Grey's Anatomy Review: Bright and Shiny

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What did you think of "Love Turns You Upside Down?" This was a Grey's Anatomy episode that heavily focused on the newest crop of interns at Seattle Grace. Let's break it down, shall we?

Matters Of The Heart. The weekly cases were definitely ones to remember. They were gross (wart removal), impressive (Alex & Jo), and heartbreaking (the heart transplant). 

These surgeries really showed how far Yang and the other attendings have come. Pretty much rockstars. Well, except for April. According to the interns, she is the dud. Kind of hilarious. This character has really grown over the past season and a half and has become interesting. Here is hoping she will pull an impressive move like George did in the elevator to gain her respect back. 

Cute Mere

Meet The Interns. Although this group of interns has been with us since the beginning of the season, this was really the first installment that gave them a major focus. Time was spent with Shane, Jo, Heather, Stephanie and Leah. I have to admit, it wasn’t until this hour that I learned all of their names. 

The relationship, although just a working relationship at this point, between Karev and Jo is the most dynamic and enjoyable to watch. The girl had a tough life, being abandoned by her mother and being raised in foster care. This makes her an underdog. She had to overcome more than some of the others and this gives her something in common with Alex. Hopefully, these two can start something in a real way. Alex deserves it at this point.

The competition between Leah and Stephanie was a little bit annoying. Like Yang said, you get the competition and the drive, but this was kind of childish. 

The bright spot of the interns? Dr. Shane Ross. Played by Gaius Charles, this character is finally coming to life. After watching Charles on Friday Night Lights, I expected so much from this character. Up until now, he has been kind of dull. If we are going to be forced to get to know these characters, he is the one I want to get to know. 

Hunt, Shane

Moving Forward. Mer took it upon herself to get Heather to call Derek’s sisters to find a live nerve to use for his transplant. After much build up, we got to meet Lizzie in the last two minutes of the episode. The latest of the Shepherd sisters is being played by Neve Campbell, and luckily we will see her again next week. You gotta love learning the background of these characters we have grown to love over the seasons.

Side Notes. 

  • Love, Love, Love Yang’s dwarf nicknames for the interns. Up until the end of the hour, they were the only names I knew them by.
  • Callie and Avery are taking on Derek’s hand. This will be a series changing surgery.
  • Not much action with Arizona tonight. Looks like she is adjusting back to the hospital pretty well.
  • Heather knows Meredith is pregnant!
Der n' Mer

Overall, an ok episode. Definitely not one of the best, but wasn’t the worst either. My opinion is definitely biased. We are in the ninth season of the series. There has been a revolving door of characters, with only a handful sticking around for the long haul. I get why there are new interns, but I’m just not that interested in getting to know them. Are you?

Sound off below and let us know what you thought of “Love Turns You Upside Down.” Did you think it was up to Grey’s Anatomy standards or did it fall short? Check out the Grey’s Anatomy Quotes page for some good one liners, as well as the Grey’s Anatomy Round Table. Until next week, TV Fanatics. 


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If I wanted to watch new interns I'd go back to season 1. I just don't get the point of introducing new characters all the time and they're not even likeable!! We want the original strong cast or characters. And yes it does show the originals have grown up but can't we focus on them instead of these boring replicable interns?


Seems my comment was removed ? :o


new 5 interns character are ok, the director wasted much time on the non- special patient story, nly Cristina's teaching? Alex's flirting? Apri's not in the mood? Mer's been pushing Intern texting?Jasckson's smiling ???
actually, I don't remember any good in the epi??


I liked the bullet-time moments: it played into that whole "magical" moment for each intern which was the overall theme of the episode.


@tessa - you wouldn't be so sick of the plane crash/lawsuit if you were the one in the plane crash, IF you survived it to begin with. While Grey's Anatomy is a fictional show with fictional characters, life altering situations happens in real life & I doubt it ever goes away for the survivors, if there are any & for the families of the victims/survivors.


It was just okay. Shondra tried to do put in too much in one hour. It was too jumpy for me. Also, I still don't like April and each eek I like her less. The competition between Yang's two interns was really childish and went on too long.


I LOVED seeing Cristina, Alex and Meredith as Rock star surgeons. Best part of the episode for me. I also loved that the focus wasn't on the plane crash for a change. I'm SO sick of that. All the interns together are still less annoying then April is by herself, so that's a plus, too. I like Stephanie the best. Jo's childhood with the foster care is really like Alex's. Here comes Izzie 2.0, I guess.


i loved the part towards the end where the interns see yang like pumping someone's heart and they're all just amazed.. they used to be us. It really shows how much theyve grown and learned in the past 8 years.
i loved jo's back story and Ross is one of my favorite interns. I still dont know the other intern's names..
great episode! thank goodness there's another one next week before they go on hiatus


I love the whole "we used to be them" I think it was really cool and true. I don't like the interns at all but this episode made me start to actually like them. I have always liked Jo but now I am starting to like the rest of them. I didn't know any of there real names because Cristina has her nicknames for them. I really liked this episode also because I liked how Mer was having Heather call Derek's sisters. I am really glad we finally get to meet Derek's mystery sister that has never been named or seen before last night. I cant wait till next week's episode and I hope that Meredith keeps her baby.


I found the episode heavy handed; while I liked the "we used to be them"/"they used to be us" contrast, other parts were even more predictable. They parents with babies in NICU? Of course there was going to be a huge bump in their relationship. And the slow-motion bits? Weird. I did like when Heather gave it to Derek and Meredith (as a side note, she looks enough like EP to be her sister, though I loved and miss Lexie). And I like that the interns have found their own hang out place (though they aren't very protected from the rain...). Mediocre episdoe, but maybe getting to know some new people will reliven the show and allow it to go on...and on and on and on.

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