Gossip Girl Finale Spoilers: Flash Forward Ahead!

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There will be a flash forward on the Gossip Girl finale.

Many of you no doubt heard this rumor a long time ago, and it's now confirmed to be the case. How far will the finale flash forward, when it will air during the episode and what it will the glimpse into the future entail?

That's still under lock and key, but theories abound (a notable one involves Chuck and Blair's son Henry), and we're sure you have your own ideas about what will - and what you'd like to see - happen December 17.

Heading Out

Think it's true that after the final season concludes in the present, we'll see the married couple a few years down the road, living happily ever after? Are we in for some additional surprises no one will see coming?

Check out the Gossip Girl finale photos if you haven't seen them, then share with us in the comments below: What will the flash forward show, and what is your ideal ending for the show's sixth and final season?

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lol why do people thinking that rufly is the wedding in finale? we all know that the maincouples for the writers are chair and derena. and rufly comes at third couple. chuck and blair get married in finale. and derena get married in the flashforward. rufly will reunite, but they will not remarry. and still its not sure by rufly. william that asshole wanna lily back (sorry my rude words here lol)


Did anyone stop to think that Rufus and Lily are the actual couple getting married and that little boy with the bow tie is their little son??? Because from what I recall in Josh's flash forward for the OC finale he had The Cohens young daughter present at Seth's and summers wedding. Anyways it's just a thought I had. Could be totally wrong.


@Zoran, I'm studying foreign languages (English and Russian, then from next year also French) in Milan, but my course has also an economics part, so it's almost like I get graduated in both!
Anyway, honestly I have no idea... maybe, they just want to make sure it works before committing so strongly... you well know that if the two of them would have got together again it would have been for the last time, so maybe they decide to take baby steps and then finally tie the knot! Who knows, who knows!


It would cost nothing to dress Serena in a wedding gown. The show is loaned items from designers all the time. They could've faked the images to distract from the real event. I don't care if she marries Dan as long as she's happy. The one couple that I'm concerned for Chuck and Blair. After all the obstacles they've had to overcome they deserve their happy ending. Chuck dying or going to prison which would be a tragic end at this point would seem like a cheap desperate move by the writers like they did so to prove their still worthy of the OMFG tag line that they never really lived up to in the first place


In the shot of Eric walking her down the staircase I pretty sure it's a corsage made with lilies


Also, everyone seems to have missed the fact that another character since season 1 that could die is Eleanor. I just read a spoiler that "is sad for Eleanor fans, but is a main reason why shes handing over reigns of Waldorf designs to Blair" Well you fill in the blank.. Is she keeping a secret from blair?


Has anyone seen the directors preview of the revengers promo? Specifically the scene with blair,chuck,serena and ivy, looks before chuck gets on the plane. Theres tons of camera flashes going on and they have this look on their faces like "omg look at all the paparazzi". What do you suppose thats about?


Sarah, there are pictures of Blair too in the flashforward, not only Chuck and Henry.


I'm not sure that in that hour events taking place 5 years into the future, it is likely that the continuation of the story from 6x09 about half an hour, then another half hour of those 5 years in advance! Anyway we'll have to wait and see!


@ Elisa, You became a freshman, great! Which direction are you enrolled? I really do not understand what is so terrible that Dan wrote in the chapter on Serena, that it takes Serena 5 years to forgive him? I think the greater evil was the publication of their sex tape, than what Dan wrote! And if they were able to get through along with the sex tape scandal in a week or so, then I do not see why they could not get through this about chapter for a few weeks or months! I understand all the faults and virtues of Serena as well as Dan, but this is the end of the series, and wedding of Serena and Dan for 5 years, then it would make no sense at all! It is possible that you are right, and that the first Serena and Dan to live together and then get married! On the other hand, the episode 6x10 lasts two hours, and half of that is a continuation of the 6x09 - it's about an hour. I'm not sure that in that hour events taking place 5 years into the future, it is likely that the continuation of the story from 6x09 about half an hour, then another half hour of those 5 years in advance! Anyway we'll have to wait and see!