The Big Bang Theory Review: Long Island Iced Tea Therapy Session

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When I first turned on The Big Bang Theory tonight, I thought it was a re-run of the "Fun with Flags" episode, but no, Sheldon's web series was brought back for another edition, Star Trek style!

The previous Wil Wheaton appearances have been both hit and miss. On tonight's "The Habitation Configuration," his inclusion was well-crafted and provided for plenty of laughs.

Sheldon In The Middle

It's been quite awhile since Sheldon and Amy had a real disagreement or had to deal with a relationship issue. It finally happened when Sheldon sided with his friend, Wil, over his girlfriend. There's been much discussion in the comments about whether Sheldon should grow or remain the same. While I don't want him to lose the uniqueness of his character, I also don't want him to remain stagnant.

An evolving Sheldon opens up new opportunities for humor. The roommate agreement, the relationship agreement, disregard for others and so on will eventually get boring. I loved the Sheldon we saw tonight. His lack of understanding about what it means to be in a relationship rang true, but also did his drive to fix the problem once he recognized it.

The bonus was that it was Leonard that proved him wrong. While Sheldon's gift of the full series box set of Star Trek: The Next Generation failed, he didn't give up. He went to the one person who understands women, Penny. You had to love that she introduced Sheldon to a new tea, the Long Island Iced Tea. A drunk Sheldon is an amusing Sheldon. With a few drinks in him, he was able to self-reflect, while also exposing his true Texas roots.

The best part of Sheldon's trip to Wil's house was the delay in recognizing he only knocked twice. Sheldon was really out of it to not even do his methodical triple knock. Though, I could have done without the throwing up in the bushes. I hope Sheldon's friendship with Wil isn't over now. I'd love to see Wil return again at some point.

However, I'm guessing a visit to "Fun with Flags" is forever out of the question. The appearance of LeVar Burton was the perfect substitution - and for a free lunch too! Still, Sheldon may want to consider retiring the show or finding a new director. Sometimes, it's better to not mix show business with your personal life.

While Sheldon hit a relationship road block, Howard was dealing with one of his own. Bernadette finally put her foot down about moving out of his mother's house. No more splitting time between her apartment and his childhood home. It was about time this happened, but it didn't last long. Howard's heartbreaking magic trick story brought out Bernadette's sympathetic side and she demanded he move some stuff back home.

Their conversation at the restaurant was quite hilarious, especially Bernadette calling Howard out for eating a bacon cheeseburger. Another highlight was the interaction about the secrets that Howard's wall knows all to well about. This storyline was a nice companion to Sheldon's relationship woes.

Here are a few of my favorite lines from the episode:

Amy: You'll have to forgive me. This is my first time directing. I just want it to be good.
Wil Wheaton: So, do I.
Amy: Great. So, this time let's try more real boy and less Pinocchio.
And action.
Wil Wheaton: And cut. | permalink

Howard: So, this one's on God.
Bernadette: That might be a little more convincing if you didn't have a mouth full of bacon cheeseburger.
Howard: My religion's kinda loosey-goosy. Basically, as long as you have your schmekel clipped and don't wear a cross, you're good. | permalink

Howard: Boy, if these walls could talk.
Leonard: They'd say, "Why does he touch himself so much?"
Howard: Yeah. | permalink

Sheldon: Get the Mad Hatter on the horn, I'm having a tea party.
Penny: You might want to pace yourself.
Sheldon: I drink tea all the time. I think I know what I'm doing.
Penny: Far be it from me to criticize a man with a full pubis. | permalink

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What was your favorite moment of the episode? Anything make you burst out in a laugh? Are you glad we saw some character growth from Sheldon?


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man last night show was one hot mess. frist thing i know they need to break up sheldon and amy fast!!!!!!!!!!!! and they need to get rid of amy fast!!!!!!!!!!!!
i miss the old sheldon and want him back and they need address why peeny think yu solve evything by drinking or getting some drunk. and howard needs to grow up and move in with his wife.


Good episode though I fastforwarded through the Howard/Bernadette scenes.


I liked the plotlines on the episode. It had a lot of promise (Drunk Sheldon!!!) but it had waaaay too many inappopriate jokes, and TBBT is its best when its not dependent on those jokes.


I loved this one! Sometimes Wil can be a jerk on the show, but he wasn't so bad this time (his dissing Amy aside, but she was being difficult). I hope he'll be back. I always enjoy drunk Sheldon. I love how his inner Texan shines through when he's drunk or agitated. I liked the scene at Wil's house where Sheldon wanted to beat him up. I wish we could have seen him go to Amy's and apologize. Maybe drunk Sheldon would have kissed Amy, instead of the other way around. :)


Bring back the old Sheldon (i miss him) and get rid of Amy PLEASE! That is all i have to say.


Such a great show!


I enjoyed this episode. I agree with @marie.d. Sheldon never got much chance to grow because he was never made to. I am glad that the growth has been gradual because much faster wouldn't be authentic to Sheldon's nature. But we all must grow. I think Wil Wheaton will be back. He's too good of a character for them to throw away. Besides he didn't look too repulsed by Sheldon throwing up in the bushes.


What I always like about these drunk Sheldon moments is that they show that much of his inhibitions are self-imposed which means he can overcome them when he's sober someday. I think he's not autistic as some people say, he's just someone who was pulled out of childhood and into university studies right around the time when most kids begin to learn to interact with others so he's still behaving very much like a child. Up until he met Penny and now Amy everyone humored him because he's a genius and his friends were pretty immature themselves so he's only been learning how to be a real friend and a boyfriend for a couple of years.

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The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

Amy: You'll have to forgive me. This is my first time directing. I just want it to be good.
Wil Wheaton: So, do I.
Amy: Great. So, this time let's try more real boy and less Pinocchio.
And action.
Wil Wheaton: And cut.

It's called "Fun with Flags." They're not at half-mast, nobody died. Let's try and keep it upbeat.