Hawaii Five-0 Review: A Pot Luck Christmas

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"Kahu:" Guardian.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! To finish out 2012 with the Five-0 team, we were treated a bit of a pot-luck episode, as a little bit of everything thrown in....

Chin-ho has an uncle: George Takei supposedly guest-starred this week. But did you catch him? As usual for Hawaii Five-O and its name guest stars, he was in the episode for one scene that lasted about five minutes. 

I really hope that Takei is asked to come back for a more substantial contribution. He is such a great actor and you could tell he was having a ball playing the moonshine-wielding uncle. 

Chin's Uncle

Kamekona bought a helicopter. Did anyone else think Kamekona’s previous mention of doing island tours was meant to be funny? Apparently someone wants to see the 400-pound Samoan squished into the front seat of a helicopter made for someone nearly half his weight. 

Oh wait, that’s right – he spent $170,000 and doesn't have his pilot’s licenses to even fly the silly thing, making it the most expensive paperweight he has ever owned.   Seriously, Mr. Lenkov, let this one go, we don’t need it.

McGarrett is clueless on dates: Who in his/her right mind thinks eating from a cardboard box in a parking lot is considered “some place special?" I know McGarrett doesn't like to be wrong, but honestly man, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and admit you screwed up.

Okay, to be fair, he sort of did as he recreated one of the most recognizable scenes from An Officer and A Gentlemen when he showed up completely dressed up and carried Catherine away. Hey, Steve, for the record, “I’m sorry” is a helluva lot easier on the wallet. 

Catherine kicked some ass. I have to give full credit to Peter Lenkov and his team: this week they had Catherine in situations that made perfect sense and even provided a quick nod to her being on leave for two more days. 

Did anyone else wonder if she got combat training from Natasha Romanoff, (a.k.a. Black Widow in the Avengers and Iron Man movies)? She was awesome with the combat against Rizzi, that over-the-shoulder with the legs move that she use to throw him down the stairs was pretty cool.

All in all, it was a fun outing leading into the holiday season. I’m giving the episode 4 "Oh-My"s for a glimpse at George Takei, but docking this a stocking for not using him to a proper extent.


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How cool is it that somewhere in Hawaii, TC's chopper from MAGNUM P.I. is still kept in decent 80's condition?


Not a bad episode but it is a bit cliched which I don't mind if its entertaining. I'm not keen on how the writers change the characters from week to week. Steve is portrayed too often as the idiotic boyfriend and its about time Cath called him on it. Steve's character gets butchered when he's around Danny as well and he turns into some immature teenager. I guess the writers are going for lighthearted moments but they don't work.
I used to like Danny but his character is just too annoying now and it's becoming unbelievable that he's part of a Special Task Force. At least Cath is believable at kicking ass and seems way more suited to being on the team. The show still has some good moments but Steve has lost his fire and Danny is far too annoying. Chin got over Malia's death too quickly and there's a lack of genuine emotion. I'm looking forward to more Adam and hope it brings more screen time for Kono.
Steve did look really hot in his tux.


Not a fan of this one. First of all, was thrilled with the previews of Steve in a tux (yum!) but really, did he put on some weight or something because he did not look good. And Alex always looks good! I'm figuring it was just a bad tux, but given we haven't had much Steve eye-candy this season, I'm thinking something else is going on. Not a fan of Cath's character - though I like that she calls Steve on his crap. Still, she seems too much of a doormat around him, and then the whole kick-butt thing is tossed in along with gratuitous bikini shots at the hotel. Either she's his girlfriend-kinda and we get to see the two of them work through their denial or she's an off-roading WITSEC chasing super spy. Either way, I don't see a lot of chemistry between the two and hey, we've been patient, there should be some steam between Steve and someone. I like Michelle Borth but I just am not seeing the whole Steve/Cath thing. Same with the chopper - agree, this is dumb, let it go. I did like Kamekona's scenes with Danny and found them mildly entertaining. George Takai rocked, want him back! I think they need to have more of the "regular" irregulars pop up from time to time, especially now that Terry O'Quinn's series was cancelled. Let's have Toast back (as he was in S01), and the Gov, and Steve's SEAL buddy just pop in now and then for a little color. And let's go back to Cath being a periodic flava o' the month because as a regular, it's just not working and takes time away from the Fab 4.


