Hawaii Five-0 Review: A Pot Luck Christmas

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"Kahu:" Guardian.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! To finish out 2012 with the Five-0 team, we were treated a bit of a pot-luck episode, as a little bit of everything thrown in....

Chin-ho has an uncle: George Takei supposedly guest-starred this week. But did you catch him? As usual for Hawaii Five-O and its name guest stars, he was in the episode for one scene that lasted about five minutes. 

I really hope that Takei is asked to come back for a more substantial contribution. He is such a great actor and you could tell he was having a ball playing the moonshine-wielding uncle. 

Chin's Uncle

Kamekona bought a helicopter. Did anyone else think Kamekona’s previous mention of doing island tours was meant to be funny? Apparently someone wants to see the 400-pound Samoan squished into the front seat of a helicopter made for someone nearly half his weight. 

Oh wait, that’s right – he spent $170,000 and doesn't have his pilot’s licenses to even fly the silly thing, making it the most expensive paperweight he has ever owned.   Seriously, Mr. Lenkov, let this one go, we don’t need it.

McGarrett is clueless on dates: Who in his/her right mind thinks eating from a cardboard box in a parking lot is considered “some place special?" I know McGarrett doesn't like to be wrong, but honestly man, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and admit you screwed up.

Okay, to be fair, he sort of did as he recreated one of the most recognizable scenes from An Officer and A Gentlemen when he showed up completely dressed up and carried Catherine away. Hey, Steve, for the record, “I’m sorry” is a helluva lot easier on the wallet. 

Catherine kicked some ass. I have to give full credit to Peter Lenkov and his team: this week they had Catherine in situations that made perfect sense and even provided a quick nod to her being on leave for two more days. 

Did anyone else wonder if she got combat training from Natasha Romanoff, (a.k.a. Black Widow in the Avengers and Iron Man movies)? She was awesome with the combat against Rizzi, that over-the-shoulder with the legs move that she use to throw him down the stairs was pretty cool.

All in all, it was a fun outing leading into the holiday season. I’m giving the episode 4 "Oh-My"s for a glimpse at George Takei, but docking this a stocking for not using him to a proper extent.


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Anyone who thinks Grace Park is wimpy has not seen the border where Liz(Grace Park) was kicking ass long before H50 and the pigeon-toed comment was totally uncalled for.


Just reading the reviews and I have to strongly disagree with the comment that Kono is wimpy. I think Kick-ass Kono is the Best of the Best. In all of Kono's scenes throughout all the seasons, her fight scenes are IMHO realistic and authentic. I invariably end up on my feet cheering "you go, girl!!!" each time Kono is in a fight scene. In my head, I backfilled Kono's story with Steve giving her "Navy Seal" style fight lessons, since she is his protege. Catherine almost had me on my feet, but the only reason I wasn't was probably due to watching her moves to see if they were realistic. Now that I see that she has abilities, I'm sure I'll be on my feet the next time she breaks out the moves. Great to see that this show has 2 strong women role models. I'm looking forward to Doris showing the same level of kick-assedness, if there is such a word :)


Cath is becoming one of my favourite characters. She was great kicking ass. I love her and Steve together. Glad that they are developing their relationship but wish they'd stop portraying Steve so dumb around her at times. We get enough of that when he's around Danny. The whole helicopter thing was a bit silly but I always love to see Kamekona. Loved Chin's uncle, what a great character. The show is becoming enjoyable again. I hope it continues to improve for the remainder of the season. I can't wait so see what the writers have in store for us with Adam and Kono. I'm hoping we get some Adam/Steve time as well. Love the two of them together.


I do enjoy watching Chin's expressions and reactions throughout. And *sigh* ...even the women's libber side in me secretly love the idea of being swept off my feet. Great ending to an entertaining Christmas episode.


No question that Steve and Catherine have chemistry together. Loved the male-female perspective in their debate over asking Ethan to possibly implicate his Dad and how both sides were tested. Steve was his usual tough, navy seal self but tempered with a sensitivity for handling Ethan that I found appealing. Catherine's comments about Ethan reminding Steve of himself at 13 made me curious about Steve's past after finding out his Mom died in a car accident. And kick-ass Catherine was plenty awesome. This season, the writers introduced newcomer, Catherine with restraint and her fight scenes look real and not contrived. Her appearance in most of this episode is because of the exploration of Steve and Catherine's "thing" as well as her skill set. I thought this episode was very entertaining and we got a bit of everyone. Loved Max's "look" to Danno's dig about his social skills. Uncle Choi was fun to watch and we do need to see him again. And I do enjoy watching Chin's expressions and reactions throughout. And *sigh* ...even the women's libber side in me secretly love the idea of being swept off my feet. Great ending to an entertaining episode.


glad i wasn't the only 1 to notice that was TC's copter....lol....LOVED steve in that tux.....HOTT....and i felt bad for danny, having to miss christmas with his "monkey"....sure is making me HATE rachel, more and more......i AGREE, it should have been KONO babysitting the kid...and i DON'T like Catherine....just as i DON'T like mama McGarrett. and what was UP with making the palace look like a mall outside the 5-0 office doors?...that just looked off. alisa


I thought it was a great episode. Liked the story and I liked seeing McG and Cath together, think they have great chemistry and MAN Michelle Borth looks the part kicking ass. I mean c'mon guys, you've gotta admit, H5O has tried to pass off a few wimpy looking females as bad ass-- and I don't just mean dearly departed Lori, I'm including the lovely, willowy, slightly pigeon-toed Kono too. I would have liked to have gotten a bit of back story about Steve's teen years, for all the references they made to the kid being like a young McG, but, of course, there was the stupid helicopter storyline to fill time. Will agree that the "take your date to a drive thru" scene came off like a dumb sitcom stunt. Jodee is right that Steve was not "stupid" with Cath in season 1...


@Mrs. Cleaver. Sorry for the delay. H50 won the time slot with 10.3 million viewers compared to 5.4 for a Castle rerun and 4.5 for a Howie Mandel game show.


To each their own, of course, but this one was a total miss for me. I found it so boring that I literally fell asleep watching and that was a first. I don't think I will bother going back to see the rest of it either. I did enjoy Takei but his part was way too small. Glad it worked for some. I am looking forward to better episodes in the future and maybe tying up some of those dangling storylines (Chin/Malia, Danny/Grace and Kono/Adam/HotEvilBrother).

Mrs cleaver

@Walter-where's the ratings update? I check every week for what you post ;o)
Ok epi, not my fav, not horrible(anything IS better than season 2). Great Uncle, he needs to come back and I LOVE that Chin has 1,000 uncles. Kid was ok, but gotta say 13 year olds are not my fav thing in life. I guess Steve could see himself in the PIA kid.
LOVE that Catherine could kick a$$ with that guy without smudging her eye liner. Love her anyway, she so humanizes Steve. Who IS hot in a tux for sure.
But as the Christmas episode...meh. I woulda loved to see "the gang" around McGarrett's table with Mama McG passing the taters. Instead we end up at the Shrimp Shak? And no one cares that Chin is alone for the holidays this year? Hopefully Danno does...offscreen.

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