The Good Wife Round Table: "Here Comes the Judge"

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The firm challenged a judge, the Florrick kids kept busy, and Cary got attacked on "Here Comes the Judge."

Grab your last leftover turkey sandwich and analyze The Good Wife happenings with our Round Table team of Carla Day, Carissa Pavlica, Christine Orlando, and Tiffany Vogt (from TV Addict) before tonight's all new episode.

Is Amanda Peet a good addition to the show as ADA Laura Hellinger?
Tiffany:  As much as I enjoy Amanda Peet being on the show, her character feels like it is being overused at this point at the expense of many other fine established characters.  Hopefully some balance to the character integration will be employed soon so that we can return to more meaty storylines with the rest of the regular cast.

Carissa: I agree with Tiffany. A lot of emphasis has been placed on her very quickly. While it's nice to take some of the heat off of the Nick bit and the Lockhart/Gardner debt crisis, I would have preferred her screen time to be given to Cary. That aside, she's a ball buster and a good edition to Peter's team.

Christine: I really like Amanda Peet and I like her in this role.  Part of me thinks she might make a good love interest for Will and the other part of me thinks she may already be too good for him.

Carla: I enjoy her and the show could use a another regular foe to face off against at the State's Attorney office. The connection to Alicia and the firm provides the basis for potential storylines going forward. Maybe Laura can become the new friend that Alicia needs. 

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What did you think of Grace and Zach's storylines? Yay? Or, Nay?
Tiffany:  I was surprised to find how much I enjoyed Zach and Grace's storylines this week.  It made sense that the show revisited Zach's desire to get involved with his father's campaign and to see the ramifications of Grace's interested in a fellow student's suicide and how it impacted other students.  If Zach and Grace's future storylines as handled as deftly as in this episode, I'm all for it.

Carissa: Grace's story reminded me a bit too much of Dana's on Homeland for some reason. I've never really enjoyed the kids, and these were better than average, but still not enough to make me want to see them.

Christine:  Eh. I've never been a fan of the kids.  Grace's story is mildly interesting. It combines growing pains with some mild religious issues.  Zach's story seems pretty ridiculous.  The best IT person they can get is a high school student? That's a little hard to take.

Carla: The show never seems to get the kids' storylines right. That's definitely the weakness of The Good Wife. They could give you whiplash if you aren't careful. Finger crossed this will be the exception. It's hard to believe no one recognized Zach at the campaign office, but his story looks better than what's coming with Grace.

Who should Will date? Alicia? Laura? Gaida? Someone else? Or, stay perpetually alone?
Tiffany: At this point I'm more of a fan of Will going it solo.  He seems stronger, more focused and more heroic now that he is not letting his emotions rule his conduct.  So I'd love to see him be on his own and being that hero that the show needs right now.

Carissa: He needs to be alone. I don't mind him dating, or having sex, but staying single and playing the field, while focusing on work and exactly what he wants out of life suits him fine at this moment.  

Christine: I liked him with Alicia but that seems to be going nowhere.  Laura could be interesting but I'm not sure how she'd deal with Will's bouts of moral ambiguity.  Will seems to be at a crossroads and I'm not sure which direction he should head next

Carla: If Will and Alicia aren't going to get together, then I want him to find a real relationship with a woman that can challenge him. No more flings. Maybe Laura....

Will the firm pay a price for their motion to substitute the judge? Or, is this case in the past now?
Tiffany:  The show has always done well at revisiting issues from time to time, but for now it feels like the case involving the judge's bias is over.  He has a drinking problem and marital problems and those definitely had an effect on his judgment and the comments he made towards Will.  So let the judge get some help and let the Lockhart Gardner folks get on with their cases.

Carissa: It will probably come back to bite them in the butt at some point, but they did the right thing. Although when you think about it, they probably talk about their cases in the same manner, and it was more of a situation similar to the one between Laura and Will at the beginning of the case. Sometimes you're caught, and sometimes your not. 

Christine: Oh, I'm sure there will be a price for going forward with something like that.  Other judges won't like it and it could make their lives difficult in the future.

Carla: They did the right thing for their client and the judge did have a problem. Other judges should be able to recognize this and not use it against the firm. Should be ... so it could come back up, but I hope it doesn't.

Will Kalinda immediately suspect Nick in Cary's beating? Will it be enough for her to finally leave him?
Tiffany:  Kalinda should absolutely suspect Nick in what happened with Cary.  The beating was too vicious and out of the blue to be random -- particularly on the heels of Cary standing up to Nick on Kalinda's behalf and Nick's jealous remarks.  The time has long come and gone in dealing with the Nick problem -- let's bury that man and move along.

Carissa: He needs to move on. He's effectively wasted the talents of Archie Panjabi this season. For that reason alone, I don't care if he WASN'T responsible, we need to make it seem as if he was so Kalinda believes it and boots him out the door. 

Christine: I'm so sick of Nick and Kalinda. I used to like her so much but I have no interest in her story this season. I can't wait until they get rid of Nick and I don't much care how they do it.  I only hope Cary at least gets a decent storyline out of this mess.  

Carla: Kalinda has always had a soft spot for Cary and she doesn't feel that way about many people. This should be enough for her to kick Nick out of her life for good and maybe even kill him.

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I couldn't believe that after that terrible beating that Cary got, the opening scene didn't pick up on what happened, did he report it, did he call for help? I was much more interested in Cary than Alicia's mother. Also hard to believe that no one in the firm was at all concerned about what happened? Where is Kalinda and her 6th sense, shouldn't she have been more aware, especially when they were sitting at the bar? Lets hope that the next episode,Kalinda wises up, proves her friendship to Carry and we get rid of Nick. Carry is too good of an actor to waste on this soap opera part- lets get him back in court-Diane needs to handle the business part. Lets stay on track with one or two plots and the main characters; too many sub plots-too much time spend on Alicia's mom; wish Alicia had also told her to get a life and leave her alone; don't need to see too much of Jackie and her "care taker" what ever the innuendos are- it just another soap opera sub plot


Why are only women on the panel? I can see why, and I'm not being sexist or chauvinistic, but the show is becoming more like a daytime soap. And, that's too bad, because it still has some good writing. But the Cary/Nick exchange that opened this week's episode was horrendously written and juvenile. And, I agree with Lint about the titillating sex talk.


I've enjoyed The Good Wife until I saw the first episode with Alicia's mother in it. I'm getting so tired of these characters popping up everywhere. They'd meant to shock with the sexual mores and their "provocative" conversation. HBO is full of such characters. Funny at first but now they are just boring providing an excuse for a lack of imagination and want of an interesting story line.


When the Hell is everyone going to see that Will is a loner and only wants sex to satisfy his ego. There will never be any Alicia in his future, she sees right through his lies.


I'm with Christine about Kalinda's storyline. And I'm angry that now they're wasting Czuchry's talent and screentime to make up for that messy plot because I doubt something good will come out for Cary's character. Czuchry deserves better than being used like a monkey plot again.
9 episodes into season 4 and we didn't see him in court one time and now he has beaten up. And seriously, if what happened to Cary won't be "enough" for Kalinda, it will be enough for me. I'll give up with her character for good.

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