The Mentalist Review: High Times

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"Panama Red"  had a few high moments but this episode of The Mentalist left me shaking my head more than once.

Investigating Medical Marijuana

The most shocking moment was having Cho run into a very pregnant Summer during a raid with the Rapid Response Team.

I'd always liked Summer's quirkiness although I never believed she was a good long term match for show.  Bringing her back eight months pregnant with another man's baby just felt odd.

If her fiance Marshal had been a really great guy, maybe I would have felt differently but in the ten seconds that we had to meet him he came off as a bit of a jerk.  Then to find out he's the jealous type and that he doesn't know anything about Summer's past…well, let's just say I had been hoping for better for Summer.

I suppose they were looking for closure for Cho by bringing her back but in this instance, her return left me asking why they bothered.

Was the point to get Cho in trouble with the Rapid Response Team he's only been involved with for an episode or two?  When Agent Wade said she couldn't trust Cho all I could think was that she obviously didn't trust his judgement either.  He came to her first and told her Summer was his former CI and that he believed she wasn't involved yet Wade insisted on charging her anyway.  In my opinion, she didn't leave Cho a lot of choices but to go around her.

Rigsby was funny this week, even if he came off a little meaner than usual.  Apparently he's not a fan of any of the women in Cho's life.

I couldn't say he was wrong when he told Cho he dodged a bullet when he let Summer go but it came off more than a little snarky.  He also commented to Agent Wade in this The Mentalist quote

If you're with the Rapid Response Team shouldn't you be sliding down fire poles, not hanging around here for 30 minutes? | permalink

Ouch!  Maybe he felt threatened that Wade was stealing his partner but he certainly made it clear he didn't want her hanging around.

The death of the botanist was mildly interesting. I found it amusing that Jeremy was so naive about his moonlighting work for big pharma.  When you cash their check (or in this case, several checks) they own your property and can do with it what they want. 

I enjoyed Jane's fascination with the puzzle box but I wished it had gone somewhere more interesting. 

My favorite part of the entire episode was Jane hiding Lisbon's keys in the box with the hope of watching her struggle to open it only to have her pull out a hammer and obliterate the thing in under ten seconds.

Jane: You keep a hammer in your desk?
Lisbon: You only think you know everything about me. | permalink

So very, very true.


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Is anyone else getting a little tired of seeing Grace sit behind her desk any time she has something to say?? I know she is pregnant in real life, but there must be better, less lazy ways to get her involved in the cases! To the point that she barely turns around to talk to Patrick when he's lying on the couch behind her. Otherwise, good Ep and waiting for the next Red John incident! That is getting tedious!


The end still got me laughing, what else is in that draw?


The thing I found off in this episode happened twice - they knock on/enter in the front door and someone goes running off out the back. Since when do they not cover the back exit, especially on the Rapid Response Team's raid? Are they really that desperate to make Cho run?


Once again, Hollywood broke up an inter-racial couple. Happened in Big Bang Theory with Priya and happened now in Mentalist. It is going to happen again in Hawaii Five O when Masi Oka's girlfriend's character will be killed off in the finale.


I could not stop laughing when Rigsby was high. Was the funniest thing I had ever seen. I enjoyed Lisbon opening the puzzle box with a hammer too. especially Jane's face after she left lol..


I enjoyed the episode. I hope Cho is done with the Rapid Response group. He needs to stay with the CBI crew. I think we will see Summer again. She seemed to be trying to convince herself that her husband to be was a good guy. Rigsby high was very funny. I enjoyed Jane's puzzle obcession. Lisbon was right to the point opening the puzzle box with a hammer.


The best part was the ending. Even I expected that Lisbon would struggle with that puzzle box and look helpless. Instead it was Jane who looked shocked and helpless.....


Loved the ending. Very Alexander the Great. :)

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If you're with the Rapid Response Team shouldn't you be sliding down fire poles, not hanging around here for 30 minutes?


You're high as a kite right now and I can guarantee you that's against company policy.