Revenge Round Table: "Revelations"

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Sunday night's episode of Revenge saw Daniel usurp his father, Aiden and Nolan all at the same time, but the fallout from his successful Grayson Global coup is sure to be epic when the show returns in 2013.

TV Fanatic's Steve Marsi, Christine Orlando and Leigh Raines and newcomer Lauren Hoffman break down the many "Revelations" from Sunday and look ahead to the new year in our weekly Round Table Q&A.

Weigh in with your own responses to these Revenge topics below!


1. What was your favorite quote or scene from the episode?

Leigh: I actually loved Nolan's response to Daniel's takeover. "Well played BOSS. I guess I work for Grayson Global now. See you around Marco." Short, concise, obnoxious brush off from my favorite CEO. Nolan FTW.

Lauren: I quite enjoyed the takedown of Ashley. Once a prosti, always a prosti. Daniel whipping out his phone and snapping a pic in the hotel room was clutch as well. Finally a smart decision from mini-Grayson!

Christine: Victoria confronting Conrad about his dalliance with Ashley. Conrad's ho hum response coupled with his comment about what a father / son chat with Daniel on the subject would have been like was very funny. It was just another day at Grayson manor.

Steve: Emily and Aiden having to change their plans about 12 times over the course of the episode due to changing circumstances. I'm liking these two together, and hope they work more closely with Nolan now.

Revenge RT - depreciated -

2. More ruthless Grayson Global CEO: Daniel or Conrad?

Leigh: Bitch please, Daniel is scratching the surface. He has no idea what it takes to be a ruthless CEO. Conrad is a certifiable nutjob.

Lauren: Conrad easily. However I'm pretty sure we have just witnessed the student becoming the master. Screwing Aiden over, the very person who helped him gain the power in the first place, definitely upped the ante of what's to come from Dannyboy. The young Grayson who once had aspirations to be a poet is dead, but his actions thus far are childsplay compared to what Conrad is capable of. Cue the initiative.

Christine: Oh please. Daniel's just a baby in this. Conrad has been involved with global conspiracies. He's set up his wife's lover to take the rap on a terrorist plot. Daniel can't even comprehend his father's ruthlessness, nevermind replicate or surpass it.

Steve: Daniel did a nice job this week by cutthroat CEO standards, but he's in over his head. He has no idea what the Initiative is, and is obviously going to get played by Emily. Game, set, match.

3. Most surprising twist of the week: Conrad and Ashley having hooked up, Nolan revealing his plan to sabotage Grayson Global from the inside, or Jack becoming interesting?

Leigh: Jack becoming interesting. Murder weapon stowed under the floorboards! Who knew? Plus I love how protective he is over Amanda and Carl. He is smarter than he seems. I can't believe I'm so on board for a Porter storyline!

Lauren: Nolan's plan to sabotage Grayson Global from the inside is surely the BEST twist of the week with the most promise, intrigue and more from my favorite bisexual tv character since Marisa Cooper. Ashley sloring it up with papa Grayson was expected so that would definitely rank last in my book. As for Jack... his storyline just became more watchable/interesting, yet he as a character still does less than zero for me.

Christine: The first two on this list were a given but Jack was interiesting? Did I miss something? The only interest was trying to figure out why his Daddy didn't dump that gun in the middle of the ocean. At least the Ryan brothers are hot. Evil, but hot. Jack and Declan... still boring.

Steve: All were fun to watch but Nolan's was the most surprising. That was an angle I didn't see coming, and one I'm excited to watch play out next month (along with how far Jack will go to protect himself).

4. Revenge fashion statement of the week: Ashley's red quasi-hooker dress, Emily's hunt club attire, or Nolan's pink popped collar under a pink button-down?

Leigh: Nolan just kills it everytime. But would you expect anything less?

Lauren: Thank the lord I'm not the only one who needed to discuss the hunt club getups in great detail. I half expected Ryan Phillippe as Sebastian Valmont to come running towards the house shouting "Aunt Helen!" a la Cruel Intentions.

Christine: "Quasi" hooker is being generous. And Nolan's get ups always make me smile but I've got to go with Emily.  Between the tight fitted hunt club look and blowing targets out of the sky, she rocked it.

Steve: With an honorable mention to Mr. Ross and his pink on pink, Ralph Lauren model Emily wins it for me.

5. More ominous moment: Daniel's face in the creepy clock camera, or the Ryan brothers showing up to offer faux concern for Jack's dad's friend?

