Hawaii Five-0 Review: Armed Gunman Survival Badge

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"Huaka'i Kula:" Field Trip

It looks like the Aloha Girls will need to add a few new merit badges to their count in order to cover all of the new skills that Gracie, Lucy and the other girls learned on Hawaii Five-0 this week.

Gracie earned a Burrow Like A Mole Badge as she was able to get out of the shed through a small tunnel she and the other girls dug and unlock the door to let Danny and the others out of the makeshift prison in which Tom Arnold's Ron locked them.

Lucy, on the other hand, earned a combination of badges, starting with my favorite Lucy in the Jungle With Diamonds Badge for managing not to lose any of the diamonds while earning the other badge, Run from Armed Gunman Badge. Technically, Steve earned this badge as well, but since he’s not a real Aloha Girl, I’m disqualifying his entry.

Finally, Riley showed full knowledge and demonstrated her skill to earn the MacGyver Repair Badge for cobbling together several cellphones and getting a signal out to get help. I can’t even make a call from my house half the time. Good Job!

Danny & McGarrett Chaperone

In all seriousness, the entire camping and surviving the gunmen story was a lot of fun. From Lesley Boone as Madeline - the Aloha Girl Leader who knew how to remove a bullet and track prey through the jungle - to Riley explaining (repeatedly) to Danny in more simple terms each time that she could make a phone work, I enjoyed it.  

However, I’m with Danny: are there bears in the jungles of Hawaii? I knew large boars were possible, Steve even pointed that out.  But seriously... bears? The answer is no, right? 

On the flip side, we had the return of Adam Noshimuri and the introduction to his little brother Michael Noshimuri, who we learned was not as warm and cuddly as his big bro. I’m not sure if there is going to be a changing of the guard in the Noshimuri family or not, but clearly Michael is up to something when he took Kono’s gun and returned it.

I do have to ask, if you’re a cop spending the night at someone else house, do you leave your sidearm on the nightstand? 

Somehow, that just seems like a recipe for disaster. I could see it at your own home, maybe. I realize that I have a spot I put my keys, my wallet, hell even my cell phone goes the same place each night. But since I've never carried a side arm as part of my job, I don’t know if you get so casual with it that you just put it on the nightstand any place you go. 

Overall, I’m giving the episode a solid 4.3 Aloha Girl merit badges for a fun hour that reminds us why camping is best done in the living room with pizza delivery. 


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Ok ep, not one of my favorites for sure. I did like the girl and the cell and camping inside. I may try that myself after my camping experience this summer, and yes we do have bears in B.C. I watch for the 4 stars, I like most of the regulars but they are secondary to me. I didn't feel that everyone was totally involved the last 2 weeks. This is just my opinion and I realize most will not agree with me, When the whole team is not fully involved I don't feel the ohana. It's just my feeling.


Steve, what's wrong with you? You can't take down a wounded, half-crippled rent-a-cop with a revolver? You're a SEAL, for Pete's sake, a SEAL! He should have been able to easily overpower and disarm the moron, the very first time the idiot started waving that gun around. Steve knew full well there were a large number of defenseless children nearby, not to mention the one right in front of him. Instead, Steve puts them all in harm's way! And poor Lucy is traumatized for life, being kidnapped, held hostage, seeing no fewer than three men shot in front of her (Danny, the hiker, and the idiot rent-a-cop), forced to hide in the jungle all alone with a guy chasing after her to kill her... You get the idea.


Agreeing with Zia. This was a wonderful episode! Steve with the kids was a revelation. He got so excited talking about gutting boar. LOL! And the best part was, the kids loved it! These were no shrinking violets. Loved the fun of this scout troop and their incredibly intrepid leader. And Steve waited for his moment and won it. It was just his misfortune that there was a second perp. I love how he managed to get the first perp shot, though. He knew exactly what he was doing. And if Cath doesn't work out, though I hope she does, maybe Steve should marry little Lucy when she grows up. She's awesome. Those scenes were awesome. This epi was like a little vacation--- one that went horribly wrong, but was very entertaining as a result. One of my favorites for sure!


(cont.) As for the other story, I loved seeing Steve with the kids. Alex's love for children shows through, as does Danny. Grace has had a lot of time this season as well and I hope this continues. Loved seeing Grace be the one who crawls through the tunnel. The girl who played Lucy was wonderful, it was heartbreaking watching her cry when Ron said she was going with him.
I think Steve should have and did show more caution with a child there. If something happens to him, then Lucy has no chance on her own. He waited for the right moment, not knowing there was someone else, but then got away with Lucy. I doubt we will, but I hope we see Lucy again. Loved Madeline, she's a great leader. The little girl dumming it down for Danny was funny. I thought this was a great episode. This year has not disappointed.


I thought this was a great episode and very entertaining. I loved that we finally got to see Adam. His brother has to be the evil one. Kono was not being naive, she does not trust Michael. She defended Adam, but when Chin asked her about Michael she did not answer, and when they were at the table and Michael commented on her being a cop, she had another look that she was weary of him. Yes, the gun on the nightstand was not smart, but then we would not have the drama of what he did with the gun in the future. How many cops on TV have done the same thing? I know we have not had a lot of Chin lately, but his time will come, and I love Catherine, but not being in the last 2 shows was fine. She'll be back and I look forward to that, and to see how Chin gets more involved. Very happy we have seen so much of Kono this year. (Cont.)


The scene where Steve threw a knife like a ninja at a tree, demonstrating it to the Aloha Girls was funny! It was hilarious to see Danny so ticked off that Steve has a different way of setting an example for the children. That was my thought about Michael Noshimuri. He probably killed someone to frame Kono. My first thought when he went in the bedroom was he was going to kill or kidnap Kono or maybe even his own big bro, Adam. He took Kono's gun off the holster, then put the gun he must of killed or shot someone with in the holster. But keep Kono's gun. I think there's going to be an episode where all of this situation comes to a breaking point where Kono is framed, Adam is kidnapped by the Yakuza cause of his new change, and I get a bad feeling that Kono is going to be killed. The Original Kono in the Original Hawaii Five-O was killed off. So who knows? I hope it doesn't come to that point though. If I were Chin, I'd start taking action of the Noshimuri situation.


@Lena - Cathrine has been in almost every episode till now, so I guess it's ok to miss one :) This was about Danny, Monkey and Steve camping.


Very enjoyable episode after the two previous disappointing ones. It had plenty of humor, some twists and I could even tolerate Tom Arnold as bad guy. This episode reminded me of season 1 adventure. I'm looking forward for more.


Ok, the last two episodes were easily two of their worst. Between the blatant VS promo last week, and yet another storyline involving children this week--UGH. Enough with the sappy crap! Also--I'm in agreement with the writer--Kono leaving her sidearm out is bad enough; leaving it out, in a house where a FELON is residing, has to be totally against protocol--maybe even a violation of the guy's probation? Bad form, either way.


Continue!!! Wonder who he shoot or killed to frame Kono but I guess we have to wait till the finale to find out. The writers had a hard time to write Chin in this one we hardly saw him. I really miss Catherine!! Thank God she will be back next week. Thanks Jim for a great Review..

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Alright ladies. Who wants to learn how to remove a bullet from a gunshot wound?


Steve: I'm going to teach these how to kill and gut a pig tonight Danny.
Danny: That's actually a horror film.