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I don't even know what to say about "Last Goodbyes." It's kind of a difficult episode to review because it was really all about Audrey coming to the realization that she has to fight to say in this world. How it went down, however, was pretty fun.

Audrey &:the Bolt Gun Killer

Since she's Trouble free, Audrey found out she was the only person in Haven awake on a day when, well, everyone else wasn't. It was pretty easy to figure out Amnesia Man was in a coma and his coming out of it was what put everyone else into one, and kind of funny that it was he who realized they were in comas and not just asleep. How did he know they were in comas? 

Nolan North played the part of Amnesia Man (Will Brady) so well. He has great comedic timing and he was perfectly cast to play off Audrey while Haven suffered the fate that was meant for Will. It was a sad tale, but an incredibly enjoyable hour to watch. Emily Rose and Nolan North had such great chemistry that I wouldn't have minded his role continuing. Check out some of the Haven quotes for a taste, and enjoy.

After their day together, I was very happy Audrey seemed to have a new lease on life, and that she decided it wasn't right for Will's family to give up on him. If he could hear what they were saying and was aware of what was going on around him, then they should all be fighting for him to come back, just like Audrey should be fighting to stay in Haven.

At the beginning of the episode, when Audrey and Claire vetted each other as not being the skin walker so they could then vet the rest of their group, I was getting the idea that whoever was behind the whole thing might be The Colorado Kid. Not because he really wants to hurt anyone, but to create this FrankenAudrey that can go into the barn and end The Troubles for 27 years, while he gets to know his mother for the first time. 

By this point, I'd have to imagine The Colorado Kid isn't in the best of shape. We have few details of his life, although we know he grew up in Nederland, Colorado. Did he know about his birth mother? Was he searching for her? Could he have been Troubled, and understood from where he came, wanting all along to have contact with her, but only getting the chance once every 27 years? That could drive someone over the edge and it would be difficult to blame him, much as it is difficult to blame the other Troubled people. I'm just thinking out loud.

Has anyone else had about enough of the Teagues? They aren't amusing with all of their secrets and denials. Their unwillingness to work with Audrey is holding everyone back and putting Haven and everyone we love in the town in jeopardy. I used to enjoy their antics, but now when they're on screen, I just want them off as soon as possible. Whatever quirky fun they originally brought to Haven has washed out to sea. Whether they can redeem themselves remains to be seen. Headline for the Haven Herald: Time Is Running Out!

As it turned out, my nightmare came true. In my review last week, I was fleetingly convinced (as much as I can be convinced of anything on Haven), that Claire was the skin walker. Dammit! Claire is dead. The Bolt Gun Killer is wearing her skin. I hate The Bolt Gun Killer. I have so enjoyed having Bree Williamson on Haven and, unless there is some miraculous save - such as a twin sister who also happens to help The Troubled - she's not long for this world. 

Brilliantly played episode, and with most of it shot with only two actors it felt almost like a stage play. With very few scenes or words, almost everything that needed to be said between Audrey and Nathan was also in the open. The dialog, clues and conclusion were sheer perfection. Am I wrong or am I right?


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I really liked Claire. She gave Audrey a BFF and she was great at her job. I still love the newspaper boys. They are probably centuries old and the caretakers of the town, so they cannot reveal everything and must keep people safe from too much info and mass panic. Someone posted the finale info on Twitter but a Haven writer saw it and forced them to take it down. All I can say is the third season ending is a shocker and I am looking forward to the fourth season.


I still love the Teagues. I'm sure that they'll have a good reason for not telling Audrey, even if it turns out to be misguided. The Teagues are an important part of the "local color". Please keep them. I'm still missing the Chief and the original Dr. Carr. The show did successfully fake me out with Claire. I was surprised she passed Audrey's first test, since I expected her to be the BBK. In fact, I'm still scratching my head as to when BGK replaced her, if the BGK knew all that info from the beginning. Good episode


i have a question. What was all that about push up bras, why would women borrow such intimate apparel from each other,(they hardly knew each other) why would your shrink loan you their bra and why was Audrey thinking about push up bras with all she's going through. If it was for humour, it was a bit odd and silly. As interesting as some of troubles are, they seem to be acting as a filler in the last few episodes making the sense of urgency seem unimportant


I'm one of the viewers that can't stand the two old coots any more ;) Like you, they were interesting in the beginning, now they are so annoying I don't want them on the screen anymore. In fact, I was actually the show disappointed that the show was renewed for another season because it feels so dragged out. Their behavior feels so contrived at this point it's ruining the mystery of the show.


Claire has not always been the skinwaker. In S03E06 Real Estate Tommy a.k.a the BGK is standing next to Claire and they are both trapped in the haunted house, so unless you think the the BGK has a twin, I don't see that's possible.
He/She only becomes the BGK after "Tommy" died. The question is when. The BGK needed to be on the inside, so right after "Tommy" jumped overboard from the boat....game on


Claire was always the BGK. From her first episode that is who that was. She was able to pass Audrey's test because it had been the same person since the beginning. It was fairly obvious that the BGK would be someone they all knew and that Claire was the only person it could be. The interesting question was how BGK as Tommy knew what to say to whomever he/she/it was on the phone with while burying Tommy's body. And why do I think the composite of all the body parts will look remarkably like Audrey?


My theory. BGK is a woman i.e. Arla Cogen, she is also skinwalker. She went crazy and supposedly killed herself after CK disappeared some 27 years ago. She killed all those women to create her younger version. She must be in her 50's now. She kidnapped Audrey to get information about CK. She told Audrey in 301, "you are not the only one who love with the Colorado Kid". In 311, she told Audrey, "I know how it felt to lose someone you really care about. At least you can say goodbye to Nathan". I think she's talking about CK. She trying to get close to Audrey, only to get info about CK. I don't think she care about Audrey or the barn. I was wondering why she didn't kill Audrey instead because she got plenty of times to do so but she let Audrey lives. Hmmmm...2 more episodes to go. Can't wait.


Arla cogan is the skinwalker/bgk. so obvious its sad.


I wouldnt be surprisf if the Teagues are centuries old. They know way too much. i think they just want the cycles of troubles to continue. It seems every big reveal they already know about which is extremely annoying.


I am so very pissed that Claire is dead! Honestly! She was a great character and my favorite ever since she was introduced. Honestly, why did they have to kill her? I want her in season 4 as well... and I want HER, not the BGK. Dammit. I'm frustrated. Why did they do that? Couldn't they kill off one of the brothers? Perhaps the one that wants to help Audrey, so then the other one can have some character growth and internal conflict over what he should do next? Why Claire? Why? WHY. Damn. I don't like it. I want her back.

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Haven Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Amnesia Man: Gear down there Champ, I'm the one without a gun.
Audrey: That doesn't mean you're still not dangerous.
Amnesia Man: Right, because only the most hard-core criminals roll with only one shoe.

Audrey: Nathan, if it turns out that I go away, there's some things that I want you to know.
Nathan: That sounds important.
Audrey: Important. And, overdue.