Grey's Anatomy Winter Finale Promo: They Do?

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Last night's installment was an episode that focused heavily on the new group of go-getter interns at Seattle Grace, for better or worse. Read our Grey's Anatomy review to discuss "Love Turns You Upside Down" in detail.

Looking ahead to next week, one of the original characters takes center stage.

The rest of the doctors prepare for Bailey's wedding to Ben, and it's up to Richard to help her through a serious bout of pre-wedding jitters. Think everything will go off without a hitch? Or will there be a twist?

Meanwhile, Lizzie butts heads with Meredith, and Callie and Jackson try to convince Derek to participate in the risky surgery that could fix his hand as that ongoing storyline reaches a critical juncture.

Check out ABC's promo for "Run, Baby, Run" below ...

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YEs Izzie has a point about the lack of a wedding invite or Zola meeting her cousins. But Der should surely be the one to take the lead in including HIS family. I don't seem to recall Lizzie saying that she and her sisters came to Seattle when Der was shot OR when MerDer were missing after the plane crash! The nerve transplant is for Der, who's being obstinate.There's gotta be a converstation where Lizzie finds out how much Der misses doing surgery!


I think Lizzie has a point, I would be pissed too.


@ Doe-Rae-Me She does sound like a bitch cause she's angry but I think she's angry at the wrong person. Since the beginning of the show, Derek has been saying he loves his sisters but doesn't want to spend too much time with them, I think if they don't see each other much, it's cause he doesn't want to, I don't see what it has to do with Meredith to be honest...


@Doe-Rae-Me I think Lizzie was speaking of the time Meredith and Derek had Zola leading up to the plane crash. They finally got custody on 8x10, so there was some time. And given that her brother was also involved in the crash, I don't believe Lizzie was disparaging that experience either.


@Sookie00..thanks for sharing! I watched the clip between Lizzy and Merideth..I think Lizzy is a bitch. Does she not realize that Merideth's sister was on the plane, died at the scene, and then chewed on by the wildlife? Merideth has not been "too busy", she's been grieving. Or does Lizzy just think that sisters are replacable?


Seeing as Mistresses first season has already been shot, Ben will be available to be in seattle in the meanwhile so I'm sure Bailey will get her wedding. I know she deserves it after being married to Tucker.
Shonda will NOT kill Ben. She only killed Lexie, George and Mark because they wanted out and were unlikely to return to Grey's at any point.
William Daniels' character was very old and he was the catapult to get Christina back to Seattle as she had reached her peak.
I think the episode will end with Derek going into surgery. Or the aftermath to see if it worked.


Knowing Shonda, as Bailey changes her mind and decides to go, she'll discover that Ben has died from a spontaneous brain tumor or heart attack.


I hope nothing bad happens on Bailys wedding day.


I don't think Bailey is going to leave Ben at the alter. Bailey has been waiting for the right guy for a while and Ben is the right guy. I have faith that she will go through with it. Besides Shonda tweeted something a while ago that basically said that Bailey was going to marry Ben. It's the winter finale so I hope it is good, and that it doesn't leave us without knowing f Bailey marries Ben or not.

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