The Mentalist Review: High Times

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"Panama Red"  had a few high moments but this episode of The Mentalist left me shaking my head more than once.

Investigating Medical Marijuana

The most shocking moment was having Cho run into a very pregnant Summer during a raid with the Rapid Response Team.

I'd always liked Summer's quirkiness although I never believed she was a good long term match for show.  Bringing her back eight months pregnant with another man's baby just felt odd.

If her fiance Marshal had been a really great guy, maybe I would have felt differently but in the ten seconds that we had to meet him he came off as a bit of a jerk.  Then to find out he's the jealous type and that he doesn't know anything about Summer's past…well, let's just say I had been hoping for better for Summer.

I suppose they were looking for closure for Cho by bringing her back but in this instance, her return left me asking why they bothered.

Was the point to get Cho in trouble with the Rapid Response Team he's only been involved with for an episode or two?  When Agent Wade said she couldn't trust Cho all I could think was that she obviously didn't trust his judgement either.  He came to her first and told her Summer was his former CI and that he believed she wasn't involved yet Wade insisted on charging her anyway.  In my opinion, she didn't leave Cho a lot of choices but to go around her.

Rigsby was funny this week, even if he came off a little meaner than usual.  Apparently he's not a fan of any of the women in Cho's life.

I couldn't say he was wrong when he told Cho he dodged a bullet when he let Summer go but it came off more than a little snarky.  He also commented to Agent Wade in this The Mentalist quote

If you're with the Rapid Response Team shouldn't you be sliding down fire poles, not hanging around here for 30 minutes? | permalink

Ouch!  Maybe he felt threatened that Wade was stealing his partner but he certainly made it clear he didn't want her hanging around.

The death of the botanist was mildly interesting. I found it amusing that Jeremy was so naive about his moonlighting work for big pharma.  When you cash their check (or in this case, several checks) they own your property and can do with it what they want. 

I enjoyed Jane's fascination with the puzzle box but I wished it had gone somewhere more interesting. 

My favorite part of the entire episode was Jane hiding Lisbon's keys in the box with the hope of watching her struggle to open it only to have her pull out a hammer and obliterate the thing in under ten seconds.

Jane: You keep a hammer in your desk?
Lisbon: You only think you know everything about me. | permalink

So very, very true.


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re-cancellation......Okay, I feel like I need to defend myself. The "talk" about cancellation is not coming from "fans" or people who say that the Red John plot is old, it is coming from people in the TV rating business. It is widely known that CBS will cancel the good wife, Csi NY or the Mentalist to make way for next years new shows. Now, from all three I would say that the Mentalist is safe; however, their ratings are still not that great which put them in danger not to mention they are in the death slot of Sunday evenings. When football overruns, most people go to bed and that hurts the ratings. Also, if CBS (who does not own the mentalist) doesn't get any money from it....all that is saving it is the ratings. All I am saying is that the mentalist can not afford to lose any more viewers.


Now that I really think about it, Summer has not had a change of heart! That's why she was at the counterfeiter's location. She's a thrill seeker and thrill seekers don't change. Besides that! I know Summer would not have a baby by that ugly man. She's just after his money!


The Mentalist is the best show that's ever been on TV. Some of you fans that say you are loyal don't know the meaning of the word. The writer's, creator and the actor's have all done their best to please the viewer's. I'm satisfied with what they have done so far. Red John is what this whole series was always about and now you want to change it because you have no patience! REALLY! The only thing I agree with is the idea that the series can live past RED JOHN. And then all this yack about cancellation! The only place I hear any talk about that is from viewer's like you! Have some fun while you can, shows like this don't come along too often. I am also happy that this show challenges the viewer's instead of feeding us crap and expecting us to like it. If that's what you like go, watch it!


I think it's interesting that you think that Stranger, the one thing you are forgetting is that he slept with his CI in the first place. If Cho is so smart why couldn't he refrain from breaking all the rules. Not only can't he do the math but he is also smug enough to believe it's not his!


I don't believe Summer's baby is Cho's. She was gone long enough to be 8 months pregnant with somebody else's baby. While timing on TV shows is never exactly clear, she left a few episodes before the end of season 4, and keep in mind the 6 month gap at the end of the season when Jane was in Vegas. More importantly, Cho is not stupid. He can easily do the math in his head. If there was any chance that baby was his, he would have at least asked her about it. And I doubt he would have just believed her if she said it's not. I think they just brought her back to provide closure on the story line and let the viewers know she is doing well. A lot of viewers (though not all) really liked her.


I also agree with Kodak. They need to end Red John's story arc. With all due respect to Simon Baker, his opinion is not what counts. It is Bruno Heller and the viewers if they stop watching. I am tired of Red John. It seems lots of other people are as well- Red Sails in the Sunset had the lowest ratings of the season so far. A friend of mine who used to love the show didn't even watch it and is now skipping Red John centric episodes. I am not quite that fed up yet, but I admit I am getting there. They will miss a great opportunity to show us how Jane adapts AFTER getting Red John if they string this out to the bitter end. We already know what angsty, dark revenge seeking Jane is like. More of the same does not make it more interesting. Show us redemption and renewal.


I totally agree with you. If they have half way competent writers They should be able to continue the show with character development as to what happens after RJ. I think that the viewers would enjoy the "rest of the story" plus some good crime solving stories.
Of course they would need good writing. The acting is already there.


RJ should have been wrapped by last season. Season 5 (and+?) could be Jane's recovery


I disagree with Simon and think that is selling the writers short. The only thing that would bring the mentalists end would be for Jane to end up dead, which may happen if this revenge plot follows the like of Moby Dick and other revenge/evil mastermind plots. I for one would like to see "the story afterwards". I want to see Jane's remdeption and story telling of how he gets past the revenge and loss to find a new life or purpose. If this thing ends with the death of Red John or the death of Jane/in jail or whatever and doesn't go beyond that, I am going to feel like I wasted my time watching this series. I want something more and different then the same old revenge plots.


Just had a weird thought -- what if Summer's nerdy boyfriend is Red John? *snicker* Well, he could be anybody for all we know, and we're five years into this thing. BTW, Simon said in his interview with Larry King that a series like this couldn't last beyond 6 or 7 years and indicated the Red John storyline was the real meat and the series couldn't make it beyond RJ's discovery.

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If you're with the Rapid Response Team shouldn't you be sliding down fire poles, not hanging around here for 30 minutes?


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