Ashley Benson to Guest Star on How I Met Your Mother

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Ashley Benson will be filling up your television screens in January.

The actress and her pretty little friends will return to finish up Pretty Little Liars Season 3 on January 8 - and now we can also confirm that Benson will stop by an episode of How I Met Your Mother Season 8.

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According to a Tweet from CBS, Benson will guest star on the January 21st installment of that smash sitcom as Barney's... something.

We're not being coy, that's precisely how the Tweet reads. It concludes with a series of question marks and asks us to "Suit Up" for the upcoming episode. Consider it done!

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I reckon it's Barneys half sister and the mother. It makes sense, it gives her a reason to be at the wedding and it was mentioned that she was in college meaning she could be Cindys roommate and she could have been in that economics class ted accidentally ended up in.


whatever she is to barney, i am excited to see her in it!! i love her!!


Obviously it's Barney's half sister. Jermaine mentioned his daughter that was away at college in "Legendaddy"


Well, I am guessing Barney's stepsister (and if her tone when we first hear her is like on PLL, she is not the mother (and seriously, could very well be his daughter from another relationship), but if she uses her normal voice and tone, which I have heard on interviews, then there you go).


. She's so talented and cute. I really enjoy watching Ashley on the screen. I wish we could see a funny side of her so the fact that she will guest star on HIMYM is great news!


Ä° think that she's the mother :)


could she be the mother?




Barney's sister! or step sister.

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