Hawaii Five-0 Review: Armed Gunman Survival Badge

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"Huaka'i Kula:" Field Trip

It looks like the Aloha Girls will need to add a few new merit badges to their count in order to cover all of the new skills that Gracie, Lucy and the other girls learned on Hawaii Five-0 this week.

Gracie earned a Burrow Like A Mole Badge as she was able to get out of the shed through a small tunnel she and the other girls dug and unlock the door to let Danny and the others out of the makeshift prison in which Tom Arnold's Ron locked them.

Lucy, on the other hand, earned a combination of badges, starting with my favorite Lucy in the Jungle With Diamonds Badge for managing not to lose any of the diamonds while earning the other badge, Run from Armed Gunman Badge. Technically, Steve earned this badge as well, but since he’s not a real Aloha Girl, I’m disqualifying his entry.

Finally, Riley showed full knowledge and demonstrated her skill to earn the MacGyver Repair Badge for cobbling together several cellphones and getting a signal out to get help. I can’t even make a call from my house half the time. Good Job!

Danny & McGarrett Chaperone

In all seriousness, the entire camping and surviving the gunmen story was a lot of fun. From Lesley Boone as Madeline - the Aloha Girl Leader who knew how to remove a bullet and track prey through the jungle - to Riley explaining (repeatedly) to Danny in more simple terms each time that she could make a phone work, I enjoyed it.  

However, I’m with Danny: are there bears in the jungles of Hawaii? I knew large boars were possible, Steve even pointed that out.  But seriously... bears? The answer is no, right? 

On the flip side, we had the return of Adam Noshimuri and the introduction to his little brother Michael Noshimuri, who we learned was not as warm and cuddly as his big bro. I’m not sure if there is going to be a changing of the guard in the Noshimuri family or not, but clearly Michael is up to something when he took Kono’s gun and returned it.

I do have to ask, if you’re a cop spending the night at someone else house, do you leave your sidearm on the nightstand? 

Somehow, that just seems like a recipe for disaster. I could see it at your own home, maybe. I realize that I have a spot I put my keys, my wallet, hell even my cell phone goes the same place each night. But since I've never carried a side arm as part of my job, I don’t know if you get so casual with it that you just put it on the nightstand any place you go. 

Overall, I’m giving the episode a solid 4.3 Aloha Girl merit badges for a fun hour that reminds us why camping is best done in the living room with pizza delivery. 


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Who wants to learn how to do THAT???Amazing....My favorite moment from last nights episode.Steve, Danno and the ALoha girls - what a team!!!On the other hand - Michael is badddd news, Chin is right.


@Carmine - I agree, the "who wants to learn to do THAT!" was one of my favorite lines of the night.

Sarah silva

Well to me eventhough he is a navy seal, if he was not 100% sure that he could take the gun away without it going off and shooting Lucy or even himself he was wise to wait until the moment he did to take him down.
Rosa: I totally agree with you!


What has happened to our favorite Superseal? Last week he lost a rooftop chase to and was taken captive by a guy with terminal cancer. This week he can't take out a pudgy rent-a-cop with a bad leg? In the original 5-O it was Chin Ho not Kono who was killed off. Kono (played by Gilbert Lani Kauhi aka Zulu ) left after season 4. From what I've read Zulu was fired by producer Leonard Freeman after he had a verbal altercation with a member of the production team. That episode where Chin was killed was unique. It is the only episode in either series where Steve McGarrett actually "booked" someone himself. Ratings at this time of the year don't mean much but H50 had 10.4 million viewers to a Castle rerun (5.9) and a Michael Buble Christmas special (5.8)

Sarah silva

I loved this episode!
I said this last week but will say it again, Alex is getting hotter and hotter, I did not think that was possible.
This was a different case for the week but it was really good. I loved at the end when Gracie said that Lucy wants to marry Steve....what girl would not want to marry Steve and furthermore Alex!
I was not expecting Danny to get shot but then I remembered if he could survive crazy torture then a bullet would be no match for him. I wonder if he did not show up in the nick of time if Steve would have been a goner, I think not but it is hard to say.
I really enjoy the Danny and Gracie moments.
Michael is bad news, I fear how this will all end. It is the start of a huge storyline for Kono.
So 1 more episode before winter break!


I loved the episode, there was fun, drama and some shooting And i want in the race for a camping badge! those things are Epic! And Wteve wasn't going to put a kids life in dangour to unarm that guy, it's best to wait for the right opportunity.


I agree with Dreamrose and jschoi. I understand it's just a TV show, but totally was not buying that Steve couldn't have easily taken the guy out several times. I also felt the disconnect with the team being so separate the entire episode. And come on...how many times can Steve & Danno get hijacked on their day off?? They go fishing - hijacked. They go camping - hijacked. Then we have Danny with the last minute kill shot again, just like last week. This just felt like a random filler episode to me. But I do appreciate that Catherine wasn't forced in, considering we already had minimal screen time for Chin.


I love this show, no matter how cheesy, lovie dovie, or sappy it may be, it keeps me entertained, interested and brings a big old smile to my face....I just love everything about it...I take everything with a grain of salt and don't judge, not to mention the 5-O team are very easy on the eyes..lol.


Oh...and no Max, and Catherine M.I.A. for the second week in a row.


In a word: schmaltzy . But the bit with the cell phone was HILARIOUS!!! THIS is how Tom Arnold attempts a comeback? As a greedy ex-con rent-a-cop who points guns at little girls? Non wonder Roseanne divorced his fat a$$. :-). And the whole crime du jour just fizzled with both criminals ending up dead instead of imprisoned. Where's our "book 'im Danno!"? Oh..and Michael...listen to your cousin, Kono. He's baaaaaaaaaad news.

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Alright ladies. Who wants to learn how to remove a bullet from a gunshot wound?


Steve: I'm going to teach these how to kill and gut a pig tonight Danny.
Danny: That's actually a horror film.