Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peek: You Haven't Told Her?

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Derek, Meredith and her unstable uterus take center stage in the latest sneak preview clip from tomorrow night's Grey's Anatomy fall finale, with the couple hoping to see their baby's heartbeat for the first time.

In one of the previous Grey's Anatomy clips from the episode, Derek's sister Lizzie chastised Meredith for keeping his family at arm's length. Here, he asks Meredith if he can tell Lizzie they're expecting.

Mer's hesitant, but at least she's consistent. She hasn't even told Cristina yet, much to Derek's surprise. Before they can debate the matter further, it's time for the sonogram and the moment of truth.

Check out the scene from "Run, Baby, Run" and comment below:

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Ok... I saw Mer/Der & Sonogram. I was not expecting that preview to be that sad. :(


This promo had me in tears!! Meredith is in so much pain from the loss of her first baby and doesn't want to experience that again. I hope we get a mcbaby.


I think Mer's trying to keep the lid on her feelings, and it's better not to get her hopes up. It's normal to wait until the end of the first trimester before telling everyone, so Mer is only doing what many couples in letting everyone know then. But Cris evidently has guessed & it's probably not gonna be a secret pregnancy by the end of this episode.
Doesn't this promo kinda give away that Der agrees to Lizzie giving him a nerve?


Hard to see Mer not excited about the baby but she was excited the first time she was pregnant only to go through having a miscarriage; at least whatever happens with this pregnancy Derek will be with her. I wouldn't want everyone to know either if it was me. McBaby gonna be so adorable!!!


She's gonna miscarry!

Mumbles cit

no difference between sonogram and ultrasound


Damn...You would think Meredith would be happy about this, but this will definetely cause tensions for both her & Derek.

Spindae 2o

I love how Mer is letting Derek to see her hurtful and scared side! She really went a hell of a way! Wonderfull! ;)


Whats the diffence between a utlrasound and a sonogram?


That baby is gonna have HOT Mcdreamy hair!

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