Leverage Review: A Light Yet Full-Bodied Con

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Nate: Let’s go fake a bottle.

I may not be a wine fan, but even I can tell you the shortcuts that Frank Madigan (Hart Bochner) was taking in "The Corkscrew Job"  was not going to end well for someone, be it the alcohol or the growers. 

I’m with Hardison. Give me a beer or cider instead any time. Case in point, did anyone else think his jicama and plum beer sounded interesting? But, also like Hardison, I was more than willing to ride along with the team as they brought Madigan down.

The Wine Job

Sophie was at the top of her game. If you needed to be reminded who the master grifter is on the team, this episode accomplished that goal. I was nearly ready to by a case of wine from her after listening to her try and sell Madigan a few samples.

Parker confused me a little, though. Beth Riesgraf was cute as always, especially when Hardison started drooling over a new computer. I just didn't understand why she wouldn't have had all the information on “Intern Parker” and that she wasn't going to get paid. Honestly, do they keep any job long enough to get paid? Did she get paid for her short stay a Value Mart two weeks ago?

However, it was Eliot that was the fly in the ointment this week. Rather, it was Eliot’s hair that bugged me. Apparently the last two episodes were shot before the break back in September when he had long hair. Conversely, this episode - along with next week’s and the Leverage Season 5 finale - were filmed more recently. 

I know they can’t uncut his hair, but they could mention something about it being short again just so we can address the elephant in the room, right? Honestly, it’s a minor thing, but it really stood out in this otherwise fairly good outing. 

In conclusion, I’m giving this episode 4 bottles of wine for a fun run through wine country and allowing Parker to talk about herself in the third person without it seeming strange. 


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TNT has been doing that out-of-order thing fir couple years now and with various shows. I commented last year when two of the Leaverage eps were done and confused things. It's just annoying and they've got to know we realize it.


When last night episode first started I didn't think I was going to like it but turns out I was wrong. I really enjoyed last night show. There was so many great and funny quotes from this episode. I do love Leverage so much. I really hope they renew for a season 6. Also I love the shorter hair on Christian.


I like the hair well enough, It just annoys me that they aired em out of order


Actually, these episodes are shown out of order of filming. The Rundown Job, shown as 509 before the break last fall, was the episode where we first saw Kane's haircut. Don't know why TNT showed out of order. In season 2, Kane's hair was the stuff women dream of for themselves. Prior to this trim, it has fluctuated about 4" anyway, so what's the big deal? I would assume having to flat iron it and just the hassle, made it not as desirable as it once was. Do all men need a group decision and discussion when they cut their hair? Ok, assume it happened off camera. Meanwhile, wasn't it a great ep?


Thank you for commenting about the hair. It was bugging me too! Not that I dislike it, (though it does take some getting used to, I haven't seen Christian Kane with short hair in something since, I don't know, Close to Home, maybe?) but the inconsistency is driving me nuts.

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