How I Met Your Mother Review: Hit Me Baby One More Time

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A watched child may never crawl, but the more I watched tonight's episode of How I Met Your Mother, the more I enjoyed it. "Lobster Crawl" got off to a slow start, with hints of overacting that eventually gave way to some solid comedy. 

I don't find myself saying this often, but Barney overdid the scene where he tried to revive his tie Cornelius. The ordeal did spawn his idea for Bro-Bibs, which yielded some funny scenes, so it was forgivable in the end. I also loved when the mention of Thai food brought him to tears. 

Lily & Marshall Have a Revelation

Lily's hysterical crying at missing Marvin's first crawl was another instance of overacting, but she rebounded and then some as time went on. You had to love watching as she gave Robin her idea on how to snag Barney. For my money, the scene where she called Marvin a "sonnova me" was her best moment and also topped my list of How i Met Your Mother quotes of the night. 

Robin almost lost me with that horrible laugh she blurted out in the opening couple of scenes, but she bounced back and then some. Taking a page out of Barney's book, she used various character scenarios to try and get her man. The guy in me should say her dance with Brandi was the best of such, but the even bigger nerd in me absolutely loved her Lara Croft look coupled with Barney thanking her for the assist on his league laser tag score. 

I know many fans have had their fill of the "Brobin" drama, but the love triangle created by the addition of Patrice was hilarious and something I would never have predicted. When the time comes for Robin and Barney to get back together, I just hope Patrice doesn't go Glenn Close and start boiling up Barney's other ties.  

As for the whole Lobster phenomenon, having had my face swell up like Robin's did on numerous occasions thanks to my own allergy, I can say I never had any desire to intentionally eat the much craved crustaceans. Still, the scene where Robin went Sizzler was pretty funny. 

Loved seeing little Marvin get some screen time. Ted delivered a solid performance as the overly excited uncle. While it was hard to blame him for all the affection he showed the youngest Eriksen, dressing him in anything but Vikings gear was certainly grounds for protest on Marshall's part. 

Tonight's episode crawled before it walked but improved by leaps and bounds with each scene. What did you think? 


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Thank god this episode was hilarious ! I really enjoyed it. I loved the fact that Lily and Marshall were always missing their son's crawling moments lol. "You son of me" was an amazing quote ! And how great it was to see future Lily and Marshall about to bring Ted's daughter to Santa ! LOL Robin's ridiculous attitude was also very funny but I really don't why Barney would bother going on a date with Patrice, it was s oout of character. Is it to make Robin jealous ?


brobibs, robin's own playbook. and ted's great overdoing it uncle thing
i did not expect the patrice thing but it kinda shows robin that Barney actually needed someone to talk to not just someone he would sleep with.
robin was all caught up in her quest to get over her barney phase that she forgot to be a good friend


I hate the way the characters are all becoming more silly and babyish. Ted is just too over eager in every episode that doesn't have to do with the mother. Lilly and Marshal are becoming way too much like big baby's (I always liked how they were childish but this season has gone beyond belief). And Robyn trying to get Barney back at the beginning by being a "cheerleader" was horrible. The plots are still fine but please bring back the characters that were real and we could relate to


Did not love this. Story was below par acting was not that great at first. The biggest miss was Barney does not seem to be as Awesome as he used to. I don't know if NPH is getting bored of doing the same act for 8 seasons but there seems to be something amiss. Hopefully he will make me wrong next week. Fingers Crossed.


This show is limping to the finale. They are clearly running out of ideas. The Bro-bibs thing was not funny at all and the Robin-Barney rollercoaster became tired and played out a long time ago. I used to love these characters and now they have become annoying, unlikable caricatures of themselves. I keep tuning in and hoping they can re-capture some of their past magic but it seems more and more unlikely each week.


The acting and writing has gotten so much better


Look at the Robin's coat when she comes to meet Barney at the end. It's the same coat as in episode 1 Farhampton, the mother is wearing that coat :)
Coincident or Robin is the mother? :)


I loved the lobster face swelling scene! I've already seen it in the sneek peak but I just laughed my ass off again! How she say's "Oh that's delicccous" :D Also it makes kinda sense with Barney. I can relate to the feeling to want something only because you can't have it anymore^^
Robin sitting on Lily's couch in that Tomb Raider costume and her long hair was just really hot...The ladys-dancing wasn't that exciting imo.^^ The last scene was beautiful...I smiled about how Barney invited Robin in to join the "date" and how she was too ashamed of. I don't think there will be much competition between her and Patrice^^...I rather think she will help to get this two finally together. Hopefully for her she at least gets an invite to the wedding then ;) Really enjoyed that episode and liked that we will get so much more BRo in the ones, because this is clearly not over!


I can't believe I'm saying this but this episode bored me to no end. The fake cry by Lilly just irritated me, as did all of the nonsense about the baby "firsts". The writing has got to improve before it loses viewers.


This episode gets a passing grade; it was okay. I didn't hate it but I didn't love it either. For once I thought Ted was the strongest in an episode, the Brobibs (and Lily's obsession with them) were funny, but I also enjoyed Robin's attempts from her "playbook" to win Barney back. The Tomb Raider look was pretty hilarious (and kinda spot on, actually). I will admit, I did not see the Patrice thing coming. At all. That was a shocker. Barney on a date with someone who doesn't look like a runway model? TALKING? Playing CARDS? That was the best moment in the episode for me. Somehow I think that Patrice is going to be instrumental in bringing Robin and Barney together.

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