The Vampire Diaries Christmas Photos: Trouble for Jeremy?

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On December 13th, The Vampire Diaries will celebrate the holidays in style.

In Mystic Falls style, that is, which appears to include one very distressed Caroline Forbes; one contemplative Damon Salvatore; an angry Tyler Lockwood; and a bicep-bulging Jeremy in trouble at the hands of... Elena?

The CW has released new photos from the final episode of 2012, titled "O Come, All Ye Faithful." It will center around a Winter Wonderland-themed party, along with tension between Caroline and Hayley, as well as a major discovery made by Klaus.

Click through the images now and then visit our Vampire Diaries videos section for sneak peeks at this Thursday's fresh hour...

Grabbing Jeremy
Frustrated Forbes
Damon, Lost in Thought
Caroline in Distress
Tyler v. Hayley

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heheheheh. It's funny to see Jeremy with his big muscles being restrained by sticklena. XD


I think Jeremy tried to sneak attack Elena and Damon and thats why she's headlocked him, or a simpler explanation, Elena is a vampire, she can't get into the lakehouse, Jeremy can't or won't let her in, or his hunter side emerged.

David and sabrina 2014

Caroline knows what's best for Elena even if she's a vampire. Now she'll feel depressed and disappointed that her friend is betraying her and "My Brother's Keeper"was the worst episode ever. Thank you Delena fans(which includes Damon and Elena in the show)for spoiling everything. X(


now that damon has elena it should stay that way. katherine chose stefan and elena did before. he needs to stop being to greedy... they can each have one.. lol


maybe Katherine has Jeremy not elena


To Leon Alexis Ok,Damon,this is too much! Calm done! Eeeeee what ????


i thk nthing.4 ths last eps.yeah damon thats too much buddy.

Sarah silva

Just as I thought, a preview says that Elena and Stefan take Jeremy to the lake house to help train him!

Sarah silva

I am intrigued by this. We know Elena would not kill Jremey so I am sure it is a part of a plan or something.

Leon alexis

Ok,Damon,this is too much! Calm done!

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