Gossip Girl Finale Spoilers: Flash Forward Ahead!

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There will be a flash forward on the Gossip Girl finale.

Many of you no doubt heard this rumor a long time ago, and it's now confirmed to be the case. How far will the finale flash forward, when it will air during the episode and what it will the glimpse into the future entail?

That's still under lock and key, but theories abound (a notable one involves Chuck and Blair's son Henry), and we're sure you have your own ideas about what will - and what you'd like to see - happen December 17.

Heading Out

Think it's true that after the final season concludes in the present, we'll see the married couple a few years down the road, living happily ever after? Are we in for some additional surprises no one will see coming?

Check out the Gossip Girl finale photos if you haven't seen them, then share with us in the comments below: What will the flash forward show, and what is your ideal ending for the show's sixth and final season?

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@Bethany, I'm sorry, but that's not that twist in the last 15 minutes! I think something else is at stake!


As I have not had the pleasure of watching season six, my guess is as bad as everyone here. You all better be prepared for reality. In the last 15 minutes of the movie Blair wakes up. She has just had a really really good dream. She is 16 years old and still with Nate! Haha. You should have seen your faces. You know you love me... XOXO Gossip Girl


@zoran: i would feel so much better, if wiliam would be already far away sighs.


@neddi^^, Do not lose hope, now that the end is so close! In the wedding pictures of Serena and Dan are nowhere William and Lily and Rufus are present, wait and see!


@zoran: but william this creeper wanna lily back:(( and would do everything for this.


@neddi^^, I think that all will be well with Lily and Rufus, because where do you think scared Lily was ran away from Bart, of course at Rufus loft! Wait and see, the fat lady has not finished singing yet!


I have seen people say that S ends up married to Ben (Juliet's brother).This show has changed some much in just two seasons( whenever Ivy showed up). I have seen interviews with the actors before they actually found out, most of them say GG is Dortra. S and N have changed so much, they want to be different but they aren't, Something happens N comes back and stands with the rest of the group ( Juliet and Serena at the Met season 4).


@zoran: thanks:) but i am still not sure if rufly will get it:( they so earn their endgame too. but i am not sure if they will get it sighs..
we only still have the finale sighs..


@b, Why constantly spreading rumors about a possible groom for Serena, and when you very well know that for Serena the only groom is Dan, and that the wedding where Serena will be married only be to Dan? If what you said is true, why would Serena married with Colin in NYC, when she will probably go to LA, under the assumption that Colin is already in LA? It is unclear why Juliette returns, but certainly not because of Serena and Colin wedding, but it is more likely that because of GG!


@Elisa, Who knew that two people rather distant from each other, have so much in common, and became closer with extraordinary TV series Gossip Girl! Again we're on the same page, and as the end of GG is approaching excitement is at its peak and events in a series overtaking each other! From season 1 Serena several times received advice that it is better to leave the UES, and at one point it almost happened in season 2 when she was supposed with Dan to go to Yale! I think that love between Serena and Dan can only succeed if the two of them leave the UES, because as has hitherto been their love survived for only when they were hiding from others or when they were briefly out of UES (2 season in the Hamptons)! Serena and Dan will be happy together forever only when they leave the UES! The same goes for Lily and Rufus, as well as Chuck and Blair, because everything on the UES is reminder of what they survived!