Gossip Girl Finale Spoilers: Flash Forward Ahead!

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There will be a flash forward on the Gossip Girl finale.

Many of you no doubt heard this rumor a long time ago, and it's now confirmed to be the case. How far will the finale flash forward, when it will air during the episode and what it will the glimpse into the future entail?

That's still under lock and key, but theories abound (a notable one involves Chuck and Blair's son Henry), and we're sure you have your own ideas about what will - and what you'd like to see - happen December 17.

Heading Out

Think it's true that after the final season concludes in the present, we'll see the married couple a few years down the road, living happily ever after? Are we in for some additional surprises no one will see coming?

Check out the Gossip Girl finale photos if you haven't seen them, then share with us in the comments below: What will the flash forward show, and what is your ideal ending for the show's sixth and final season?

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@neddi^^, Sorry, I slipped! When I sent a comment, I realized that I left out Lily and Rufus! That all three love pairs - Serena and Dan, Blair and Chuck and Lily and Rufus, deserve a happy ending!


Maybe that little kid is Juliets and Nates ?! :D


If you look at Gossip Girl on IMDB the final episode is already listed. The cast - also listed. Very top of the cast list? None other than Kristen Bell as Gossip Girl. She is normally listed as just the voice of Gossip Girl, however on the cast description is specifies "(voice)" on multiple episodes but just straight Gossip Girl on the series finale. Mystery solved.


You are forgetting the best character ever - Doroda! I would love to see her end up managing Blair's fashion line - wearing a suit and bossing other people around. It's pretty obvious she could do it. Please, please, give her something great like this in the end. My most favourite character of all!


Here's a twist ending Juliet returns for Serena's wedding to Colin her former professor at Columbia and Juliet's cousin. And at the reception she and Nate rekindle their flame for each other.


@Zoran, wow, that's so interesting! I like history too! I'm studying Economic History and I love it! But the thing I love the most of Economics is marketing!
Another thing we agree on: Chair and Derena deserving an happy ending for sure! And also on the fact that writers wasted time with this Steven stuff. I know that maybe they did that just to highlight Serena's daddy issues, but that could've been fixed differently, in my opinion...


@zoran: and rufly hopefully too^^


@Elisa, I studied history at the University of Belgrade, but in high school the main direction was economy to me, that's besides GG series we have one more thing in common! Besides, it would likely that fate of Serena and Dan to be resolved in 6x10, hastily because there is no time which was spent on Steven in the first 5 episodes! But it was always like that when it is the end of a series, at least in the end Serena and Dan, and Chuck and Blair will be happy together! I hope so!


Here is a wild thought, is it possible Henry Bass is the product of Lily and Bart?


b: but did serena not wearing a similar corsage by the wedding from blair and louis too?