Burn Notice Review: Family Ties

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As the episodes have been doing recently, we picked pretty close to where we left off. Which means we had the return of Calvin Schmidt, who was even more whiny this week (if it’s possible) than he was last week. 

Speaking of whining (my own this time), I officially hate Olivia Riley, and the reason I hate her is that she is as good as Michael is but doesn't seem to have his moral compass. Don’t get me wrong, I know she isn't doing anything illegal, but it seems no matter what Madeline did, she kept destroying her "Best Laid Plans."

Which led to Michael inviting her to go with them on the run to Budapest, or Mumbai, or some other place that’s not Miami (yes, I know it was Buenos Aries), which made for an interesting counter point to events with Elsa and Sam.  

Sam In The Middle

First you had Sam leaving Elsa crying in a parking lot. Thankfully Sam went to see Elsa and they were ok. Actually, more than ok, as she said that Sam needed to not abandon his best friend. Again, there was still no mention of her coming with sadly. I’m really rooting for Sam and Elsa, they are so cute together and Sam is clearly in love with the woman. 

Then you had Madeline, who I will freely admit was in a bigger pickle, but no other options were discussed before inviting her along. At least it’s warm in Buenos Aires, so she won’t be disappointed. Of course, a careful observer might notice that Michael is still not out of Miami. 

Then again, we still have one more week before the season finale; there could be every chance that Sam asks Elsa to join them before they leave after seeing Madeline coming along. 

So, anyone want to take a guess on what the season finale is going to involve in two weeks? 

Here is my guess: The whole gang is going to escape by the skin of their teeth right at the end of the episode with Riley just close enough behind to watch as their boat, plane, dog-sled, (whatever) pulls away, leaving her fuming and us planning.  

What do you think? Am I on to something? How do you think the finale is going to shake out?


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This new storyline stinks. I started watching Burn for the episode "helping the underdog" storylines but this government conspiracy stuff is just getting boring. I will be done with this show soon if they don't wrap this up quick!


My guess is that nobody is leaving Miami. Anyone remember how Mike's plan to leave for Cuba at the end of S2 turned on a dime just before he went swimming? Or how Fi's plans to return to Ireland worked out? No no the Miami landscape with its bikini beauties are as much part of the show as Magnum's Ferrari was to his show. And Barry now needs help because of Mike. Somebody on the team will contact Riley and the whole gang will wind up working as CIA assets for S7. Or not. BTW Jim-- my prediction regarding Raines being a traitor wasn't necessary wrong; I just guessed the storyline prematurely. Think Card instead of Raines.


I will go along with your assessment of what will happen BUT instead of them actually getting away, I think it will be them ABOUT to get away with Riley right on their tail and we won't see them getting away.....so that this can be wrapped up in the first few episodes of next season. It's obvious our gang WILL find away to make this right. They will find what they need to prove Card was the evil doer and tried to off them all. What will be interesting is to see where they go from this........


I think Sam going to trun himself in and stay with his G/F which led to Michael and the rest of the crew having to leave to different part of the country.

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Uhhh Mike, I mean every cop south of the Mason/Dixon line is looking for you. So you're not making a cameo at a crime scene and honestly I shouldn't either. Half the force knows this chin.


Sam: She said if I abandoned my best friend, then I'm not the guy she fell in love with.
Michael: I don't know what to say. Thanks.