Leigh: The part with the Ryan brothers physically scared me more. I was nervous for Jack. Daniel in the clock was ominous because he has no idea what is going on. That room with the Initiative looked like some creepy CIA operation. 

Lauren: Seriously? Are these two even in the same category? The Initiative introducing themselves vs. the Ryan vendetta. Stop. The "welcome to the fold" note was more ominous on its own. 

Christine: I don't know about ominous but I'm a big fan of Michael Trucco and JR Bourne who play the Ryan brothers. Is there any way they can dump the Porter boys at sea and stay in the Hamptons permanently?

Steve: I think that's their plan, Christine, so you may be in luck. The Ryan brothers' thinly-veiled threat felt more ominous on a personal level, but our first glimpse of the Initiative's HQ was chilling as well.

6. Daniel clearly still wants Emily. Will they get back together or will she merely use him as part of her Revengena?

Leigh: Revengenda. Which sucks because I'm so into Aiden. Daniel is a douche.

Lauren: If they get back together it's definitely Revengenda. Daniel has no trace of the person Emily possibly loved left in him.

Christine: I think Emily is done with Daniel on a personal level. On a Revengy level, the boy is still fair game.

Steve: It would seem that the writers are setting her up to have mixed emotions again, but compared to her clearly genuine feelings for Jack, I don't think she has much left for Daniel. Revengenda all the way.

7. The promo for the show's return promises ABC is giving you "just what you want." What's on your Revenge wish list for 2013?

Leigh: I wanna know who dies on the boat. I want to see Victoria and Emily's unholy alliance. How will the Initiative approach Daniel? What will happen to Nolcorp and the Trojan Horse operation? Basically I can't wait for everything!!

Lauren: Nolan's Trojan horse takedown. First rule of dirty dealing - always have a contingency plan that bites your opponent in the ass harder than they bit you. That was an amazing scene because it gave me hope for the future joy the show will bring me.

Christine: I want to see Nolan crush Marco like a bug. Maybe Padma can help. A Victoria / Emily alliance sounds like fun. Ashley can get a job at Amanda's old strip club and once Jack and Declan end up on the bottom of the sea then Amanda and the Ryan brothers can join forces and run the Hamptons drug scene from the bar. And they all live happily ever after.. 

Steve: The storylines to come together and build toward some truly jaw-dropping episodes. Revenge Season 2 has been good but sometimes lacking for direction; I can't wait to see where they take it in 2013.

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6. My wish list:
--#1 Jack and Fauxmanda DONT actually get married because he discovers she's been lying about her identity, and that Emily is the girl his heart has actually been pining for all these years!
--#2 Finding out who actually dies on the "Amanda." Apparently, the cast is in "desperate talks" with the writers to save a particular character! OMG who could it be???
--#3 Watching Emily and Queen Victoria teaming up for the most unholy of alliances. Should be absolutely delicious! I'd love to see Emily play with poor Spaniel's heart again, for revengenda purposes. Any "renewed romance" will be an act since she lost any feelings she may have had for him last season when he learned the whole truth yet sided with his family anyway. Aiden is going to go along with this charade because he'll know what really going on. As he said in the promo: "Let the show begin..."


they had hooked up, that was ever the writers original intentions. The only wrote it in last-minute! Least surprising = Jack being interesting--I've ALWAYS had faith that he was! Now it's his time to show the rest of the world.
4. Best dress = it's a tie! Seriously, how is this a fair question when they ALL look amazing??? Nolan is always fashionably unique, Ashley looked smashing in that red dress (minus the earrings), and Em's made beige look anything but boring!
5. More ominous = Ryan brothers. Never trust a person with two first names!! (Kenny Ryan? Seriously! I knew he was trouble the moment I first heard his name!)


