

Finally, Cyrus Beene is a sly, manipulative devil. And even though he's a killer-by-proxy, I love him. I also love James and the two of them together. Hollis Doyle needs to be squashed before he has a chance to hurt James.

What did you think of "Spies Like Us"? Do you think Harrison earned the big office?


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I felt so sorry for Abby and David. And I hope they will get back together...


Anyone else think it's weird how we haven't been introduced to Fitz's kids? I mean we're on the second season and they have been mentioned like twice! I can't help but find this weird, I for one would like to know how Liv got along with them.
Also, as much as I LOVE Olitz I'm glad about this whole Edison relationship happening, it's nice to have a little breather and Liv clearly needed to take herself out of Fitz's world and make do without him even if it is only for a little while (as we all know this relationship isn't going anywhere!) she won't realise that Fitz is the love of her life and leave Ed because she already knows that but she will realise that She can't LIVE without him and that's why she'll leave him!


meant everyone exept Olivia treats it as a team.


Again .. breaking up Abby and David in a really cruel way ( this must have opened very bad old wounds for her and she issnt thementally stablest girl ) protects them how exactly ? David will still investigate everything and maybe instead of hurting Abby how about INVOLVING her in it.
And someone here said oh she showed compassion by almost shredding a tear .. you chose to handle the situation this way so please dont cry about it.
For my taste she is just become too self righteous and not really involving people who lets face it are involved already.
They are a TEAM and everyone except Abby treats it as one. Thats why i just dont think the writers are doing a good job of making the audience like their main character. Look at the rating for the episode, im not alone in this.


I can't believe how much I enjoyed watching this Fitzless show tonight and I wasn't too sure at first. I definitely miss him and I'm not too sold on the Edison idea but Edi makes her laugh and how long as it been since she laughed. What also came through last night was how much she cares for Huck. There is so much backstory to cover and we have been given snippets here and there. I just think the Scandalous world makes you open your eyes about what may be going on out there without anyone knowing it - what secrets and lies are hidden beneath all the GQ picture taking sessions. The underbelly of politics is pretty dirty and scandalous and most of us would have to cover our eyes to find out what all is going on.


"Hollis Doyle needs to be squashed before he has a chance to hurt James" Miranda you are so right. Now that Charlie has informed Cyrus that he's in town looking for work, Hollis' days are numbered; plus none of the other 4 like Hollis anyway. But how can Cy, Liv, Charlie, Huck successfully kill Hollis and get away with it? Hmmm.

Miranda wicker

@Overthinking, for whatever it's worth, I did say happy or something LIKE happy. So no, she's not HAPPY-happy, but she's not moping into her popcorn by herself every night either.


I'm not shipping on Olivia at all. Love her. Want to see her do well without a man (or woman, as things might go). No Fitz, no Edison. On the other point: I knew who the leak was as soon as the prescription was called in. I wasn't even looking at the TV, and it was still pretty much Shonda putting a big neon arrow in the room pointing to his head: THIS GUY IS THE LEAK. Very dissatisfying in the end.


Even David knows Olivia is a white hat. A little look under the covers and you forget all the good she has done and is doing. Abby, David will die if Olivia doesn't protect them. James will die if Cyrus doesn't protect him (gotta love Cyrus - come on, what a great character and what great acting) Hollis is a loose cannon, and whatever Olivia was bought in to fix, way back when, was big. So she didn't create the problem she tried to fix it. So let's give her a break. I loved the episode, like I love all the episodes. This show is so much different from anything else I'm watching on TV now, the inner workings of a Fixer in Washington, DC. Can you imagine if they had called in Olivia for President Clinton (the Monica affair). We wouldn't even know who Monica Lewinski is - that was to make all you haters smile :-). Scandal is off the hook good.


this show is boring without fitz

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Scandal Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Huck: We are in my wheelhouse now...I'm supposed to be a ghost. If my name, and not my real name, but Huck, my name, the alias that goes with this life at Pope and Associates, if my name is on a list, it's time to disappear. So I can't stop.
Pope: Crosby sent the list to me, the check is in my name, too, so whatever this is, whatever I'm supposed to protect you against, that's in my wheelhouse, and we can fix this.

Abby: Huck was a trained killer spy.
Harrison: I don't think 'was' enters into it. Once a killer spy, always a killer spy, right?