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While tonight's episode, "Bathtub," didn't exactly have the same punch as last week's "Eggs," I was still entertained. I think the writers are finally figuring out what to with Winston that works. Tonight's version of Winston loves baths and has panic attacks. Last week he narrated Nick's zombie novel with gusto. I can deal with a Winston like this, and I especially like him when he's paired up with Jess for a zany scheme, like tonight's Faux-Methhead robbery. 

It also makes sense to me that Jess, who is forever arrested in her development, would not know or realize that she could take Schmidt's suits to the dry cleaners, even though initially, this idea boggled my mind. But this show is basically playing house for twenty-somethings, so I can hardly hold it responsible for not knowing something that most everyone I know is aware of. Right?

Oh how I love Schmidt's douche jar. Whoever writes all of Schmidt's lines deserves something fantastic. I feel like that person is respected in the same way I used to respect the person who wrote all of Sue's lines on Glee. My personal favorite Schmidt line was something about citrus flavored condoms to represent a fresh summer.

Winston & Jess' Bathtub Scheme

But let's look at a more serious Schmidt. He started the episode on high after hearing Cece and Rob were broken up and ended it more depressed than he's ever been. I sincerely enjoyed last year's Cece/Schmidt relationship and I think that the show is dragging their relationship out because it's eventually going to be long term. So this whole fix-up thing Cece has going on will provide some comedy and buy some time for Schmidt and Cece to finally get together, get married, and have kids, by oh, Valentine's Day, AKA February Sweeps. At least that's my prediction. If not then, May Sweeps. 

I liked the pigeon versus the dove symbol, too. This could just be the English teacher in me, but it makes sense that Schmidt's efforts to woo Cece aren't entirely successful here. He flaked on getting the real peace offering with the dove, and ended up bring the pigeon, which didn't quite work to solidify a long-term relationship. Just like he couldn't shop up for dinner on time or soberly, he was making a pigeon-esque effort when all Cece wants and deserves is the dove.

I'm glad Nick met someone, although I doubt Olivia Munn's character Angie, will beat Lizzy Kaplan's Julia as far as cool Nick girlfriends goes. But then again, we haven't seen Angie the stripper interact with Jess, the innocent hipster. I'm sure there's a stripper lesson just waiting to be taught.

Until next week, friends and fans. I'll be busy bathing in my medieval filth cauldron. 


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Max Greenfield really does deserve an Emmy. I totally agree with #joyeful's observation. My heart broke along with Schmidt's at the end! I'm ok with Nick being mesmerized by a stripper because I'm not ready for him and Jess to hook up. Or Schmidt and Cece to hook up. Maybe down the road, at the series' end, similar to how Friends ended. But NOT now!


I am always so impressed with max greenfield's performance. I really hope he will soon get the Emmy he deserve. His facial expressions and overall demeanor all works together perfectly too. He really knows how to play Schmidt well. It's also been really fun watching Jake Johnson develop this year too. The writers aren't going to put him and Jess together anytime soon so they do need to date around in the meantime. A relationship like that has to take time. And I'm sure Schmidt and Cece will take their time. She just wants to know someone is serious. Doesn't mean they'll start having kids immediately. And I thought the Jess and Winston scenes were fun. I do think Angie will be a good match for nick for now!


I do not agree with the reviewer about Schmidt and Cece. I am nowhere near ready to see married about-to-be-a-dad Schmidt. They need him to stay in that loft with the others because that roommate dynamic is the magic of the show!


I dont see how Jess & Waston would waist 400 bucks on a old rusty tub. That was just stupid and all they had to do was take Schmidt wet suits to the drycleanes insted of stageing a burlery.


Max Greenfield is a genius. My gosh, he knows when to go full-Schmidt and when to pull back. The scene at the end where his heart is broken was one of the best scenes I think he's ever done. Winston and Jess were pretty funny together (the willies LOL). I agree with the reviewer, they're finally figuring out what to do with Winston. Nick's side story is interesting, but I don't know if I like the introduction of a significant other for him (or for Jess) when it's obvious that the writers are moving towards a Nick/Jess pairing. It just feels like buying time.

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New Girl Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Winston: There are parts of my butt that only a tub can clean.
Jess: Ew, but okay!

Nick: I don't get it. Is this bath water?
Schmidt: Might as well be; it's rosé.