I liked this episode, not one of my favorites but good. Now that we wait for the inevitable re-runs this time of year, some things I would like to see for the rest of the season. 1. Even though I like Danny, and don't get all the negative comments. I would like the writers to make him a little less argumentative. Mainly because I'm tired of hearing the constant complaints. Scott Caan is a great actor, and he gives so much more to the character when he shows empathy and caring.
2. Zia, thanks for the idea of Tom Selleck as being Catherine's father. I would also love to see that whether he is Magnum or not. But we need him to make an appearance.
3. I would like to see a little more of Chin struggling with Malia's death. I hope that since I have read that there may be someone else in the near future, I hope they show him having struggles with that.


I think this episode had the most cliche and predictable writing imaginable! And, I do miss Kono in the mix. Is she now relegated to doing computer research in the office?


I love Catherine, and I hope they keep her going the way they are. She should be kick ass, look who her boyfriend is. Do you think McG would go for some quiet little librarian type? Get real. Love them as a couple. As for Kono, she is no wimp, and I don't get why people pit Kono and Catherine against each other. The show isn't doing that, so why are you? I love Kono as well, and I am glad she is getting more episode time this year.
Grace Park isn't going anywhere, and Michelle Borth is a great addition and does not take away from any of them. Everything and everyone can't be featured in every episode, and we need other characters that the core 4 play off of. Its been a great season so far, very entertaining.


I agree completely what DianeC said about Catherine. The ending scene was forced for me i would have rather to see the whole team having a nice dinner together. the last scene was just to make it up to Catherine for the bad date they had in the car and many fans based that they like the episode because of the lst scene so every girl can be swoon by it. I did not buy the scene at all. Steve looked wonderful taht is true but the scene was ridiculous, I am tiring of seeing Catherine doing cop duties and she has to be away from crime fighting scenarios. She is a naval officer so her duties is in naval intelligence and do military stuff, the cop duties she has to leave it to the team that is the reason they are there. Her role is not fullfilling what I was expecting her to be this season. Steve and catherine relationship does not look natural or real, it looks a bit forced for me.
Leave her in her military duties to help the team im sure she will work wonders from there since that is her job, she is not a cop. I dont hate other females in the show as long as their characters are well written and well performed im ok. So far cahterine role has somethihng that is missing. Ihope for the other half of the season the writers or peter think about this and polish her character better, otherwise this season will flop in ratings. And did u all know that Michelle Borth knows about the dislike of fans toward her character? She is aware of it as she tweeted something yesterday about it. But it seems she does not mind what fans says about her.


greatttttttttttttttttt show !!!!!!!!!! report grade a plus, acting, directing, and especially the writing. the 3rd season is my favorite- hail to leonard freeman the creator- mahalo-aloha, shaka brada!!!!!!!!! jc


wow, steve has the worst luck...what is this, the 3rd time this season he's been hijacked when he's off duty?? at least this time he was back in super seal mode and took the car-jacker out. loved it. thought the episode was fairly entertaining overall. although, i thought it was a bit odd that it was christmas eve and they didn't touch much on it, other then the car discussion about the xmas dinner. would've liked to have seen the ep end with them all at dinner together. i like steve and catherine as a couple and their 'personal' scenes together. but i wish they'd leave her out of the crime-fighting scenarios and just leave that up to the team. not every woman on the show has to be a kick-ass super woman. that's when it all starts to get a bit forced and contrived for me. i hope that she will continue to only appear in occasional episode, since they have established that her 'leave' is over.

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