Nashville Review: Freakin' Deacon!

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In true finale fashion, the last Nashville episode of 2012 was filled with plenty of excitement, surprises, and cliff hangers.  "Where He Leads Me" led almost all of our favorite characters to limbo as their fates now hang in the balance while we wait over a month for the next episode.

Seriously, not since the season two finale of Las Vegas have the futures of this many people been in question.  I understand that Connie Britton, Hayden Panettiere, and a number of other series regulars wouldn't likely be leaving the show, but the fact that so many characters might be heading in a new life direction made every moment of the hour that much more interesting.

A Flower for Rayna

Let's begin with the Queen of Country, who seemingly had two sticky situations going on.  First, the Teddy issue came to a climax as Coleman leaked the photos of him and Peggy.  He didn't cheat, but he did embezzle a whole bunch of money, which is certainly awful enough to make Rayna question her marriage.

Combine that with the fact that the label is so happy with her and Juliette's duet that they want the two of them to go on a gigantic arena tour and you have a serious chance that Rayna might head out of town for a while.  She didn't say no to the offer, mostly since it now includes the two ladies alternating who closes the show, but I still highly doubt she could stand spending that much time with the Princess of Auto-tune.

Speaking of Ms. Barnes, boy did she throw a bomb shell at us to end the ep?!?!  Proposing to the QB is certainly one way of shoving Juliette's baggage in Momma Butler's face.

As much as I disapprove of that action, I can't blame her for doing it after what happened.  Jules must have been absolutely crushed when that woman said that about her.  What made it so much worse was that this was the most smiling we had seen from her in an episode multiplied by 100.  With her bf, with the sister, singing at church, and having dinner with the whole fam, she finally looked happy.  Way to ruin it lady!

So was that a serious proposal?  Will Sean take it that way?  Would he say yes?  And what on earth would that do to his family?

While we're on the subject of family, let's review what the big, happy family of Avery, Scarlett, Gunnar, and Haley got into this week.  Only one of the two love triangles was on display as Avery spent most of his time being courted by Wyclef Jean.  Yes, the fact that he was going to be asked to dump his band was obvious, but that doesn't mean I'm not interested in where his story is going.  He's off to Atlanta, and who knows when he'll come back?

The other three, meanwhile, were breaking up and making out all over the place.  He may be a good singer, a fine songwriter, and an all-around nice guy, but I still don't understand why either of these wonderful ladies are into Gunnar.  The dude is the worst.  Haley was right on the money when she sarcastically proclaimed "that doesn't sound possessive and weird, at all."

He IS possessive. He IS weird.  What's worse though, is when he's possessive of Scarlett, a girl he has no right to be possessive of.  I'm sure they'll get together sooner rather than later, but I know I'm not going to be a fan of their relationship.  It's too on the nose at this point.

Finally, we get to the man who continues to be one of the easiest characters to like on television.  Freakin' Deacon!  After a bit of thought, a couple of conversations with friends, and the realization that a newly sober all-star band might be the best thing for him, Deacon agreed to go out on tour with the Revel Kings.

Will he actually go through with it?  How long will the tour be?  And might it coincide with Rayna and Juliette's?

Around every corner of Nashville "Where He Leads Me" led us to another question.  What will happen next?  Who will be doing what the next time we see them?  The unknown always makes things interesting, which is why the break between now and January may seem like ages.

I might have to order my copy of the Nashville Original Soundtrack between now and then.  What did you all think of the episode?


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Some of the best Country music I have ever heard. The show is engrossing and I love the characters. So glad it is being renewed.


Yeah, Juliette can be an annoying little brat, but I felt terrible for her when Mama QB gave her that slap in the face! What a nasty, two-faced person! And while I like Juliette and Sean together ... marriage already? As for Gunner and Scarlett, I have to disagree with the reviewer; I prefer him to her. She does have a whiny speaking voice! Though their singing is great. Now Rayna and Teddy: She seems awfully quick to leave him over this. What he did was wrong, but he did give the money back. Rayna seems a bit judgmental here to me. The only thing I really worry about, however, is Deacon leaving! He's my favorite character, I don't want him to go on tour!!


