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Patrick Jane doesn't run... that is, unless he's chasing Red John - yet "Red Sails in the Sunset" started off with the odd site of watching Jane run. With whom was he meeting? Where was he headed?

The answers were both surprising and a little disappointing.

Yes, anyone who saw last week's previews knew that Bret Stiles was making an appearance, but I was expecting more. I'm a fan of the oddly engaging cult leader and I had hoped we'd get more of him than just one scene. 

Jane Works With Stiles

Not only did Jane cash in his marker with Stiles, he also smashed the window of his precious Citron. This was serious.

I liked that the plot didn't linger on the finer points of Lorelei's breakout and got straight to her interactions with Jane. The poor girl thought Red John had come to rescue her and instead she found Patrick Jane.  She wasn't happy.

My favorite scene was watching Lorelei and Patrick on the beach. It was a beautiful setting that felt odd, lonely and peaceful all at once. 

Back at the CBI, Agent Kirkland showed up once again and did anyone else notice Lisbon fluffing her hair when she saw him? Ugh. Please don't let that mean anything. The guy would creep me out even if he weren't a Red John minion.

But Lisbon brought up an interesting point: How does someone become the mistress of a psychopath? What was Lorelei's story? Thankfully we found out.

When Dana shared her story about selling her two-year old, it made my stomach turn. Honestly, I expected Lisbon to look more horrified. Lorelei effectively had her sister stolen from her twice. Once as a child by her own mother, and later taken permanently from her by Red John - but Lorelei never made the Red John connection. 

Watching Patrick walk up to that cabin in the woods was so creepy it made my heart pound. His abduction set up, complete with car crash, was so perfect that only Lisbon would think to question it.

But for Jane the bruises, neck brace and Lisbon's suspicions were all worth it the moment Lorelei gave him his biggest clue in this The Mentalist quote...

 I only wonder why the two of you didn't become life long friends the moment you shook hands. | permalink

Patrick Jane has already met Red John. Something that many of us have long suspected has now been confirmed and the obsessed glee in Jane's eyes was more than a little disconcerting.

So, is it someone he knows well? Someone he'd never suspect or perhaps a person he's recently crossed paths with? What's your latest Red John Theory?


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Go to Wikipedia and look up; The Mentalist, Red John, Professor Moriarty, Sherlock Holmes and Napoleon. This will give you an idea of where the show is heading and relieve some of your mystery angst! It will open you eyes to the scope of Red John and why he's so elusive. Keep in mind that the writer's do have creative license! These writer's are taking us to school! Who said TV was dulling the minds of viewers? LOL!


Heller also said Jane was chasing a Moriarty.


Quote from Bruno Heller "Red John isn't a pathetic loser who is hiding out in a basement somewhere". He also said he is the Napoleon of crime. (quoted from two different sources.)


IF YOU WANT TO GET THE BIG PICTURE ON RED JOHN, CHECK THIS OUT! The professor grew up wealthy and well educated. He was very influential in society. When he became a criminal mastermind, he was discribed as a very evil genius. Scottland Yard admired him. The professor had a 2nd in command henchman named Colonel Morgan who had the same attributes as him. They were both charismatic and all that other stuff. Now the professor plotted and planned to overthrow the queen. He was considered the Napoleon of crime. The professor did not like Watson and wanted to kill him. Sherlock protected Watson from the professor! STARTING TO SOUND FAMILIAR?


Continued- The professor warned Sherlock that he would kill him if he interfered with his criminal empire.


I'm sending this out to all the Mentalist fans who are enthusiastic inquistive arm chair detectives! I did a little arm chair research and here is what I discovered! The Mentalist is a loosely based modern day version of Sherlock Holmes written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in 1887. SO WHAT YOU SAY! WE ALREADY KNEW THAT! bUT DID YOU KNOW THIS! QUICK SYNOPSIS- Sherlock Holmes slandered his childhood math professor by stating he was a criminal mastermind w/o the means to prove it. Mean while back at the ranch Professor Moriarty was loosing his mind and becoming a complete EVIL VILLAINOUS MONSTER! The professor became angered by what Sherlock said and decided he didn't like it much and that Sherlock needed to be killed. The professor sent out his henchmen and Sherlock eluded them. So...the professor decided to go after Sherlock himself. Sherlock also eluded the professor and after a while the professor decided he liked Sherlock's intelligence and that he would let him live. The professor warned Sherlock that if he interfered w/ his criminal empire he would kill him. Sherlock of course persued him anyway!


Jennifer1 they do not shake hands.


I've given up on thinking Mashburn is RJ. He was probably there only to show Lisbon has a life outside of CBI, same as Summer was there for Cho. I've been checking the episodes where RJ is talking to Jane, since his voice (unless it's being faked) is key to who RJ is. None of the characters we've met have that voice, only RJ when disguised. When RJ is busted we will probably see that he has an operation linking Minelli, Stiles, Rosalind, Kristina Frye, and Lorelei (did I leave anyone out?) in some woo-woo philosophy about good vs evil and enlightenment. They all have had or have now a close personal connection with RJ. (Minelli only marginally.) What we really need is some motivation for the RJ killings BEFORE Jane showed up. After that, they all had clear motivation. Can't understand or ID RJ without seeing some motivation.


@anitraward1: please let us know if Jane and Royston shake hands. Unfortunately I don’t have access to that episode, just my memory to go by. Happy Thanksgiving from Canada :).


@rationalgal: "He is ma..." might be "He is manipulative." If "He is many" then "They are many."

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