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Criminal Minds Review: Bugged About Karma

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On Criminal Minds this week, we were treated to an UnSub who just wasn't all that clear on the concept of karma. 

"Perrenials" showed us what happens when you introduce a narcissistic psychopath to the concept of reincarnation: you end up with a murderer who thinks his path to enlightenment involves re-killing his old reincarnated victims so that they come back as flies instead of humans. 

The Unit's Stalker

Maybe it's just the result of the contrast to last week's troubling episode, but this one seemed like they were scrambling for ideas.  The story only became compelling when the UnSub's last potential victim - a little boy - was introduced. 

Once he was freed and the killer got to the hospital and was confronted by the BAU, the rest was predictable. We knew he was going to opt for "suicide by cop" in order to complete his karmic quest.  The only thing we didn't foresee was his "D'OH!" moment when at his death he saw some slugs crawling around on his arm and he realized his soul would go into one of them instead of the baby he had just held.  Karmic justice indeed.

This week's Garcia-Morgan flirt scene (frankly, I don't think we see enough of these) went a little further than usual after she found out that Morgan had been shot, and came rushing in to see him, all frantic:

Garcia: When did you get back? No one told me you got back and I've been worried like crazy because they said you were shot. With bullets.
Morgan: I'm fine.
Garcia: I can't believe you were shot.
Morgan: I got shot in my bullet-proof vest baby girl. It's just a couple of bruises. I'm okay.
Garcia: Why don't they make better vests? That's not bullet proof. It's like when you fall in the pool and your watch stops working. That's water-resistant, not waterproof.
Morgan: I am just fine. See? [Pulls up shirt]. It's just a couple of bruises.
Garcia [stroking his six pack]: How long do you have to be taped up like this?
Morgan: I don't know. A couple of days maybe. Are you relaxed now?
Garcia [still stroking the bandage]: I'm relaxed. Hey, if you need someone to help you, you know, put new bindings on, re-wrap or unwrap...
JJ: Hey you guys----hope I'm not interrupting anything. | permalink

(There are more quotes in this week's Criminal Minds quotes page.)

I would have appreciated seeing more character development in the rest of the team. At least we got to witness that the BAU is now aware that they have another UnSub who is mimicking the crimes the BAU has solved. They have yet to develop the urgency in realizing the depth of his focus on them, however.

So, what did you think of this episode? Do you think the Garcia-Morgan relationship will ever go further than flirting? Would it ruin their friendship if it did? 


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I do not vote for a Marcia or Gorgan pairing. It would ruin the fun dynamic they have. I liked her with Kevin and wish the writers had not broken them up. I agree with the person who thought Morgan had good chemistry with Prentiss.


I love the show but I still don't think Jeannie Tripelhorn fits in with the rest of the team


I have watch Criminal MInds since the start but they are getting some really sick shows. I hate to thinks there maybe people like that out there. I wish Morgan-Garcia would just get together.


The stories don't seem to be realistic at all. Too many holes in them. I am glad that he didn't kill the boy but that made no sense.....I will see you in 20 years and he leaves him. The pattern was to kill the person right away.


@Terrie: it looks as though the next new episode will happen on January 16 with "Zugzwang". (Might be wrong - they've moved the schedule around at least once this season.) Good catch!


I am also getting a little concerned about Morgan and Garcia. They've been determinedly very close friends all this time, but lately Garcia has been more blatantly hot for his bod than usual, which is not against type, and very flattering for him, but very bad for the situation, which is obvious to everybody. There is a great deal of potential for Garcia to get hurt here, if the writers take it where it would naturally be going, unless they don't see what we see. Morgan can only see her as a dear friend/little sister, but she has been so much more aggressively flirting that he ought to be getting concerned himself...unless the writers don't see what we see. Overall I liked the episode but it wasn't stellar.


Oh DUHHH! Of course I meant Gibbs on NCIS! (This getting old stuff just isn't for sissies!)


I like Criminal Minds very much and get a kick out of Dr. Spencer Reid. But I would like to see him "man-up" just a little bit. Perhaps have him surreptitiously take some "required" hand-to-hand combat training from Morgan, and then, when an appropriate opportunity develops, have him spring into action, surprising everyone -- including himself by saving the day. Make it something that he really has a distaste for, but that happened to come in handy on that one occasion. That would ensure that it doesn't become something that happens with any frequency. BTW, Hotch is the "baddest-ass" fed on the tube these days. He makes L.J. Gibbs (on CSI) seem like a loudmouth frat mascot. When Hotch stares someone down and flexes his "Federal muscles," he is one scary s.o.b.


I thought it was crap. They were more interested in grossing out the audience by constantly showing the maggots than in developing any of the characters. The little boy at the end was the best actor in the episode. This show has become the unsub show. Actually it has become the KNOWNsub show. Get rid of these writers.


WOW what a perfect way to end 2012 Criminal Mind has been perfect this season see you guys in February. I love how we still don't know who the Photograher is very smart writting and im glad Hotch told everyone and not keep it hidden.