1A: Favorite quote = Nolan's "Sacrificial lamb reporting to the slaughter... although I didn't expect an actual firing squad." Then he tapped his cheek indicating he wanted a kiss from Aiden too. OMG it was brilliantly hilarious! (As only Nolan can pull off.)
1B: Favorite scene = Emily wistfully watching Jack and Fauxmanda during the christening ceremony, then snuggling in front of the fireplace with Aiden after asking if he thought "people like them" could ever be happy.... So nice to see Emily's softer side!
2. Conrad is definitely an expert in the ruthless department, but Daniel is a fast learner. Like father, like son! (PS: for the record, I don't like this darker side of Daniel. I preferred him loving poetry and hating what his parents stood for. But now he's no better than them!)
3. Most surprising twist = nolan's "Trojan Horse" mission. Good for him! Glad he's going to have the upper hand against Daniel. (Then comes Ashley and Conrad's affair.... although everyone speculated that was the case, it wasn't the writers original intent and was actually written in last-minute. Least surprising = Jack becoming interesting because I ALWAYS had faith that he was--it just wasn't his time yet.)
4. Best Dress = a tie! Seriously, all three should get a reward! Nolan is always fashionably unique, Ashley looked smashing in that red dress (minus the earnings), and Emily made beige look anything but boring!!! how is it a fair question to make me choose??? ;)
5. More ominous = Ryan brothers. After all, you should NEVER trust someone with two first names! (Seriously! Kenny Ryan? I knew he was trouble the moment I first heard his name!)
6. Wish list = at the top of my list is Jack and Fauxmanda NOT actually getting married because he learns she's been lying about her identity, and thus him figuring out Em's is really the gal he's been pining for! #2 of course I'm dying to know (who will end up dead from the boat explosion set for episode 13-apparently the cast is in "desperate talks" to save a particular character!!! OMG who could that be??? Oh and of course the #3 spot goes to the unholy alliance of Em's and Queen Victoria. Should be gloriously delicious to watch! I'm betting that Emily only returns to Daniel as a revenged plot, and that Aiden knows about it and is willing to play along. After all, in the promo he said something like "let the show begin" or something like that. So I'm guessing whatever surprise feelings Emily had for Daniel last season has completely disappeared since the moment he sided with his family over the truth, and this "renewed romance" is only an act. Should be fun to watch her play with "Poor Spaniel's" heart again!


I really am loving the relationship between Aiden and Emily with the honesty so I wouldn't want this new unholy alliance with Victoria to destroy that but also Aiden seems a bit too good to be true for Emily, what if he is playing her again in which case Emily would be hurt so bad either her worse side will be unleashed or she will lose sight of the plan which is unlikely....and now I am ranting so anyway great episode loved seeing Ashley fall down the social ladder but pretty sure that was not the last we see of her.


Let's see Jack and Emily get together, and he realizes that Emily REALLY is Amanda!


great episode. I loved Ashley's downfall and cannot wait for Victoria and Emily's unholy alliance.
i love this show

Drea xoxo

7) The porter storyline becomes full circle with jack killing the guy and becoming interesting. would be good if him and fauxmanda could team up and get rid of the guy as well as him finding out the truth and realising he loves fauxmanda and not ems/mandy. The grayson corp- i want grayson jnr to team up with the original evils and take down the initiative with the help of ems/mandy ofc =] The vics and ems/mandy link up is actually useful and not just episode fillers. Nolan succeeds and padma knows everything and they become CEOs and build their own mansion and get married......
the series ends with a flashforward and ems revealing she is in fact the real mandy but at the same time vic had figured it out at the same moment...... and oh yea more revengey things

Drea xoxo

@retiredinlavernia i agree the show has lost its essence since season 1 midway. i too don't mind missing an episode. the mother was written poorly and never made sense. i'm hoping it will become full circle like the lying game did and daybreak and other shows with similar formats.
1) con n vics n porters surprisingly.
2) Conrad of course OG of the hamps! grayson jnr couldn't even compare but shows promise.
3) jack then nolan
4) ash's dress
5) ryan brothers, what are they capable of...clock wasn't really because we are yet to know their full purpose in the show so can't invest yet
6) revenganda ship sailed long time


7. I want to know who dies and I think its time they focused more on the Initiative.


1. Emily and Aiden having that conversation about the possibility of people like them being happy. Shipping aside, its a very good question because I as a viewer always had kind of the same question in my head when it came to Ems and her revenge. When she is done and if she is successful, what other purpose wil she have in her life? So it was nice to see that Ems does think about that every once and a while. Those two were simply outstanding this episode. 2. Daniel is becoming Conrad but still very far away from the OG. Daniel's actions are still very Gossip Girl like. 3. I am going with Nolan because its nice to see that for a change he has a plan of his own, meaning some of Ems' awesomeness in revenge has rubbed of on him. 4. I would say Ashley's dress but she ruined it with the fugly earings. So definitively Ms. Thorne! 5. Ryan brothers - very creepy! 6. Revengeagenda definitively. I am just concerned that when getting into this Ems is risking loosing Aiden once again. Daniel had become such a rat. 7. I want to know who dies and I think its time they focused more on the Initiative.

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