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just watched the ep and I'm crying my as* of!
Shonda GIRL! U're amazing! oh I can't believe what an amazing story! so much pain, so much emotion!
I just hope this was it for the Freedmans! They suffered enough!
Everything in this ep was just so insync! So synchonized! so personal so perfect!
From the begging! Their strong believes, the baby class, the sex scene, everything! The decision moment! I juts love it! And I can't believe they will end in 2 months! Shame on U people!


I think they carry on the story of the child to next week, because they know this episode should focus on Sheldon, one of the least favorites of PP. I'm going to watch, is going to be interesting.


I was looking forward to this episode, but I was let down. I thought Cooper's thoughts were unnecessary. I'm usually a fan of Char/Coop, but last night I thought they were over the top. I didn't care for Charlotte's attitude during most of the episode.


i,m always imagine sam and addison love just like charlotte and cooper forever
that shonda bring in jake to breaks up sam and addison what not bring a woman in
they are good together just like charcooper and love each-other for a long time
hope for they to be the endgame of the finally


I nodded off three times during this episode. It was really on life support. I see battle-weary writers and producers.The writing was weak and predictable and Cooper is not engaging enough to lead a whole episode. He's a supporting actor and assuming such a substantial lead (and time) killed the energy of the episode. And WHAT IZ UP with giving each actor a whole episode, anyway? Taye Diggs was equally boring two episodes ago Anyhoo...soon over. Private Practice will have died by a self-inflicted wound.


I absolutely loved this episode, aside from the fact that I am a hardcore CharCoop fan I also loved it because unlike Sam's character-centric episode that was a reality show, in this one we got to experience Cooper's thoughts and ideas what he thinks everyday. I really enjoyed this episode and cannot wait for Charlotte's episode


I thought I would like it, but it was boring and predictable. It was all in the promo!


Loved loved loved this episode! i cried so hard when charlotte was having the baby and when sam was operating on her. my favorite scene was when coop told char that the babys alive and she looked so relieved. we all know she hides her feelings behind her tough exterior but it was still great to see her fear and relief. i love how they support each other. even though they disagreed on religion coop wanted her god on their side and baptised their baby, that was amazing.. and coops commentary, yes! that was a great setup i think, i like the way they filmed this, it was true to coopers character that he would have inner monalogs. and i loved the way they played it week by week. this was my favorite episode of the season. well done shonda, now just make sure the other two babies live and ill be happy!


I've been looking forward to this episode for so long and the wait was definitely worth it! I actually didn't mind Cooper's commentary so much - and at times I genuinely enjoyed them. So much happened in this episode for Charlotte and Cooper. It showed a lot about them as characters and really showed how these people really love each other. It was hard to watch the end when we were brought to week 26 but that's what made this episode really go above and beyond. I'm relieved that the other babies are fine and I'm gonna have faith that from here on out, everything will be fine. It was a funny and heart wrenching episode all at the same time - that's what makes Private Practice great.


I thought that this episode was very good. You know Cooper has these internal monologues and it was nice to bring it to the surface this week. I really wish they did this before. Maybe at his wedding. Charlotte and Cooper have come a very long way since the meeting up at a bar in season one and then proceeding on to being boinking buddies to girlfriend and boyfriend to breaking up, making up, the rape the recovery from the rape and even Mason and Erica. It has made them the most solid couple in all of Shonda's shows. I really hope that they do have a spin off with them. A nice half hour Dramedy would just hit the spot.

Breaking the fourth wall is not done often, and I know why but today it worked! I wonder if Charlotte gets her own episode? Surely to deliver the other two? Sheldon is next week, when we come back from Hiatus it will be Amelia's ep then there will be only two eps left. I really hope that she gets one. Sheldon and Violet could have shared an episode.

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