Rose McGowan to Star in Flashback Episode of Once Upon a Time

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With Once Upon a Time Season 2 on hiatus until January 6, here is some exciting casting news to tide fans over:

Rose McGowan (Charmed, Nip/Tuck) will guest star on an early 2013 episode of the ABC series as a young version of Cora, as viewers learn more than ever about Regina's evil mother.


Cora, of course, landed in Storybrooke (along with Captain Hook) on the Once Upon a Time winter finale.

McGowan, meanwhile, has also guest-starred on Law & Order: SVU and appeared in such films as Grindhouse and Death Proof.

As you await news episodes of this ABC smash, chime in now on our Once Upon a Time midseason report card and grade what's gone down so far.

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She looks great!!! So glad she is back.


she still looks lovely she looks sexy as a blonde and her face is beautiful as well.


I mean this with all sincerity, but what the hell did you do to yourself. When Charmed ended, you were a hottie. You did not need any work.


rose mcgowan as a blonde. i still see a beautiful young lady like went she was on "charmed". will be interesting the spin,she does to the village's mayor's mother. do have have fun. will be watching!!!


She's lovely and a talented actress. Everyone's looks evolve with the passage of time. Pathetic and horrible are anon
people sitting on their fat arses typing their snarky comments. As if anyone cares what we think! You go Rose! Glad to hear someone is working in this tough economy!


Frankly she does not look bad to me, hate he blond hair,but the lips have alway been shapedlike that!


I understand that she had to have plastic surgery because of the car accident but that does not explain the fish lips. And she should go back to either red or brown hair because the blonde washes her out.


Before she was gorgeous use to wk over her Piks just kidding not na man am not yes I am okay whatever and know she proper messed her face up


Why does she look badly embalmed here? What a waste of a beautiful face!


She use to be pretty but now she is Uglyyyyyyyyyy!