What is with the hate for Gunnar and Scarlett? I think they are great and would love to see them get together. I was surprised at how quickly Gunnar and Hayley ended their relationship but it was always headed that way from the start. Hayley was reluctant to start a relationship in the first place because she knew Gunnar had feelings for Scarlett. Just when you though Juliette was changing her ways she goes and proposes just to spite Seans mother. I like her with Sean but proposing to someone after a few weeks is ludicrous, accepting the proposal would be even worse.


As soon as Rayna, discovered her new sound I knew her marriage is over. New album, new tour, and a new life. Rayna needs to prove that she needs to stand on her own two feet without her daddy and without her husband. I agree to a point but she first needs to get her head on straight and grow up, at this point in her life she is first to old traveling around with a younger singer for 80 cities. Second her immediate family is this screw them I come first attitude, they are not going with and she seems this is her escape route. Her husband might of stole some money does that mean turn your back, I'm glad she not my wife one hell of a support.


Guess Sean's mother wasn't smart enough to realize that if you don't like the person your son or daughter is dating DON'T step in-between them. Keeping them apart will only make them want to be together more. When dealing with an ambitious and successful woman don't give her a challenge because she will take it. There is nothing that Juliette loves (and more than Sean)than a challenge. As soon as Rayna, discovered her new sound I knew her marriage is over. New album, new tour, and a new life. Rayna needs to prove that she needs to stand on her own two feet without her daddy and without her husband. There is no doubt that a cat fight over Deacon between Rayna and Juliette is on the horizon. Looks like Avery and Scarlett are going to meet each other both as big stars? Who remembers Juliette bumping into Avery in the Pilot?! There soon might be another star-studded fight between Juliette and Scarlett as well. Maybe, Gunner (a future Deacon) and Deacon will be the ones to help break that fight up. ;D


I've gotta say that every time I tune into this show, I am always amazed at the incredible beauty of the music that is played during the hour. The songs are just gorgeous, the singers always sincere and talented and the melodies stay with me long after the show is over. Truly, whomever is creating the music for this show is a genius.
I am glad that Deacon is going on tour with the Revel Kings, and I wish Scarlett wouldn't be such a wimp and allow herself to fall for that young man who sang to her...obviously, he is smitten, and he seems like a much nicer guy than her previous boyfriend, who was a scumbag.


Going out on tour is a way of life for rayna, that won't mean she's leaving teddy, but she ought to. I love deacon, and the tour with revel kings can only lead to a relapse...cliche would be a relapse in a city where rayna/Juliette are and they rescue him. And come to blows over him... And I'm lovin' this show know matter how cliche it may get, 'cause isn't that what country western celebrates? As for Juliette's proposal, it definitely was a slap in mamaQB's face...who knows how long the engagement will last. And who says "confines" of marriage? And how convenient that Sean's whole family is in town, that's unbelievable, unless he's just a high school kid.... One more thing, every time Scarlett speaks I expect a Swedish accent coming out of her mouth, not a Nashville drawl.


I enjoyed this episode along with the rest of them. I don't like Gunnar and I hate Scarlett's whining voice but when they sing they are both very good. I enjoyed her Ring of Fire last week. Rayna & Juliette were good singing together and I'm sure will go on tour, I think Raynas family needs the money. Teddy has always seemed shady and now Rayna has realized her sister is as bad as the Dad in keeping things from her. I felt sorry for Juliette due to the way the Mom treated her. What a two-faced woman, so nice to her in front of her son and then knife her in the back., Juliette is not one of my favorite people but she didn't deserve that. I like Deacons singing but not his character that much.


You come across as bitter because you attempted to make it in Nashville and didn't. We all know how cut throat the music business is and the Nashville scene would be no different. Hundreds, if not thousands or more, go to Nashville DAILY in an attempt to be "the next big thing".......


After watching last nights episode my second time with this show I have come to the conclusion the writers need a lot of work. They say Teddy and Rayna are done, she is also done with her family, I disagree they should write a script where she thinks about what she is doing to her immediate family. This not supporting the husband going on tour to 80 cities and not considering the young daughters at all. Anyway what do they think this over the hill country singer is will get out of it with an up and coming young one, as an ex-country singer myself I know what the good old boys from Nashville (agents,reps,promoters) they only have one thing in mind and its not you.
The way the episode ended I don't trust Rayna she has a dark past that will bring her down and she will lose her entire family, she can't be trusted being around all those under age want abees looking for a quick piece.

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